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TIL (Today I Learned) about the power of Reddit

-Emily Fraysse

Otherwise known as “The Front Page of the Internet,” Reddit is an online source for what is popular, new, informational, and interesting on the web. With a simple black-outlined alien as their mascot, the Reddit community is tight-knit and informative. Through voting, the users of Reddit can decide on what is worth reading or looking at and what is not. The front page is constantly changing with new links to stories, photos, and videos that registered users upload or post, and it has its own slang, which consists of a list of commonly used acronyms.

In lieu of last Monday’s devastating events in Boston, people took it upon themselves to use Reddit, one of the most popular social media outlets, to post live updates about the incident, and information on how to find people and how to help post-bombing. An outpour of citizens in the Boston area posted onto a Google doc for marathon runners in need of a place to stay. Other Redditors offered their assistance by offering car rides to people in the metropolitan area and donating their unused frequent flier miles to people who need to get in or out of Boston. A sub-Reddit titled “random_acts_of_pizza,” which allows subscribers to order pizza deliveries for others as an act of kindness, offered those hosting runners a free pizza.

Links such as Live Scanner Feed, Google Person Finder, Redcross Safe and Well, and other important information regarding the bombings and safety flooded the tops of the Boston Marathon Bombing threads.

Today I Learned (TIL) that the Reddit community is powerful, strong, and growing. It is saddening to think that this kind of care only comes out in times of need, but Reddit continues to prove that point otherwise. In February of this year, a Redditor by the username of chewy01234 posted a thread titled, “r/Boston can you help a guy with a Kidney Transplant out in this snow storm? After the winter storm Nemo began to hit New England, he realized that his prescription medication was in New York, while he was stuck in Boston. Upvotes and comments boomed hours after the post, and four hours later, chewy01234 was contacted by the user rockstaraimz, who lived in Brookline. She herself was a kidney transplant recipient and was able to drop off some of her Prograf medication to save the man’s kidney.  In other cases, Redditors have raised funds for a man with terminal kidney cancer to travel the world, and Redditors found a hit-and-run driver faster than the Montreal Police.

The power of Reddit is undeniable, and by the looks of it, unstoppable. CNN writer Dorrine Mendoza called Reddit “a social platform where clever memes, photos of kittens and discussions of space, science and politics are interwoven with NSFW [not suitable for work] jokes, original artwork and an abundance of sexual innuendo. It can be simultaneously fascinating and offensive. And occasionally it is a place where the most intimate human moments are laid bare.”

Flux Photo Essay: Our Favorite Websites

When us bloggers are procrastinating on our latest assignment, we enjoy Facebooking, emailing, and watching our shows on Netflix. But when we want to get out of the more well-known and populated parts of the internet, we head to these websites to get our fill of interesting things.



My go-to website outside the realm of social media is Refinery 29. It has the latest street style fashion trends and an amazing beauty section. A cool aspect of this site is that you can pick a major fashion industry city to follow specific trends in that area. I highly recommend this website for any and all fashion lovers.



I am obsessed with quotes, so I love being able to make them into little works of art! Recite This such a great way to procrastinate.


Whenever I’m bored, Grace “Daily Grace” Helbig never ceases to entertain me. With a new vlog every weekday ranging from Wednesday Reviews, Thursday How-Tos, and Sexy Fridays, her material is endless. There is something special about a female comedian, and Grace truly is a hilarious gal!


I don’t wander onto Tumblr often, but when I do, I always end up going to CelebInspire. I follow lots of professional fashion blogs, but this one is most favored in my eyes. Rather than focusing on a certain style, it is eclectic, and always fresh and able to accommodate to my ever-changing sense of style.


E!Online is my go-to website when I’ve spent too much time on Facebook or Pinterest and need a change of scenery. I’m a sucker for celebrity gossip so I go to Eonline.com at least twice a week to access weekly celeb drama.


Deadspin is a sports and pop-culture blog that is part of the Gawker family. A great deal of their content is reserved for making fun of ESPN and athletes.


Reddit is perfect for people who cannot stomach 4chan and who roll their eyes at 9Gag. It’s the perfect community of humor, badassery and intellect.

Websites to Check out When You Should Be Studying: Live Animal Webcams

-Laura Lundberg

While every student has to study for finals, or work on final projects at some point, one of the most common things that everyone does (myself included) is procrastinate. And with a variety of TV shows, movies, video games, Facebook, and just hanging out with friends, the real question is: what should we be procrastinating with?

One of my most common answers is “my dose of daily cuteness,” and while most people think that means looking up adorable photos on Reddit Aww, or YouTubeing adorable kitten and puppy videos, I prefer a more adorable procrastination tool – live animal webcams.

Here are my five favorite webcams for you to enjoy and procrastinate with too, so that you too can get your daily dose of live action aww.


This webcam was brought to my attention very recently, and by the looks of the website, it hasn’t been streaming long. Sikucam is a live-stream of an adorable polar bear cub named Siku at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark. Siku was born on November 22, 2011, and his webcam is not only adorable, but it comes with a cause too. The Wildlife Park hopes to get people involved in stopping Polar Bears from becoming extinct, and Siku is their poster bear. While the webcam isn’t live 24/7, and is jerky at times, there is plenty of roly-poly white baby bear cub to brighten your day.


If you don’t have the money to go on an African safari, this is the next best thing. Africam is one of the best live animal webcams out there. The picture is almost in crystal clear quality, as is the sound. There are three different webcams on Africam: Elephant Plains, Nkorho Pan, and Tembe. Each offers a unique perspective of a watering hole where animals of all kinds come to drink. You can see elephants, giraffes, hyenas, ospreys, zebras and many other species, without any jumpy webcam motions, and all in real time!  Also, you can check out the “Multi-View” Africam’s, which show all three locations at once. Now that’s a lot of animals.

Penguin Cam at SeaWorld

If it’s three in the morning, and you just gotta see some penguins right now, then discovery.com’s newest webcam, Penguin Cam, is ready and waiting at the click of a button. While these birds are at SeaWorld in captivity, there are 300 penguins moving around, looking at the camera, and squawking loudly. Discovery.com set up the webcam in order to promote their newest Planet edition, Frozen Planet, which premiers March 18th on Discovery.

Owl Channel  

If you’re an owl person, then the Owl Channel is perfect for you! They currently have one live stream of a momma owl and her newborn chick. With perfect quality from the camera, this live owlcam is one of the best ways to see barn owls up close and to get your daily dose of aww. They have some other kinds of webcams that you can check out that feature different pairings of owls. Watching a newborn barn owl grow up surely can’t be the worst thing you could procrastinate with!

Robotic Cat Playroom at OHS (Oregon Humane Society)

Lastly, this webcam serves not only to watch adorable kitties playing in a playroom at the Oregon Humane Society, but you can actually play with them from the comfort of your own computer. This camera was set up to support the animals at the humane society, and  gives viewers the chance to observe the cats and get a feel for their personalities before going down to adopt them. What’s even more interesting is that when you hit “Let’s Play”, you wait in a queue (that normally has no wait time) and then for two minutes, YOU control the webcam. You can hit three different buttons, which control three different robotic toys that react when you hit the buttons – that way you too can play with the kitties!