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My Weekend with Sasquatch: Talking with Sallie Ford

-Mike Munoz

When I first heard Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, I had a hard time believing that their music wasn’t recorded in the 50’s. But in the last year, their retro-rock sound and Ford’s unique vocals has had music critics raving and  earned them a slot at Sasquatch. After performing Monday afternoon, Sallie Ford sat down and talked to us about her relationship with The Avett Brothers and touring in Europe!

How did Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside get started?

Sallie Ford: Well I moved to Portland in 2006 and I met Tyler [Tornfelt] and Ford [Tennis] and I just started playing music with them. Then we met Jeff [Munger] who was doing a lot of street performing. I was lucky enough to meet the Avett Brothers and they invited us to do some shows and kind of kicked us off, and we’ve just gone on from there.

Are The Avett Brothers an influence on your music?

SF: I think they’re really awesome people and as far as an influence on us, they’ve given us advice on how to take becoming a serious touring band and they gave me some early advice on how to build a team and being patient about your career and taking a hot air balloon to success instead of the spaceship. That was always really great to hear.

How has it been adjusting to bigger tours and bigger venues?

SF: It doesn’t feel like we’ve done that much more, but it really exciting that we’ve gotten to go to Europe. I didn’t really know what to expect or if we were going to be playing to nobody. But then it ended up being great and we had a lot of press in Europe and we had a lot of people at our shows even though we had never played there. As far as the US, we’ll still have shows where there’s only 10 people. Then all of a sudden we’re here, playing with Jack White.

How has the Sasquatch experience been so far?

SF: Awesome! I mean all festivals can be a bit much if you have to spend the whole time there. We’ve done Bonnaroo before and we had to kind of take off early. But I think I can handle this more than Bonnaroo. I think this has to be one of the best.

So in previous interviews you’ve mentioned artists like Tom Waits as an influence. Who are some female artists that have influenced your music?

SF: There are so many. I guess the biggest would be Cat Power, Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple. Also, recently I’ve gotten into PJ Harvey. I think there is so much music from the past as well such as Etta James, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday.

In your song, “I Swear” you have some harsh words for the current state of music. Were there any artists you had in mind when you wrote that?

SF: Not really. I just think any music where the people are just doing it for money or when music is all digital, that’s disappointing. But I think that song is about being honest in the way of cussing in my lyrics and talking about inappropriate things and not being scared to be controversial. I mean, in the past there are already a lot of people who have covered that ground, but I think as an artists I definitely wouldn’t want to play it safe.

What does the future hold for Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside?

SF: We already recorded an album, and that should be coming out in the late Fall. Hopefully people can keep their ears open for that! In the Fall we’ll be doing a tour for our record release, but we haven’t even planned that yet.

My Weekend with Sasquatch: Day 4 Recap

-Mike Munoz

Gary Clark Jr. performs on the Main Stage

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside perform at the Yeti Stage

Nick Kroll does stand-up in the Banana Shack

Fans dance along with Vintage Trouble at the Yeti Stage

John Reilly & Friends perform at the Yeti Stage

SBTRKT performs at the Banana Shack

My Weekend with Sasquatch: Day 2 Recap

-Mike Munoz

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein perform skits from Portlandia at the Banana Shack

The crowd dances along to beats by Grynch at the Maine Stage

The Dum Dum Girls perform at the Bigfoot Stage

Tune-Yards perform at the Bigfoot Stage

Coeur de Pirate performs at the Yeti Stage

St. Vincent performs at the Bigfoot Stage

Jack White performs at the Main Stage

My Weekend With Sasquatch: Day 1 Recap

-Mike Munoz

A large line of Sasquatchers wait for their wristbands.

Wheeler and Zander perform at the Yeti Satge

Yellow Ostrich performs at the Bigfoot Stage

Of Monsters and Men perform on the Main Stage

Little People performs at the Banana Shack

Metal Chocolate performs at the Maine Stage

A fan shows off his “six-pack” during Santigold

My Weekend with Sasquatch: The Journey Begins

-Mike Munoz

The weekend of Sasquatch is finally upon us. Four and a half long days of musical bliss and camping out with friends, and I am fortunate enough to be attending only a few short weeks before I graduate and say goodbye to the Pacific Northwest. While I couldn’t think of a better way to end the year, my Sasquatch send-off got off to a bit of a rough start.

Our first mistake was leaving Eugene later than we originally planned. We were aiming to start our journey at around 2 in the afternoon; however, due to last minute errands and forgotten items, we didn’t hit the road until around 3. Finally, with our trunk stuffed with food, camping supplies and beer, we were on our way to the Gorge.

