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Popcorned: Arrested Development Season 4 – Watch it again, and again…


-Casey Klekas

I’m in the awkward position of wanting to write about Arrested Development without spoiling it for everyone, including my editors who have yet to finish all fifteen episodes. I, on the other hand, watched six episodes starting at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, May 26. I fell asleep for a few hours then watched nine more. At times, I wished I hadn’t binged my way through the whole season, but at other times I was happy to power through. If I can make a recommendation, I would suggest not watching them straight through, which if you haven’t started already you probably won’t at all. You’re probably pacing yourself. Good thinking. I will use my best judgment to avoid spoiling anything for anyone. I’ll say as much as I can for those of you who are still in the process.

We should bear a few things in mind when enjoying the new Arrested Development episodes. First, they are longer than the old ones by upwards of ten minutes. More can be done in this time, but it also gives the characters a bit of breathing room rather than sketch on top of cousin on top of Ann. The extra time gives a new feeling to the show and more gags make it into the final cut as opposed to the ruthless editing we see in the old seasons.

The season evolves around a few central events, which, through each episode, we see through the eyes of a different family member. (Actually, Michael has two episodes, as does George Sr., Lindsay, Tobias, GOB, and George-Michael. Maeby, Lucille, and Buster only have one.) This makes some scenes in the initial episodes a bit hard to understand, but the jokes pay off in later episodes.

The season is indeed a puzzle with more pieces falling into place as every episode goes by. Some are not very uplifting, as the family has fallen on hard times (Oh, prison, shoddy land deals, and bankruptcy. So I guess kind of like the first three season). And yes, there are characters I wanted to see more of in the first few episodes, like Buster and GOB and George Michael. But as it turns out, they appear more in the second half of the season, so power through.

I was happy to see so many great themes come back. Ann as plant, Ann as egg, GOB’s panicked stuttering, Bees!, the comical miss-readings (mostly Tobias’), finishing each other’s sandwiches, sisters who “whore it up,” banners, getting blue/blown, hop-ons, and some pretty hot ham-water.

While they could have just run off the fumes of the old episodes–which maybe is what some of you had hoped for–I was actually happy to see the introduction of so many new running jokes like the “Showstealer Pro Trial Version” watermark over clips from old seasons. (I won’t spoil all of them.)

But seriously, whatever doubts you might have about the new season will be erased the more episodes you watch and the more times you watch them. Just like the old seasons, and Jessica Walter, the show gets better with age.

Image by Chris Favero.

Popcorned: "Arrested Development" Developments


-Casey Klekas

In less than a week the new season of Arrested Development will be on the nation’s Instant Queue. In case you haven’t been re-watching every episode like me, here’s where we left off:

Michael, George Michael, and a hidden George Sr., are on their way to the model house in Cabo. Lucille was driving the Queen Mary along with Tobias, G.O.B, the captive investors, and the hot se—er, sailors. Forty-year-old Lindsay is not a Bluth (she was almost a Sitwell!). Buster is in the water with a loose seal. Maeby is meeting with executives trying to sell the family’s life story as a TV series, which is denied, “But maybe a movie!”

So, where are we headed? Well, in case you missed it, they’ve released a trailer for season four, and it has revealed a few delicious nuggets to chew on until May 26th.

George Michael goes to school at UC Irvine, hinted on a pennant during Michael’s intrusion on his son’s dorm room, where he finds George Michael and his cousin Maeby continuing their hidden affair. Recall, at the end of season three Michael told his son that he and his cousin were not indeed blood relatives, but still family. We will have to wait to see more of Les Cousins Dangereux.

It’s hot at the airport where Michael asks the cab driver if he knows of a “good place to live,” because he’s “looking for a new start.” The sign says Sky Harbor, an airport in Phoenix, Arizona, which suggests that it is cut from episode one of season four, titled The Flight of the Phoenix. Michael burns his hand on the taxi’s door handle, not unlike the Cornballer from season one. In another scene, Michael appears to be buying a new car. Later, Michael stands in front of a new housing development managed by “The Michael Bluth Company,” which is stalked by a vulture, “Not a great sign.”

