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Flux Playlist: Cinco de Mayo!

-Flux Blog Staff

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which means it’s the second day on the calendar that has nothing to do with our country, yet gives us an occasion in which it is perfectly acceptable to binge drink (if you’re 21, of course). So we at the Flux blog couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to dedicate our weekly playlist to the holiday. So enjoy our playlist as you set off to have a fun (and safe) Cinco de Mayo!

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  • Spanish Bombs -The Clash
  • Cabron -Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • El Manana -Gorillaz
  • Mexico -Cake


  • Tequila -The Champs
  • La Bamba -Los Lobos
  • Oye Como Va -Santana
  • Shots -LMFAO ft. Lil Jon


  • Hips Don’t Lie -Shakira
  • Gasolina -Daddy Yankee
  • Pon De Replay -Rihanna


  • La Camisa Negra -Juanes
  • Culo -Pitbull ft Lil Jon
  • La Copa de la Vida -Patrick Victorio
  • Macarena -Los del Rio


  • Vamos a Los Levels -Loona and Avicii
  • We No Speak Americano -Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
  • Loca People -Sak Noel
  • She Wold -Shakira


  • Suenos -Diego Torres
  • Americano -Lady Gaga

Flux Playlist: 80's Edition

-Flux Blog Staff

It’s week 4 of the term, which means it’s time to double check all of your syllabi and make sure you don’t have any midterms this week. But before we dive into all of the tests and assignment deadlines that will soon dictate our lives, we here at the Flux blog thought we would put together a playlist to remind us of a simpler time. A time when leg warmers and fingerless gloves were in style. A time when a singer named Madonna was just breaking onto the scene. A time when hair metal bands roamed the earth. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our 80’s edition playlist.

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  • Blister in the Sun -Violent Femmes
  • Under Pressure -Queen ft. David Bowie
  • 99 Luftballons -Nena


  • Beat it -Michael Jackson
  • Take on Me -A-Ha
  • Somebody’s Watching Me -Rockwell ft. Michael Jackson


  • 867-5309/Jenny -Tommy Tutone
  • Waiting on a Friend -The Rolling Stones
  • Train in Vain -The Clash


  • The Safety Dance -Men Without Hats
  • Land Down Under -Men at Work


  • Pour Some Sugar on Me -Def Leppard
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine -Guns N’ Roses
  • Billie Jean -Michael Jackson


  • The Message -Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
  • Paul Revere -The Beastie Boys
  • Computer Love -Zapp & Roger

Flux Playlist: Songs About Food

-Flux Blog Staff

Everybody knows that Thanksgiving is about one thing and one thing only: the food. An entire day in which we can eat as much turkey and mashed potatoes as humanly possibly without a shred of guilt. And while the holiday may have already passed, it doesn’t mean that some of us aren’t still living off the leftovers from Turkey Day. So here’s a list of songs to listen to while you munch on your leftovers.

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  • Lost in the Supermarket -The Clash
  • Bangers & Mash -Radiohead
  • Red Wine, Success! -Cold War Kids


  • Candyman -Christina Aguilera
  • Pumpkin Soup -Kate Nash
  • Corona & Lime -Shwayze


  • Crap Kraft Dinner -Hot Chip
  • Party in my Tummy -Yo Gabba Gabba
  • The Worst Pies in London -Stephen Sondheim


  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time -Buckwheat Boyz
  • Be Our Guest -Beauty and the Beast
  • Hungry Eyes -Eric Carmen


  • Pork and Beans -Weezer
  • Ham and Eggs -A Tribe Called Quest