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Students Use Trends to Define Style

-Rache’ll Brown

If the weather allows it, most afternoons I can be found hanging around Lillis people-watching. Although my fellow students can be quite entertaining, I’m not in it for the shenanigans—I’m in it for the style.

As a whole, students at the University of Oregon encompass a style of their own consisting of anything from indie, to edgy, to relaxed, to classic, and even if you don’t think you have a “style,” you do! (You may not be aiming to portray any certain look, but the type of clothes you wear still fit a certain genre and therefore you have style despite its fashionableness). If you take the time to check out everyone’s outfits like I often do, it’s apparent that even though most of the ensembles don’t resemble something off the pages of Vogue, for the most part everyone still looks pretty good. Most of what I see consists of practical clothing that provides comfort for on-the-go students, while still giving off the vibe that some sort of planning took place while getting dressed. Among these traditional outfits, many students do use trends to show off their personal style.

In the pictures above both girls have similar outfits: leggings, flats and oversized tops. The trend? Cheetah print. In the first outfit, the bold print is used as the focal point of the ensemble. Pairing a printed scarf, like the girl above, or a blouse alongside classic pieces such as leggings and flats create an effortless vibe that is comfortable yet still put together. The second outfit uses cheetah print as an accessory to enhance another trend, a neon top. Coupling a print with a bright solid color creates a chic and modern look without being “too much” for class.

This is exactly what I love about fashion: trends arise, and for the most part people follow them, but they wear them in a way that is fitting for their own personal style. Taking a look around, a lot of people have at least one thing in common with their clothing or accessories even if their outfits are polar-opposite of each other,

So, when you have time to spare, I recommend taking a moment to look and appreciate your fellow students’ style. In the mean time, check out my blog for more on-campus fashion.