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Don’t Worry Be Healthy: Five Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

-Marissa Tomko

Running on a treadmill reminds me of hamsters, running and running on their little hamster wheels, going no where, getting no closer to a destination. Talk about boring.

I don’t know about you, but my attention span on one of those mechanisms is about five minutes. I start getting antsy about my music, eyeing the clock, and redoing my ponytail fifty times in a row. I just can’t take the repetition!

Unlike a hamster though, I am able to break out of my cage and make a more exciting workout routine for myself. And with that in mind, I present to you my top five favorite ways to work out without being bored to tears!


Call me crazy, but this Latin-inspired workout is probably the best I’ve ever partaken in. Zumba is basically just a big dance party, and at the end of it, you’re sweating your face off and you can kiss the gym goodbye for the day! My personal favorite thing about Zumba is how it can turn even the most uncoordinated person into a superstar. All you have to do is check your inhibitions at the door, and I promise you’ll have the best, most fun workout of your life.


If you live in Eugene, you probably have some sort of affinity for the outdoors. Instead of a repetitive hour on the elliptical where you just awkwardly stare out the same window, why not take your talents outside so you can enjoy some ever-changing scenery and become one with nature?

Workout videos

Hear me out: I realize you would probably feel silly in your house or apartment taking orders from some random person on your television. However, it can actually be the best time of your life. Grab a few friends and pop in an amusing workout DVD. My personal favorite is Brazil Butt Lift. The guy on the video cracks me up, and even if I end up not working out for the whole time, I get some nice abs from laughing so hard.

Water fights

Pardon my theatrics, but these days it is so hot, I feel like I am super-glued to the sun and I can’t escape the heat. That makes going on a run pretty difficult because heat stroke is not something I am trying to get out of my workout. So I enjoy the occasional impromptu water fight complete with Super Soakers and water balloons! It entails a lot of running around, and you can finally cool down from the Eugene summer weather.


My roommate and I have big plans for the summer that involve buying overalls and rollerblading all over Eugene. This activity is a surprisingly good calorie burner, as well as a nice blast from the past! So strap on those wheels and get going!

Aqua Zumba: The new workout craze

– Chelsea Fryhoff

When I heard that there was an Aqua Zumba class being offered through the UO PE and Recreation department I didn’t really know what to expect. In fact, I didn’t even know what Zumba was. I had only heard about this dance workout class kicking people’s butts into shape.

Curious, I went to check it out.

Walking into the pool area at the Rec Center I was immediately greeted by the fast paced beats and lyrics of a remixed version of “Calabria 2008.” It was then that I spotted Kelly Pavey, the Aqua Zumba instructor, bustin’ out some choreographed dance moves that went to the beats of the song blasting out of the overhead speakers. Below her was a group of 32 people of varying ages spinning and creating waves in the shallow end of the pool as they copied Pavey’s dance moves.

“[Zumba] classes use what we call the ‘zumba formula’ which links segments of a song to a particular movement, which allows participants to predict choreography unconsciously so that they enjoy themselves in class more and worry less about trying to follow the instructor,” said Pavey in an interview.

These classes have to use at least 70 percent Latin music in their mix tapes to be considered zumba, but most classes have started incorporating music from many different countries into their class routines, including music from France, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Africa, the U.S., and others.

“There is rarely any crossover of choreography between a land zumba class and an aqua zumba class. At its core, aqua zumba is an aquatic exercise class so it is designed as a resistance training class, but instead of stretching bands or lifting weight you are pushing water. Much of the choreography is based upon resistance and assistance,” explains Pavey.

Even though these people were participating in what seemed to be a pretty intense workout, they were all laughing, smiling and obviously enjoying themselves. With quick 30 second breaks between songs and encouragement from Pavey – the group remained enthusiastic until the end of the workout.

This hour long class, offered on Saturdays from 1 – 2pm through the UO PE and Rec punch card system, includes a warm-up, work out, and cool down all comprised of dancing with kicks, jumping, and of course a little rump shaking.

Aqua Zumba seems like the best route for a workout if you are a bit self-conscience about showing off your skills in a traditional dance class. All the moves are done underwater!

For more information about the “punch card system,” the Aqua Zumba class, and other classes that are offered, visit the UO Rec homepage.