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On Trend: Style Profile–Mitchell Burnem

-Rache’ll Brown

Basketball shorts and baggy sweatshirts with no rhyme or reason usually make up the typical outfit of a teenage male—but not for 18-year-old Mitchell Burnem. Black v-necks and fitted pieces dominate this Eugenian’s wardrobe to make up a style that can only be described as simple and clean. Burnem shared the secret to his style, and offered some advice for guys who may be struggling.

Is there anything or anyone that inspires your style?

Nick Wooster, he has a really big online presence. A lot of people take pictures of him on the street and stuff and he always looks good. And Scott Disick from Keeping up With The Kardashians; he dresses so well and always looks so good. Plus he is really funny.

What is your perfect outfit?
I do a lot of running around, so probably like jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Just really simple but still looking nice.

What trends do you think are attractive, or unattractive, for girls?
I don’t know about attractive, but for unattractive: Ugg boots, definitely. I don’t understand them. I think they are hideous. And those jean-colored leggings? I hate those too.

Are there any trends you’ve seen guys wearing recently that you really like?
Those waxed jeans are really cool. I guess Kanye made them big.

Are there certain pieces that you invest more in?
Mostly shoes, like Jordans. I like Jordans a lot, and all the ones I want are really expensive so I save up for those. Actually, I probably spend way more money on jeans than anything. I like Nudies, PRPS, and APC jeans.

Do you have any advice for guys that aren’t fashionable?
I would say it’s more about how your clothes fit than what you are wearing. If your clothes are baggy and like, dirty I guess . . . Just make sure your clothes are clean and they fit. Even if you don’t have that great of fashion, if pieces fit then it still looks good. Also, invest in some fitted, dark denim jeans. You can dress them up with a blazer or go for a more casual look with sneakers—they’re really versatile.

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