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Skip the Chaos and Shop Cyber Monday

-Rache’ll Brown

I’ve gone Black Friday shopping annually since my freshman year of high school, and I have no idea why. Sure, I get great deals (sometimes), and there is some excitement in fighting to the death for 40-percent-off a t-shirt, but are the insane lines and moms with crazy looks in their eyes worth it? I thought so—until I discovered Cyber Monday.

Every year, during the Monday after Thanksgiving stores hold sales online comparable to those that occur in-store during Black Friday. This year, Cyber Monday is November 26, and I can’t wait to scavenge the Internet for some awesome deals on gifts for Christmas (or in my case, gifts for myself. Sorry I’m not sorry.).

While on the hunt for Cyber Monday sales, its best to start in all of the obvious places. Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon, and more will have some sort of Cyber Monday deal going on. I recommend these sites while getting gifts for other people. As for me? I like to hit some of my favorite clothing and beauty sites. One of the best places to shop for clothes online is Tobi. For Cyber Monday, the site is offering 40 percent off store-wide, but first time shoppers get 50 percent off their purchases any time of the year. Another clothing store, Foreign Exchange, is offering up to 75 percent off most items. For makeup, MAC is having a Cyber Monday special, but they haven’t announced what it will be yet, and Sephora is offering free mystery gifts all week long.

Next year, skip the Black Friday insanity and shop comfortably in your pajamas at home during Cyber Monday! Take some time to visit all of your favorite online stores to see what kind of deals are going on while sipping some hot chocolate—it beats getting a black eye from a vicious grandma trying to grab the last X-Box for her spoiled grandson.

Image from http://www.macys.com

How to Keep Yourself Organized

-Callie Gisler

Let’s face it. Between four classes, homework, a part-time job, hobbies, and trying to have some sort of a social life, you’re busy. College students are constantly on the move and keeping track of everything is no small feat.  From papers and exam dates to meeting with friends and visit from families, I don’t think a normal person could keep track of everything there is to do in a day.

So how do you keep yourself organized during a busy day? Here are a few useful tips to stay organized and avoid the stress:

Buy an organizer or calendar

Consider picking out a planner or wall calendar to write down dates and important reminders. You can find one at just about any store like Target or Office Depot for relatively cheap. Even one of those fancy mortarboard planners from the Duck Store are a great option. Take a look at different layouts and find out which one works best for you – daily, weekly, or monthly? My planner goes everywhere with me. It’s one of the most helpful tools I have to keep dates and tasks straight.

Make lists and keep track of things to be done

Making lists is one of the most effective ways to stay productive, and there is a little reward in crossing off something when you’re finished. Make it a habit to start writing things down. Add sticky notes to your planner or calendar to remind yourself of tasks that need to be done on a certain day.

Spruce up your workspace

Whether you work best at home or at the library, an organized workspace will definitely help you feel more productive and focused. Invest in file folders or desk organizers to keep assignments, notes, and other important papers organized. This will also help to maximize your work time and prevent you from wasting time looking for something you’ve misplaced.

Set a schedule and stick to it

If it’s hard to find time during the week to hit the gym or get homework done, designate a block of time to it. Write it down on your calendar and treat that time as though you cannot miss it – like a shift at work or a final exam. Creating this mindset will help you make dates and stick to them.

Organization is one of the most helpful skills you can have – now and in the future.  How do you stay organized? In summary: write it down, stick to it, and cross it off when it’s done. Soon enough it will become a helpful habit that will make this busy college life seem a little more manageable.

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Why this Black Friday was Worse than Others

-Tamara Feingold

Fortunately, I locked myself in a cabin on the beach for Thanksgiving, free of cell phone service and cut off from civilization. I’ll admit I was a little jealous of my friends waking up early Friday morning to impossibly tempting shopping deals. But when I returned to the land of WiFi on Sunday, I was glad to have spared myself the trouble. I scrolled through pages and pages of news titles about Black Friday brawls, exceptionally long lines, and record-breaking purchase amounts. These are the reasons this year was the worst:

  1. Black Friday didn’t even start on Friday. Wal Mart opened at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving and Target and Macy’s opened at midnight. Just the thought of speed shopping after stuffing yourself with turkey and pumpkin pie is uncomfortable. What happened to the infamous Thanksgiving food coma?
  2. This riot over a $2 waffle iron at Wal Mart looks like a mosh pit at a metal concert.
  3. One group camped out at Best Buy for four nights and ate Thanksgiving dinner in their tent to save money on flat screen TVs and whatever other deals the store was offering. And we thought the Twilight Saga campers were intense…
  4. CNN said a record $52.4 billion was spent this weekend. So. Much. Money.
  5. As if one day of madness wasn’t enough, Cyber Monday has been added to the mix. This year, millions of shoppers are expected to shop online for deals.

Photo taken from CNN.com

Addicted to Freebies

-Sam Bouchat

In this digitized age, getting physical mail, in its rarity, has become more exciting. And getting packages? One of the best feelings ever. What’s unfortunate is that a majority of that mail is often bills or advertisements.

Imagine, if you will, arriving back at your apartment or house after classes and having at least one package waiting for you everyday. It’s possible.

Welcome to the world of free samples. I discovered this world my sophomore year, when I was really strapped for cash, and wanted a way to check out hair products without buying the full product first.

I started visiting websites like Hey! It’s Free! and Totally Free Crap. I quickly discovered that it’s not just hair products that offer free samples, but all sorts of companies partake as well.

I ended up getting a free subscription to Forbes magazine, a free makeup bag courtesy of Target, countless free shampoos, conditioners, lotions and coffee samples. Not to mention coupons – and not discount coupons, either. Coupons for free stuff, like oatmeal, Red Bull, detergent, rice. I began signing up for so many free samples that I would have no idea how many or which ones were waiting for me at my house. More often than not, I would return home to a modest stack of small boxes littering the kitchen table, all marked “Sam Bouchat.”

It got to the point that, when my roomie’s parents visited, they would take one look at the table and ask, “What samples did Sam get today?”

It becomes a kind of addiction where you no longer look for samples that you want, but anything and everything that you can sign up for. About 50 percent of the time, the sample doesn’t show up anyway (usually because they run out of stock), so the more you sign up for, the better your chances.

There’s a whole community online who follow free samples, who search for and gather them together into neat little lists that a person can spend hours on, just filling in mailing addresses and occasionally taking a short survey.

I have since moved from a house to an apartment, though I still get samples of anything and everything everyday. However, I did not forward my mail from my old house. I hope the new residents enjoy whatever free samples arrived after my departure. Maybe they, too, became addicted.