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Who Is The Ultimate Woman?

-Marissa Tomko

Don’t lie to me—I know you all saw Beyoncé’s half-time performance at the Superbowl last month. Like many people, I found it to be electrifying, and have viewed it plenty of times since I watched it live. One thing that defines Beyoncé as an artist is her confidence. While it may border on egotism, I have never questioned it. So what if she is fully aware of the power she holds—it’s obviously working for her. In my opinion, Beyoncé is the ultimate woman and I worship at her feet. But her performance got me thinking—should I be doing that?

If you asked my girlfriends who they aspire to be like, you would definitely find evidence of their role models in their appearance. My New Girl-loving friend recently got the now-iconic Zooey Deschanel blunt banged haircut; my friend who has been a committed Britney Spears fan since she was 10 years old wears Brit’s standard fedora hat at least twice a week; Another friend tries to put together Rachel Bilson’s outfits daily. And me? You can usually find me lunging across my living room asking my roommates if my backside resembles my idol’s yet.

Role models are tricky because there is a definite line between aspiring to be like somebody and wishing that you were them. While I was watching Queen B perform, all I could think was “I would give anything to be her,” and it was true. In that moment, I would have sold my soul to have her body, her gorgeous curls, and her powerful presence; she embodies everything that I have ever wanted to portray as a woman. In that moment, I resented myself.

In the past few years, there have been so many different kinds of women for society to obsess over. As far as the variety goes, I love it. There’s the eccentric Lady Gaga and the free-spirited Jessa from HBO’s Girls. I even give reality star Khloé Kardashian some credit for her ability to speak her mind and take a stand. However, in my deep admiration for these unique women, I often forget that I am a person, too. In our quest to better ourselves, even the most confident of girls can confuse admiration with direct imitation.

Just because I will never wow the entire world while clad in leather at America’s favorite sporting event does not mean I will not make an impact. I can portray power and confidence in a different way, in a way that comes naturally to me. I know, I know—it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

Yes, it’s okay to steal fashion tips from the women you admire. It’s even okay to wish that you were a little more outspoken. But it’s also important to remember to apply the traits that you admire about others to yourself. With feminism and women’s issues being such hot topics as of late, we all deserve to have a voice—our own voice—in this crazy world.

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Duck & Cover: The Haurbowl – The Only Family Feud to be Settled in the Super Bowl

-Eleni Pappelis

Millions of viewers excitedly kicked-back with their friends and families, delicious snacks, and some ice cold beer in hand to watch Super Bowl XLVII this last Sunday. And what an exciting Super Bowl it was, full of attention-grabbing commercials, thrilling entertainment, and, of course, a compelling football game.

I hate to start off with criticism, but it was hard to watch the 49ers start this game. On their first play, a formation penalty called on San Francisco gave Baltimore a 20-yard gain and also a good position for their first possession. It was a sloppy start to the first quarter for the 49ers and it only got worse. Early in the second quarter, Oregon’s pride and joy, LaMichael James, lost a fumble which soon resulted in a touchdown for the Ravens. 49ers trailed 28-6 by halftime.

After suffering through the first half of this game, the halftime show could not have come fast enough. It was finally time to see the long-anticipated performance by ‘Sasha Fierce’ herself: #teambeyonce. Beyonce strutted her stuff in a tight black leather getup kicking off her performance with “Love On Top.” She also sang “Baby Boi” and “Till the End of Time,” with 135 dancers and intricate visual effects and stunning pyrotechnics. My heart could hardly handle the surprise when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams took the stage for the reunion of Destiny’s Child. Together they sang “Independent Woman Part I” as well as Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies.” My nostalgic heart was now full from the performance. Let’s face it, Beyonce should have won the Super Bowl; though, Beyonce’s outfit raised criticism on whether her appearance was considered family-friendly and appropriate for this type of live event.

Raven’s Jacoby Jones returned the second-half kickoff, rushing 108 yards for a touchdown to tie the NFL record for longest touchdown in Super Bowl history. This also resulted in a well-deserved victory dance by Jones, giving Beyonce a run for her money. However, not  even two minutes into the second half, the lights on one-half of the Superdome’s roof and the scoreboards went dark. Internet connections and communication from the press box were cut. There were also theories that Beyonce’s performance was so good she actually blew out the power. Regardless, the 49ers got what they wanted, and quite honestly, needed: a miracle. During this roughly thirty-five-minute power outage, announcers debated whether or not this delay would potentially hurt the Ravens playing momentum they had picked up in the first half of the game. Reports stated live that these teams had been training hard for this game and should not be affected by such a delay. There was also thoughts of Beyonce’s performance being so good she blew out the power.

Visuals of the stadium showed fans murmuring about the blackout and players stretching on the field trying to stay limber for when the game resumed. Single fixtures of lights would slowly illuminate until finally the stadium had finally brightened to its usual brilliance.

Not only had the power been turned back on in the stadium,  but in the 49ers as well. San Francisco took the delay as a chance to recharge and came back to score seventeen points in four minutes to trail the Ravens 28 to 23.

This clutch game proceeded into the fourth quarter with quite the fight for the victory of Super Bowl XLVII. A questionable holding call prevented one of the last chances for San Francisco to win, and the game ended with the final score Ravens 34, and 49ers, 31.

After entertainment from Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and Beyonce, an extra 35 minute delay, and one of the most exciting rivalries in Super Bowl history, I would say the fans there definitely got their money’s worth. At least the 49ers came back to make the loss less embarrassing for Jim Harbaugh to live down. Imagine how the next family dinner with the Harbaugh’s (the two rivalling coaches of the Ravens and 49ers) will play out.

Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmtip21/8400064037/

Halftime Fail


– Heather Ah San

Who cares about football when The Black Eyed Peas are playing the halftime show?

Well, maybe that’s just me. Taking a turn from last year’s halftime performance by The Who, the 2011 show decided to take a break from classic rock oldies and took a chance with The Black Eyed Peas.

You’d think they were the perfect fit for a halftime show- they’re showy, energetic, wildly popular and well-known.

But instead audiences got a seemingly disengaged, slightly out-of-tune, and overall awkward performance by the Peas. There weren’t any wardrobe malfunctions, but there were a couple of technical glitches that were pretty obvious, even in a tech-y, glitzy and over-the-top performance like this.

Since the halftime fail from 2004 that resulted in the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” between Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, the halftime show has stayed away from pop artists. Maybe there’s a connection, maybe not.

But they have, however, played it relatively safe with classic and, frankly, old artists like Prince, The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney. And no matter how many technical glitches they may have faced, you can’t touch the classics.

I have to hand it to The Black Eyed Peas though- they had an ambitious performance to tackle. And Fergie, though she teetered off in the end, sustained her amazing vocals through most the performance (but that rendition of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”? Strange, in so many ways).

As much as the Superbowl tries to overwhelm with its halftime show, ironically it seems to underwhelm most audiences. We’ll see next year what awkward turn the halftime show will take (let’s hope it’s not Ke$ha).

Check out the full performance by clicking the link below. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box!

Super Bowl 2011 Halftime Show – Black Eyed Peas [HQ]