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My 5 Favorite Dessert Places in Eugene

-Whitney Menefee

Ever since I moved to Eugene last fall I have been to more dessert places than I’m willing to admit. From ice cream parlors to pastry shops, I have eaten at them all. It is truly amazing how many quality handmade dessert spots there are in Eugene. I have found that the new trending theme for Eugene dessert shops is making their desserts healthier as well as providing organic, vegan, and gluten-free options for their customers. After over a year of adventuring through many different dessert spots, I have finally come up with a list of my top five favorite dessert shops in Eugene. Are you ready?

Here they are:

#1 Vanilla Jill’s Frozen Yogurt

Vanilla Jill’s is a locally owned dessert shop known for its handmade organic frozen yogurt. The organic froyo shop has vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free options. My personal favorite is the Vegan Vanilla flavor with dairy-free chocolate chips. If you are not a chocolate chip fan, don’t worry! They also have a variety of local fruit toppings! Vanilla Jill’s has three Eugene locations. For UO students, their most convenient location is on East 24th Avenue and Hilyard Street, next to Sundance Natural Foods.

#2 Sweet Life Patisserie

Located on 755 Monroe Street, Sweet Life Patisserie is an organic pastry shop with a wide range of handmade baked goods. Sweet Life is known for its locally grown ingredients and allergy-friendly dessert options. They have egg-free, dairy-free, vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free pastries. My favorite Sweet Life dessert is the egg-free, gluten-free pumpkin pie. It will definitely be a dessert option at my house this Thanksgiving!

#3 Goody’s

Goody’s is an ice cream and candy shop that is new to Eugene. All of its candy and ice cream is handmade from scratch at the Goody’s factory in Bend, Oregon. They have over one hundred different types of candy options as well as a wide range of ice cream flavors. I’m from Bend, so I have grown up eating Goody’s ice cream and candy since I was little, and my favorite dessert has always been the chocolate-covered gummy bears. So delicious! Goody’s is located on 296 East 5th Avenue at the 5th Street Public Market.

#4 Prince Puckler’s Gourmet Ice Cream

Conveniently close to the UO campus, Prince Puckler’s is located on East 19th Avenue and Agate Street. Prince Puckler’s is one of my favorite dessert shops in Eugene because their ice cream is the creamiest handmade ice cream I have ever had! My favorite flavor is the Oreo cookie ice cream. It may not be organic or vegan, but it’s delicious!

#5 The Divine Cupcake

The Divine Cupcake has two locations in Eugene. I always go to the cart location on the corner of East 5th Avenue and Pearl Street. All of the baked goods are organic and vegan and can also be made gluten-free, soy-free, or nut-free. One of my favorite treats at The Divine Cupcake is the cake pops because they are beautiful, sparkly, and delicious!

Local Shop Makes Desserts Healthy

Vanilla Jill’s at Coburg Station offers delicious frozen treats with a healthy twist.

– Kendall Fields

Organic. Handmade. Local.

These words can be associated with a lot of things in Eugene, Oregon, but rarely frozen yogurt. That is, until now.

Vanilla Jill’s Frozen Yogurt at Coburg Station in Eugene, is serving up cold treats that are surprisingly healthy.

Vanilla Jill’s, which opened in March of this year, has been dazzling Eugene’s taste buds with frozen yogurt flavors ranging from the conventional vanilla to the more creative carrot-cinnamon.

Husband and wife, Tim and Megan Stevens, decided to open a frozen yogurt shop of their own when they noticed that Eugene didn’t really have many choices when it came to frozen yogurt.

The end result was a frozen yogurt shop infused with the essence of Eugene. From the sustainable products, the recycling bin, the locals who come in and hang out with a smoothie or a cup of frozen yogurt and the hardworking and passionate founders, Vanilla Jill’s is a true reflection of Eugene.

“I want the place to be like a hub where people can have fun and hang out with their friends and eat healthy food,” co-owner Megan Stevens said.

Vanilla Jill’s uses local ingredients, such as Nancy’s kefir, to create “real” frozen yogurt, setting it apart from other yogurt shops in the area.

Vanilla Jill’s has five flavors of yogurt that can be mixed and matched with a variety of syrups and toppings. They also offer a flavor that is sugar-free and sweetened with all-natural Xylitol for diabetics. They also have a soy-free flavor for vegans.

Their most unique item is a sundae consisting of basil syrup, fruit salad and chocolate.

“It’s a really gourmet experience. When most people think of basil, they think it belongs on a pizza, not frozen yogurt. But the basil and chocolate actually go really well together,” Megan Stevens said.

Customer Sean Engel ate one of the house specials, a sundae entitled “Strawberry Shortcake,” with vanilla yogurt, pomegranate syrup, fresh strawberries and yellow cake.

“The yogurt tastes great,” Engel said. “I feel good eating it, knowing that it is healthy and supports local owners.”