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Ra Ra Riot Electrifies Audience at Wow Hall

– Mike Munoz

As Alexandra Lawn and Rebecca Zeller tune their cello and violin on the small stage at the Wow Hall, it’s hard to tell what kind of performance to expect from the indie rock band Ra Ra Riot. But as the rest of the band bounced on stage to begin their show, it became clear that the audience was going to have a hard time keeping up with these energetic performers.

Hundreds of students crowded around the stage to see Ra Ra Riot, who hail from Syracuse, New York. With fast-paced hits like “Too Too Too Fast” and “Run My Mouth”, this unique band quickly turned the small venue into a dance hall. Lead Singer Wes Miles kept the excitement going by jumping from instrument to instrument, occasionally picking up the bass or playing keyboard for a song. He even sat out for bit, while cello player Alexandra Lawn took lead vocals for their haunting ballad, “You and I Know”.

The audience danced and cheered in approval as the band played an hour-long show with a set list that included tracks from both of their albums. Ra Ra Riot played several songs from their latest record, The Orchard, such as “Too Dramatic and Boy”. They also seemed to play more songs off of their debut album, The Rhumb Line, with classics such as “Can You Tell” and “Each Year”. The audience obviously approved of the band’s decision.

After playing hits from both of their albums, Ra Ra Riot thanked the crowd for a great show and seemingly left. But it wasn’t long before the band jumped back on stage to prep for an encore. “Play ‘Ghost Under Rocks’!” yelled an excited fan. Wes Miles smiled and walked up to the microphone after taking a swig from his water bottle. “Yeah we can play that,” said Miles with a grin. The band ended with the opening track from their debut album followed by one of their most popular songs, “Dying is Fine”.

After an electrifying performance by Ra Ra Riot, hundreds of students poured out of the Wow Hall with sore feet and pounding eardrums. With both the McDonald Theater and the Wow Hall bringing in tons of musical acts, this concert looks to be one on a great list of performances in Eugene this winter.