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Dubstep Duo Candyland Performs at WOW Hall

-Eleni Pappelis

This past Saturday night, I took a trip downtown to the WOW Hall to see the sold-out Eugene debut of Candyland. Not to be confused with the children’s board game, Candyland is the dubstep duo of Josie Martin and Ethan Davis from Santa Barbara, California.

These opposite personalities know how to attract an audience. After winning two consecutive Beatport remix contests with remixes of Make It Bun Dem” by Skrillex and “Rattle” by Bingo Players, Candyland hit more than one million Soundcloud plays.  They began producing their own original songs in April 2012 and recruited help from the Brazilian electro-house producer FTampa, who produced their first original mix “Hypnotic.”


Candyland’s music ranges across almost every genre of electronic music.  In an interview with Oh Hey Doctor, a popular site dedicated to the discovery of new music and featured artists, Candyland described that if their music were to be described in flavors:

Martin said, “People say our music is ‘dirty and filthy,’ no one wants to eat that. I guess Rocky Road? Got some good Chocolate up in there because I’m black, oh wait then the nuts, cause our music gets cray. Then marsh mellows, because Ethan’s white. Man that was the worst answer of all time.”

Davis said, “If we were a flavor, I’d say we were Neapolitan. A little of everything.”

I was very impressed with Candyland’s performance. They always provide a great bass drop. Although Davis will not be touring, Martin will represent Candyland and continue on its tour. Their next stop is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 28, accompanied by artists Gent & Jawns, Sazon Booya, and Phillionaires.

Top image from https://www.facebook.com/CandylandDJs