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"Simply Adorkable"

photo taken from helloandsmile.org

-Lizzy Ludwig

500 Days of Summer, Yes Man and Elf are just some of the comical movies Zooey Deschanel is known for. Her funny, sarcastic attitude is almost impossible to ignore and her unique acting style is a breath of fresh air. Recently, the actress has landed herself with a brand new sitcom, New Girl.

Jess, played by Deschanel, is a quirky girl who was recently dumped and decides to make some changes in her life. Her former roommate is a model and Jess is tired of feeling like she’s the odd one out. Jess decides to move in with a trio of single men who she never met before. Her new goal is to move on from her ex-boyfriend, and in the mean time, she finds friendship among Nick, Schmidt, and Winston.

Jess is portrayed as an awkward, eccentric girl who sings at spontaneous moments and uses pickup lines such as “Hey sailor!” Her funny and light sense of humor easily comes across to the audience and is very enjoyable to watch. Fox advertises Jess as a “simply adorkable” character and it is almost impossible not to fall in love with her. You laugh with her, you cry with her and as you follow the show, her life doesn’t seem so different from your own.

Thirty minutes is all this show needs to make you forget about the stresses of everyday. With the sexual humor, witty dialogue and entertaining acting, New Girl is comparably amusing with shows such as Modern Family, The Middle and Mike and Molly. With only three episodes behind them, this new addition to the Fox line-up will attract a variety of fans that will keep coming back for more!