Lindsay has short hair in one scene, then long hair in another, where Tobias suggests getting her to that acting class. Tobias later sees the sign he’s been waiting for: a model Hollywood Sign saying “Hooray for Tobias.”

Maeby has grown into a fine young woman. At one point in the trailer she is startled by an ostrich inside the Balboa Apartments.

Michael approaches Kitty, who still holds some grudges from when Michael threatened her, then tried to blow her up with a boat. Hopefully she has a man in her life.

We see G.O.B. with his characteristic charm trying to pick up a woman at a bar. He also has some new magic act that looks like it might have “Roman Slave” as its title.

Lucille is dragged away by the police at a seafood restaurant, possibly Senor Tadpole’s, threatening Buster with abandonment. Buster is fitted with a shiny new hook. In one scene, he reveals that he has not outgrown his love for juice.

Well, that’s all I could gather from the trailer. Again, the new season will be released all at once this Sunday, May 26th. Thank heavens it is also Memorial Day weekend, and thank heavens for the auto-play feature at the end of every Netflix episode.

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"What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" or: The Worst Thing on TV Right Now

-Rache’ll Brown

I don’t think anyone appreciates trashy reality TV like I do. I mean, my favorite show is Gypsy Sisters, I like every single thing that Snooki posts on Instagram, and I still regularly dream about becoming Lauren Conrad’s BFF due to her time on Laguna Beach and The Hills (I rocked that Team LC t-shirt in middle school). With all of my life experience in this category, I think it’s safe to say that I know when a TV show is truly bad. So, while enjoying a typical night of reality TV and popcorn, I was instantly able to spot the worst thing TV has to offer right now: What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

The world became acquainted with Lochte last summer during the 2012 Olympics, where he won five gold medals in swimming. We were entranced by his amazing swimmer’s bod, but repulsed by his attitude and ignorance. Nevertheless, the 28-year-old entered the public eye, and we’ve been unable to shake him since.

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? premiered on the E! Network April 21, and had .8 million Americans tune in. Surprising. In this episode, the audience was introduced to Lochte’s everyday life, which includes his “Lochterage” (friends), “love-hate, but mostly hate” relationship with roommate and younger brother, Devon, and his attempts at romance (he takes every girl he dates to the exact same sushi bar and doesn’t see a problem with it). We also discover his desire to become a fashion designer (I can’t even… ), and that his favorite movie is What Women Want starring Mel Gibson.

He is so deep.

Usually, I am all for shallow, poorly scripted “reality” shows, but I can’t get past how much of an airhead he is. Instead of being funny, he is just pathetic, and I’m not the only one who feels this way—reporters can’t even take him seriously! I love reality TV shows because other people’s insane lives make me feel better about myself, but this just left me feeling sympathetic for him. Needless to say, I won’t be tuning in again.

Grade: D

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If You Like Country Music, You’ll Love Nashville

-Whitney Menefee

ABC’s newest musical television series, Nashville, is full of romance, good country music, infidelity, and glamor, enthralling audiences everywhere. The show takes place in Nashville, Tennessee, the city known best for its contribution to country music. One of the most entertaining aspects about the show is that it gives viewers a deeper look into what the culture of Nashville is all about.

The main characters in Nashville are Rayna James (Connie Britton), Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), and Scarlett O’Connor (Clare Bowen), who are all trying to make it big as country music stars. The majority of the storyline follows Rayna James, the Faith Hill and older side of county music, and Juliette Barnes, the Taylor Swift and pop side of country music. The drama aspect of the show is revealed through the rivalry between the two country stars and the irony that sets in (spoiler alert!) when both characters are forced to tour together in order to remain successful.

One of the more appealing things about the show is that most of the scenes are filmed in famous cafes and locations throughout Nashville. For example, a few of the scenes are shot in The Bluebird Café, a famous music club known for having country music stars perform small live sets for its patrons. Many viewers, myself included, love Nashville for its music, which has made the show’s soundtrack become a hit on iTunes. One song from the soundtrack, Panettiere’s Telescope, has become so popular that it is playing nationally on country radio stations.

