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On Trend: Campus Style

-Rache’ll Brown

Spring is in full swing, and by the looks of campus, students have fully embraced the seasonal change and are starting to take advantage of the beautiful weather. The vernal equinox signifies a new beginning, and there is no better way to enjoy a spring term than by adding some unique pieces to update a winter wardrobe.

Transitioning from fall to spring, sophomore Shelby Newton adds cute white sandals and a light pastel sweater to a trendy, yet simple, black and white base.

With a bright top and capris, freshman Marisa Baptista welcomes the warm weather with a casual and comfortable look.

Junior Chrissy Hardesty adds some color into an otherwise dark and classic outfit to create a fun flare for the season ahead.

Wearing a lace crop top and shorts, sophomore Suzie Meyer celebrates the beginning of spring! By adding a blazer and keeping her fall boots, Meyer starts spring with an effortlessly chic vibe.

Freshman Tracy Mok combines a floral scarf with a letterman jacket to bring her favorite old and new seasonal trends together.

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Spring-spirational Music

-Rache’ll Brown

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the Sperrys are out—that’s right, it’s spring again! A new term, great weather, and endless opportunities for fun require something special, and what better way to start off this season than with some music to sink into? Whether they are old or new, these musicians will be the anthems to every shenanigan I get into this spring.

Hoodie Allen
I’m not sure where he has been all of my life, but I do know that his music will be the main component to every playlist I make this spring. Energetic beats, clever verses, and a carefree vibe make this hip-hop star better than the rest. Check out “No Interruption” and become as obsessed as I am.

Imagine Dragons
Okay, so I know they aren’t exactly new. In fact, most people are already starting to get sick of them. But since I don’t listen to the radio, that’s an issue I rarely face. They’re catchy, fun, and inspiring; plus, everyone loves a song with a group chorus. This to me is the epitome of feel-good music; “On Top of The World” just makes me want to smile.

A$AP Rocky
I was first introduced to A$AP through Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” video (a.k.a. the best music video in existence) and was immediately intrigued. Now everyone I know loves him and all of his problems (I commend all who get that reference). Anyway, I expect to hear “Wild for the Night” at at least half the parties I attend this spring.

Florida Georgina Line
I know I’m probably one of the last people in America to hear about this band, but better late than never, right? I’ll be honest: I’m not the biggest country fan. But they make some really great tunes. They sound like how I feel when floating the river on one of those late-spring-so-hot-you-want-to-die days. “Cruise” is definitely worth a listen. Or ten.

Nice weather is one of the main driving forces for my weekend all-nighters. On a warm spring night I get lost in a good dance party and the next thing I know the sun is up and a good portion of my life is just gone. I blame the music, and Zedd makes some of the best electronic dance music around. Listen to “Clarity (feat. Foxes)” and dance the night away.

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On Trend: New Accessories for Spring

-Rache’ll Brown

The sun is shining and spring is near, so ditch the gloves and throw on a statement ring instead. Forget the old tribal look, bright shades, and futuristic shapes of the prior vernal equinox: spring 2013 has an array of exciting new styles unparalleled to last year’s coveted pieces. With a new season on the horizon, it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming trends—and I can’t wait.

This spring, expect to see a variety of trends that will be easy to wear and even easier to find. With fringe necklaces, see-through bags, and chunky heels at the forefront of the trends, versatility and simplicity is key. And forget neon hues—it is all about pale pastels for accessories like shoes, bags, and scarves. This season is about simple femininity with a modern edge. To be more daring, throw on some knee-high Grecian inspired sandals or cutout booties, and metallic anything because gold, silver, and bronze are going to be huge. Regardless of personal style, this season holds trends suited for all.

It will be easy to incorporate these trends into everyday life, especially since most are simple and understated. Fringe necklaces make a great statement piece, so use it to dress up a simple dress or top for an effortless vibe. And the chunky heels? On behalf of every girl in the world: thank you fashion gods. Now those who have been afraid to rock a heel before can wear them with ease. Or, grab a bag in a beautiful pastel color (totes are back in!) to complete a look. Remember: an accessory is meant to enhance an outfit, so start with a good base, and whichever accessories that are added on will only make the final outfit look even better. Check out Style’s Spring 2013 Trend Report for more ideas—the options are limitless.

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Don't Worry Be Healthy: Oh, Honey

-Marissa Tomko

Last spring, I spent an absurd amount of my final week in Eugene solitary in my empty apartment, wrapped up in my friend’s sleeping bag, refusing to go outside. I was a wreck.

The sun was shining, my friends were adventuring, and my exams were just about over. I should have been enjoying my last week in Eugene before I drove the long fourteen hours back to my summer job in Utah. But I couldn’t—I had allergies.

Living in the grass-seed capital of the world does things to a person. What with  the flowers that bloom ridiculously early and the trees that loom over you at every turn, there is pretty much no way to escape allergy symptoms—and they get old pretty fast. Over-the-counter meds make you feel off, and doctors are not always willing to give you an allergy shot if they don’t think your symptoms are “severe” enough. So while I’m hanging around in the winter months, I want to be able to do something to prevent a sniffly spring. When I was talking about it the other day, my roommate gave me a promising answer: honey.

The idea behind honey as a preventative treatment for allergies is similar to how a vaccine works: locally made honey contains traces of pollen from the flowers honey bees have visited. By downing a spoonful a day, it is said that you can become immune to local allergens, just like how a vaccine with a weakened or dead virus causes your body to build up an immunity to it. It seems almost too easy—and it might be.

There are numerous articles, such as this one found in The New York Times that say the pollen that causes allergies is not the same pollen that bees are interacting with, making the honey remedy not work. Unfortunately, this seems to be the general consensus. Even those who have heard positive testimonials don’t believe it unless there is scientific evidence to back it up—and there really isn’t any. This could be because local honey makers do not have the funds or priorities to run these kinds of experiments and bigger corporations are simply not interested. In any case, the question remains largely unexplored.

As for me, I’m not going to write this theory off just yet. It can’t hurt, and I’ll do anything to avoid the imminent fate that awaits me come spring. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll be the one hiding my red eyes with a baseball cap and popping Benadryl at every opportunity.

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