Things only got worse when we got onto the I-5. As soon as we got on the road, the rain Gods of Eugene decided they were bored and felt like shaking things up by giving us some heavy showers. The rain drastically slowed down everyone on the highway and made the first hour of our trip pretty frightening. Each time we got next to an 18-wheeler, our car was completely engulfed in a cloud of mist, with nothing guiding us but the red glow from the tail lights in front of us. Luckily, the rain died down as we approached city limits.

With the weather and traffic clearing up, the morale of our car was temporarily restored as the reality of our journey began to sink in. We made great time and hit Portland at around 4:30, but our spirits were quickly dashed when we found ourselves in bumper-to-bumper to traffic. We all tried to hide our frustration, but it was pretty clear that nobody was happy about losing an hour in the gridlock.

Once we got out of Portland, the rest of our trip was smooth sailing. We made excellent time to The Dalles and it wasn’t long until we found ourselves in central Washington. Our full tank of gas got us all the way to Toppenish, where we made a quick, mandatory McDonalds stop. With full bellies and the knowledge that Sasquatch was only a couple of hours away, we made our final push to the Gorge.

At 10 pm, we finally found ourselves at the Gorge. Morale was at an all-time high as our endless journey seemed to be at an end; but we soon found our patience was going to be tested one last time. As we approached the entrance to the campgrounds, we found ourselves in a line of cars that stretched back for miles. We all tried to keep our spirits boosted by convincing ourselves that the flow of cars we definitely keep moving. Fast forward to 3 hours later, and we had finally arrived.

So we may have had to set up our tent at 2 in the morning, and there may have been stretches of the drive in which I thought we might all die, but all that matters is that we’re here. The sun is out, our neighboring campsite is blasting Earth, Wind and Fire and I couldn’t be in a better mood. Be sure to check out the blog all weekend to keep up with our live coverage of Sasquatch!

The Year of the Sasquatch

-Mike Munoz

It’s that magical time of the year, when the Sasquatch! Music Festival line-up is revealed, giving us music junkies approximately 112 days to obsessively research each and every one of the 114 bands and comedians who will be there. But hey, who’s counting?

In past years Sasquatch has had some great line-ups, but has missed out on some of the bigger artists that play festivals such as Coachella and Bonnaroo. And this is mainly because Sasquatch tries really hard to maintain its indie/ alternative rock roots. But this year festival organizers have proven they can stick to their roots and still compete with the big boys.

Two of the biggest acts revealed last night were Jack White and Beck. White recently announced that his debut solo album, Blunderbuss, will drop in April, so it makes sense that he would be touring in the spring. But I would never in a million years imagine him playing at the Gorge.  I was also very excited to see Beck in the line-up, but surprised considering he hasn’t released anything since his 2008 album, Modern Guilt. Regardless, both of these artists were huge gets for Sasquatch, and last I checked neither is playing Coachella.

The line-up will also feature big names such as Bon Iver, who is fresh off a few Grammy nominations for their self-titled sophomore album. Sasquatch has also grabbed a couple of DJs and techno artists to satisfy the needs of those who love to dance and rave into the night. Both Pretty Lights and Girl Talk have played Sasquatch recently; however this will be their first times playing on the main stage.

Sasquatch also picked up some great comedic acts. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein will bring a little slice of Portlandia to the Gorge, performing songs and sketches from their show. Brownstein will have a busy weekend as she will also perform with her punk band, Wild Flag. I was also very surprised to see Tenacious D on the line-up, but got excited thinking of the possibility of a Jack White and Jack Black duet. Sasquatch will also feature comedian Nick Kroll, whom some of you may know as Ruxin from the popular TV show The League.

While I was very happy with the Sasquatch line-up, there were a couple of names I was surprised to see left of the list. For the second year in a row, Sasquatch has missed out on booking The Black Keys. But if you really have to see the blues rock duo from Ohio, their tour hits Portland and Seattle in early May. I was also surprised by the absence of Florence + the Machine considering the duo is confirmed for Coachella and will be touring to promote their latest album, Ceremonials. That being said, the line-up seems to be just fine without them.

The bottom line is that Sasquatch has a stacked line-up that even festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo will have a hard time competing with. It has a great set of headliners in Jack White, Beck, Bon Iver and Pretty Lights, and I didn’t even mention The Shins, The Roots, Feist, Metric and Explosions in the Sky are also booked to perform. According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the year of the Dragon. But after seeing the line-up for Memorial Day Weekend, 2012 may be remembered as the year of the Sasquatch.