The show’s appealing scenery and country culture make any viewer want to visit Nashville and experience the city for themselves. If you’re not a current viewer of Nashville, no problem— the show has aired a total of eight episodes with the season finale aired on Wednesday, December 5th, so it’s the perfect time to start watching the show!

Image from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2281375/

Some of the Fall’s Newest and most Exciting TV Shows

-Laura Lundberg

I’m a huge fan of TV, and with many of my favorite shows at their season’s (or series) end, I find that the television has become a wasteland of reruns and filler shows. With only a few TV shows to look forward to this summer, I have found myself looking to the new fall line-up and I already cannot wait for September.

While I have never been able to find many of the trailers for new TV shows, this year I made it my job to scour the internet and find out which freshman TV shows I looked forward to – and which I hope would quickly crash and burn. So, in order to get you through until September, I’ve chosen five different TV shows that I’m excited for, and why you should be too.


Revolution, which will be airing on NBC Monday nights at 10 pm, is one of the top new TV shows that I’m dying to see. J.J Abrams’ newest sci-fi drama is environmentally conscious, intriguing, dramatic, Lost-esque, and full of adventure – and all of this I got from just a four minute trailer. In this show, Abrams posed the question of: “What would the world do and look like if we didn’t have electricity?” and it begins with a mysterious worldwide event that leads to all electrical devices shutting down – never to turn on again. The trailer then flash-forwards to fifteen years later, where the world as we know it has fallen, and a new post-apocalyptic world has risen. The trailer then lays out some of the main characters – a girl named Charlie and her brother, mother and father. Her father seems to know something about why the electricity vanished – but I’m sure it’s going to take many seasons to figure out what that secret is. Hopefully this TV show will last many seasons!

The New Normal

Another NBC show that will be airing on Tuesdays at 9:30 pm, this series follows the life of one woman who has put her dreams on hold in order to raise her daughter. A single mom who begins to feel like she’s drifting away from herself and the world, she vows to make her dream come true however she can. In order to earn money to make those dreams happen, she is enlisted by a gay couple who are looking to start a family, to be their surrogate. A comedy, this TV show looks to be heartwarming, creative, and lots of fun.

666 Park Avenue

A TV show that will be airing on ABC on Sundays at 10 pm, the trailer is filled mostly with mystery. It revolves around an apartment building on the Upper East Side of New York that is more than what it seems. Terry O’Quinn (Locke from “Lost”) plays one of the building’s owners that welcomes a new, young couple into the building to be the Resident Managers. However, he seems to also have a different job, one that is full of the weird and spooky. Still, the posh environment attracts this young couple and they believe the job is perfectly fine and are unaware of the paranormal activity that is centered around the building. Intriguing and mysterious, this trailer seems to mimic what it says about its TV show: “Don’t let the amenities fool you”


That’s right! CBS is jumping on the Sherlock Holmes bandwagon with its new series, Elementary. While the premiere date looks to be unknown at this moment, the behind the scenes trailer alludes to much of what the series will be about, and it’s sure to be different! This time, Sherlock Holmes is from New York, set in a modern-day era (much like BBC’s Sherlock), and the biggest twist is that there isn’t a Dr. John Watson. Now, there’s a Dr. Joan Watson. This seems to be the biggest twist that the creators of Elementary have decided to go with, and who to play a better female Watson than Lucy Liu. Thrilling and seeming to be full of twists and turns just like any other Sherlock Holmes adaptation, CBS hopes to succeed in making its mark on everything Sherlock Holmes.

The Goodwin Games

From the creators of How I Met Your Mother, the Goodwin Games seems to be fun for the whole family. A comedy that will be airing on Fox this fall, the TV show centers around a father who dies suddenly and leaves his entire fortune to his three estranged children, with just one catch: They have to play a game in order to find out who wins the entire fortune. What’s even worse is that all of the questions are about the memories that the kids had growing up and all about them. While the trailer does a much better job of explaining the characters as well as the situations that they’re all in, I’m more excited for how everything is going to turn out, and which child (if any) will emerge victorious.