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On Trend: Spring Nails

-Rache’ll Brown

Trends aren’t just limited to clothing and accessories. Hair, makeup, and nails matter too, and this spring some easy DIY nails trends are in. From fun designs, to hues that are bright, dark, or pale, there is something to match everyone’s style. So this spring, pair white clothing with one of these nail designs to be completely on trend.

After a little research, I found the top nail trends for spring 2013, and decided to give one a try. With pops of color, two-tone nails, and metallic accents to choose from, I decided to combine a few and create a nail look that fit my style, but still kept the trends of the season in mind.

First, I had to choose my colors. I went with “Dulce de Leche” by OPI to match the natural/pale color of the season, and decided to use “Hot & Spicy” by OPI (a bright, orange-y coral) as my pop of color. I painted all of my nails (except my pinkies) the pale color, then let them dry almost completely. Next, I took some pieces of tape, and placed them diagonally across each nail. I decided to make my diagonal “pop” gradually get bigger from the pointer to the ring finger, and I ended up leaving the thumb nails just the pale color, and the pinky nails just the bright color. I chose to do this because another trend I noticed (more on celebrities than the runway) was each nail looking slightly different from the next, but all still looking cohesive as a whole. After placing the pieces of tape on my nails, I painted the uncovered portion and my pinky nails with the bright color, waited for the polish to be partially dry, then peeled off the tape. And that’s it! Cover with a topcoat, and a trendy spring nail look is complete.

If nail art seems too complicated, stick with solid colors. White nails, pastels, and bright colors are always in, and this season, dark nails are making an appearance too. Remember: in fashion, every detail down the nails matters, so grab some polish to create a polished look.

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On Trend: New Accessories for Spring

-Rache’ll Brown

The sun is shining and spring is near, so ditch the gloves and throw on a statement ring instead. Forget the old tribal look, bright shades, and futuristic shapes of the prior vernal equinox: spring 2013 has an array of exciting new styles unparalleled to last year’s coveted pieces. With a new season on the horizon, it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming trends—and I can’t wait.

This spring, expect to see a variety of trends that will be easy to wear and even easier to find. With fringe necklaces, see-through bags, and chunky heels at the forefront of the trends, versatility and simplicity is key. And forget neon hues—it is all about pale pastels for accessories like shoes, bags, and scarves. This season is about simple femininity with a modern edge. To be more daring, throw on some knee-high Grecian inspired sandals or cutout booties, and metallic anything because gold, silver, and bronze are going to be huge. Regardless of personal style, this season holds trends suited for all.

It will be easy to incorporate these trends into everyday life, especially since most are simple and understated. Fringe necklaces make a great statement piece, so use it to dress up a simple dress or top for an effortless vibe. And the chunky heels? On behalf of every girl in the world: thank you fashion gods. Now those who have been afraid to rock a heel before can wear them with ease. Or, grab a bag in a beautiful pastel color (totes are back in!) to complete a look. Remember: an accessory is meant to enhance an outfit, so start with a good base, and whichever accessories that are added on will only make the final outfit look even better. Check out Style’s Spring 2013 Trend Report for more ideas—the options are limitless.

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On Trend: Style Profile–Mitchell Burnem

-Rache’ll Brown

Basketball shorts and baggy sweatshirts with no rhyme or reason usually make up the typical outfit of a teenage male—but not for 18-year-old Mitchell Burnem. Black v-necks and fitted pieces dominate this Eugenian’s wardrobe to make up a style that can only be described as simple and clean. Burnem shared the secret to his style, and offered some advice for guys who may be struggling.

Is there anything or anyone that inspires your style?

Nick Wooster, he has a really big online presence. A lot of people take pictures of him on the street and stuff and he always looks good. And Scott Disick from Keeping up With The Kardashians; he dresses so well and always looks so good. Plus he is really funny.

What is your perfect outfit?
I do a lot of running around, so probably like jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Just really simple but still looking nice.

What trends do you think are attractive, or unattractive, for girls?
I don’t know about attractive, but for unattractive: Ugg boots, definitely. I don’t understand them. I think they are hideous. And those jean-colored leggings? I hate those too.

Are there any trends you’ve seen guys wearing recently that you really like?
Those waxed jeans are really cool. I guess Kanye made them big.

Are there certain pieces that you invest more in?
Mostly shoes, like Jordans. I like Jordans a lot, and all the ones I want are really expensive so I save up for those. Actually, I probably spend way more money on jeans than anything. I like Nudies, PRPS, and APC jeans.