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Tokyo Police Club Brings Nerdy Punk Rock Attitude to Sasquatch

– Mike Munoz

You know that nerdy group of guys you went to high school with? The one’s who wore old band t-shirts and played way too many video games? The one’s who watched nothing but the Sci-Fi channel and yet still always won the Battle of the Bands? In a nutshell, those guys are Tokyo Police Club.

Although Toronto isn’t exactly known for its music, the Canadian band broke onto the scene over half a decade ago and since then has been one of the more popular acts in the indie, post-punk revival. This summer the band will be touring heavily throughout Canada to promote their latest LP, Champ, and will also be playing music festivals such as Sasquatch! and The Bamboozle in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Tokyo Police Club immediately separated themselves from much of the pop and emo rock coming out at the time with a distinct garage rock sound and songs averaging just less than two minutes in length. With science fiction influenced themes and lyrics dealing with building spaceships for “our robot masters,” Tokyo Police Club certainly bring their own nerdy flair to the indie scene.

In 2005, the young Canadian quartet decided to drop out of college to pursue a career in music. A year later, Tokyo Police Club released their debut EP, A Lesson in Crime; 16 minutes of fast paced anthems about dictators and robot invasions. The album was generally well received with minor hits like “Be Good” and “Nature of the Experiment” getting modest play on alternative radio stations. The band continued to make music, and released another EP and their single “Your English is Good” a year later.

It wasn’t until 2008 that Tokyo Police Club released their highly anticipated debut album, Elephant Shell. The band toured relentlessly the next couple of years to promote their new album, and songs like “Graves” and “In a Cave” were getting regular airtime on radio stations. Last summer, Tokyo Police Club released their second album, Champ. With longer songs and more polished melodies, it’s easy for fans to see just how much the band has grown over the past 5 years. Despite their musical evolution, Tokyo Police Club lovers can expect to find the same sci-fi inspired lyrics and nerdy attitude originally found on A Lesson in Crime.

Tokyo Police club will be making their first ever trip to the Sasquatch! Music Festival this year, and considering how often the band is on the road, it probably won’t be their last. The band will be playing on the main stage Monday afternoon and are definitely an act you will not want to miss. Who knows? Maybe they’ll bring out the geek in you.

SoCal Rockers Best Coast Look to Make a Splash at Sasquatch! 2011

-Mike Munoz

With lyrics like, “I want to hit you but then I’d kiss you. I want to kill you but then I’d miss you,” it’s hard to tell whether is Best Coast’s singer-guitarist Bethany Cosentino is in love or just plain insane.

Perhaps no band captures the essence of a hazy summer day in southern California than indie surf band, Best Coast. Despite some minor releases under independent labels in the past, the garage pop trio really broke onto the scene last summer with the release of their debut album, Crazy for You. With thirteen songs about love, heartbreak and getting high, the Los Angeles based band couldn’t have started their career with a more fun and entertaining album.

One thing that stands out about Best Coast is their distinct, lo-fi sound. The band is able to achieve this unique, fuzzy effect through extensive use of reverb and guitar distortion. With simple lyrics and a raw sound, it sounds as if Cosentino and company decided to meet up in her garage and make a record. Best Coast’s success has helped the band earn spots in huge music festivals this spring, such as Coachella in Indio, California and Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee.

The band has also gained a lot of attention (both positive and negative) for their quirky and sometimes nonsensical lyrics. “I lost my job, I miss my mom, I wish my cat could talk,” sings Cosentino in their break-up song “Goodbyes.” Although they might not be the John Lennon or Bob Dylan of songwriting, Best Coast’s lyrics really capture the fun and unorthodox attitude a young band on the rise. While most of the songs are fun upbeat, other tracks such as the chilling “Honey” use slower, more pronounced drums in addition to eerie flowing vocals by Cosentino.

Scheduled for Monday, May 30th on the Yeti stage, Best Coast is certainly a band to keep your ears open for at this year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival.

Line-up for 2011 Sasquatch! Music Festival Released

– Mike Munoz

At 10 p.m. tonight, thousands of music enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest flocked to their computers to witness the release of the line-up for the 2011 Sasquatch! Music Festival. With big names such as Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse and The Flaming Lips headlining this year’s festival, fans certainly weren’t disappointed. For the next couple months leading up to Sasquatch, we will be covering the music festival by providing updates on new additions and profiling scheduled bands.