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Flux Playlist: Songs About Home

-Flux Blog Staff

With finals week and graduation rapidly approaching, many of us are preparing to pack our bags and head home for the summer. The Flux blog decided we wanted to dedicate this weeks playlist to songs that remind us of our hometowns. Whether it’s being performed by a local artist or written about our neighborhoods, these are the songs that best represent our turfs!

Mike (Southern California)

  • Jack-Ass -Beck
  • By The Way -Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Santa Ana Winds -Cold War Kids
  • Bhang Bhang, I’m a Burnout -Dum Dum Girls

Diana (Northern California)

  • Sitting on The Dock of The Bay -Otis Redding
  • Yay Area -E-40
  • Andre N Andre -Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre
  • Blow The Whistle -Too Short

Jessica (Alaska)

  • You Were Meant for Me -Jewel
  • Anchorage -Michelle Shocked
  • Stephanie Says -The Velvet Underground

Sam (California)

  • California Dreamin -The Mamas & The Papas
  • Good Riddance -Green Day
  • All the Small Things -Blink-182
  • California Girls -The Beach Boys

Jamie (Southern California)

  • Beverly Hills -Weezer
  • Hanging by a Moment -Lifehouse
  • Payphone -Maroon 5
  • California -Phantom Planet

Tamara (Oregon)

  • The Story I Heard -Blind Pilot
  • Working Poor -Horse Feathers
  • Hey Mama -Mat Kearney
  • Make Me Over -Courtney Love

Flux Playlist: Cinco de Mayo!

-Flux Blog Staff

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which means it’s the second day on the calendar that has nothing to do with our country, yet gives us an occasion in which it is perfectly acceptable to binge drink (if you’re 21, of course). So we at the Flux blog couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to dedicate our weekly playlist to the holiday. So enjoy our playlist as you set off to have a fun (and safe) Cinco de Mayo!

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  • Spanish Bombs -The Clash
  • Cabron -Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • El Manana -Gorillaz
  • Mexico -Cake


  • Tequila -The Champs
  • La Bamba -Los Lobos
  • Oye Como Va -Santana
  • Shots -LMFAO ft. Lil Jon


  • Hips Don’t Lie -Shakira
  • Gasolina -Daddy Yankee
  • Pon De Replay -Rihanna


  • La Camisa Negra -Juanes
  • Culo -Pitbull ft Lil Jon
  • La Copa de la Vida -Patrick Victorio
  • Macarena -Los del Rio


  • Vamos a Los Levels -Loona and Avicii
  • We No Speak Americano -Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
  • Loca People -Sak Noel
  • She Wold -Shakira


  • Suenos -Diego Torres
  • Americano -Lady Gaga

Reconsidering ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’

– Jacob O’Gara

Listening to the music of your youth is something only the brave and self-confident can do without cringing. And even after you steel yourself, it’s hard not to greet such music with the exclamation, “I listened to that?!”

Red Hot Chili Peppers and A.F.I. receive such a response. Of course, there is the exception here and there; I used to listen to Nirvana a lot back in the day, and they’re still good.

Then there’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day, a song I loved, then hated, then just ignored when I shifted my listening tastes from alt/rock/generally guitar-based music to hip-hop. Recently, I listened to “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” again and was surprised.

It’s not bad; in fact, it’s actually good. Not good for a song from the American Idiot album; not good for a Green Day song or a song of that type; just straight good. Sure it shares the same poppy structure that every other alt ballad has, but you can’t expect bands to reinvent the wheel with every song.

What struck me about the song after re-listening to it are the lyrics; at first I thought, “All this guy does is say ‘walk alone’ over and over.”

And in the context of Green Day’s American Idiot-era image, and the music video, those lyrics are run-of-the-mill emo jive. But if you just read them, and replace Billie Joe Armstrong’s nasal with Johnny Cash’s slow drawl, then “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is a masterpiece of Biblical economy and poetry.