Do you have any advice for guys that aren’t fashionable?
I would say it’s more about how your clothes fit than what you are wearing. If your clothes are baggy and like, dirty I guess . . . Just make sure your clothes are clean and they fit. Even if you don’t have that great of fashion, if pieces fit then it still looks good. Also, invest in some fitted, dark denim jeans. You can dress them up with a blazer or go for a more casual look with sneakers—they’re really versatile.

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On Trend: Smoldering Eyes

-Rache’ll Brown

Nothing is worse than a girl in a beautiful outfit with terrible makeup. It’s like baking a cake without adding the frosting: just wrong. Without well-done hair and makeup, a look is nothing. A beautiful outfit is just that if every aspect of the overall image isn’t polished. The right makeup adds a necessary touch that makes the biggest difference. When I wear a smoldering eye on a night out, I feel invincible: I know I look good from head to toe, and my confidence shows. This look is something I struggled with because I was afraid of messing it up, but with some practice I’ve finally gotten it down.

First of all, gather all needed products: eye primer, black gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner or cream shadow, black powder eye shadow (matte or shimmer, whichever suits the occasion), a dark brown matte eye shadow (or any other desired shade, preferably dark and matte), a highlighting shade, eyeliner (I prefer gel with dark looks), and mascara. As for tools, I recommend a flat shader brush, a pencil brush, two blending brushes (one to apply crease color, one strictly for blending), and an angled eyeliner brush (but this only applies if using gel liner).

I always start by applying moisturizer and foundation, but I hold off on concealer and other face products until the eyes are done because darker colors tend to fall off the skin and create a shadow under the eyes. Next, apply primer all over the lids and smooth out evenly. Take the dark matte shadow (I prefer brown) and blend it into the crease for a transitioning tone.

Then, with a clean finger, press the gel liner, pencil or cream shadow from your lash line to the crease, but don’t bring it all the way into the brown. It’s perfectly normal for this to look messy because it will be blended out later. Take a flat shader brush packed with the black shadow, tap off the excess, then cover the black base entirely—it should be darkest near the lash line, fading up to a less intense color meeting the brown.

Finally, take a clean blending brush and make windshield wiper motions in the crease to create a gradient with the brown and the black. Clean up the fall-out under the eyes, apply concealer, and set with translucent powder. Apply black eye shadow with a pencil brush on the bottom lash line, then apply eyeliner to the upper waterline and lash line. To finish off, highlight with a light shadow under the brows and in the inner corner, and apply a thick coat of mascara—for some extra fun, add glitter or false lashes! Keep the rest of the face simple and neutral to emphasize the eyes, and voilá! A beautiful smoldering eye look for a fun night out.

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On Trend: Fashion Forecast – White for Spring

-Rache’ll Brown

Two times a year some beautiful things happen—an array of fashion weeks take place all over the world in cities including Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, and of course, New York. Although I adore winter/fall ready-to-wear runway, the 2013 spring/summer collections, which showed in September 2012, definitely did not disappoint. Through all of the trends, including lace, denim, metallic, and grunge, my favorite by far was the reoccurring appearance of the color white. Chanel, Alexander Wang, and Rebecca Minkoff, among others, utilized this crisp color for the upcoming season. And I love it.

To me, nothing is more beautiful and classic than a bright white piece of clothing. And the versatility! Don’t even get me started. Or do. Think of the endless possibilities offered by beautiful, white clothing. I mean, I’m all for being trendy with beautiful bold prints and exciting exotic cuts, but are they wearable? Not exactly. You can pair literally anything with white. This is a trend that anyone will be able to bring from the runway to campus without too much effort.

Here is how I see this going: white lace shirts paired with high-wasted shorts or bright skirts, chambray tops with white jeans and bright sandals, white flowing dresses with thin printed belts as an accent—these are just some possibilities while using white this upcoming spring.

But honestly, there aren’t a lot of limits that can be crossed while using white. Creating a beautiful outfit is like creating a piece of art. The perfect outfit needs a plain base like a painting needs a blank canvas. I believe that the best looks consist of simple pieces with one or two accent pieces. So take this trend and utilize it to its fullest potential—create a canvas that will lead to the perfect spring ensemble.

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Image from Fashion Slop at http://fashionslop.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/backstage-at-new-york-fashion-week-springsummer-2013-part-1/

On Trend: Wanelo – Online Shopping For Dummies

-Rache’ll Brown

“Want, need, or love?” I ask myself while sorting through page after page during an afternoon of procrastination via online shopping. As a girl who loves to shop, about 60 percent of my time on the computer is spent browsing various web stores—but going to the same five sites over and over again just gets boring. This is why I love Wanelo.

With Wanelo (a shortened version of Want, Need, Love), I can search for a specific item or style of clothing and find things from hundreds of sites. It introduces me to different boutiques I’ve never heard of, and it keeps me on one tab instead of having ten different ones slowing down my browser. And the site is so easy to navigate. Similar to Pinterest, once you find an item that catches your attention, you can either save it to a specific collection you’ve created, tag it for a friend, or buy it. If you don’t have something specific in mind, you can browse the trending topics or follow a feed of collections that friends have created. The interactive aspect is what makes Wanelo so fun. You can follow different sites you already love or compare different pieces with friends.

Best of all, Wanelo has a free app for iPhones, which is how I fell in love with the site in the first place. It’s easy to spend hours just hanging around and creating different collections–I like to have a collection for each season, plus any specific special occasions (my spring formal collection is getting insane! But what can I say, I like to be prepared). Another helpful aspect of Wanelo is that users can see what types of colors, cuts, and accessories are trendy at the moment. I mean, it’s not like I want to look like everyone else, but I think the best inspiration comes from everyday girls like me, and where better to find it then on someone’s dream collection?

So, fashionistas (female and male alike), I 100 percent recommend this site (and more importantly, this app)! The site is perfect for frequent shoppers and newbies alike! I’m completely obsessed with it, so head to the app store and download away!

Grade: A

On Trend: Style Profile – Dalouny Singkhek

-Rache’ll Brown

Students rush from class to class in an attempt to avoid the rain. The same bulky Oregon hoodies, rain boots, and sweats are everywhere. Let’s face it, most people look like a wreck during winter term. However, sophomore Dalouny Singkhek is one of the few to get it right–she has cold-weather style perfected with the use of layers, accessories, and comfortable yet functional pieces. The education major, who brands her style as “girly,” turns simple outfits into something more by adding winter-friendly pieces that keep her warm and look adorable, too. Drawing inspiration from starlets like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Karrueche Tran, and Lucy Hale, Singkhek’s style is one to take note of. We sat down to chat about some of her cold weather necessities.

How would you describe your ideal winter outfit?

A scarf, headband, tight skirt, tights, loose sweater, pea coat, and boots.

Cute! So are those some of your “must have” pieces for winter?

Yes! Scarves, head-wear like beanies and headbands, and leggings are perfect for winter because they add something extra to simple outfits. And they help keep you warm, which is always a plus!

What is your favorite trend you’ve seen on campus this winter?

Definitely over-sized sweaters, beanies, and combat boots.

Agreed. Where do you like to shop for things like that?

Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and H&M are perfect.

Do you have any advice for people who struggle to dress well in the winter?

You could wear leggings, boots, and one of those puffy North Face jackets to stay warm, but just throwing on a pair of long socks or leg warmers with your boots will make an outfit better. Also, adding winter headgear like a beanie or headband will make a simple outfit much cuter.

On Trend: Red Carpet Review – The Golden Globes

On Trend is a fashion column dedicated to street style, celebrity fashion, and current trends. I will be giving my opinion on all things fashion-related, as well as sharing my tips and tricks to keeping on trend.

-Rache’ll Brown

Sunday, January 13th, the 2013 Award Show season (or, as I like to call it, Red Carpet season) kicked off with the 70th annual Golden Globes. The show, which awarded the best in film and television from 2012, offered an array of fashion that both disappointed and impressed me.

First of all, I’ll start by saying I never really watch the show itself – I couldn’t care less which movies and television shows are considered the best because to me all that matters is the clothes. Every year many celebrities inspire and offend me, and this year two lovely women knocked it out of the park. Emily Blunt’s gold Michael Kors dress (top left) was sleek, well-fitted, and detailed perfectly. The accessories complimented it just right, and her up-do was a great choice (John Krasinski is a lucky man!) And Kate Hudson . . . wow. Her Alexander McQueen gown (top right) was to die for. She looked absolutely amazing, and I am obsessed with the pairing of black and gold (apparently many stars are too! Nicole Kidman, among several others, also rocked the classy color combo.)

The worst-dressed of the night was also a tie because I couldn’t decide if I hated Halle Berry’s or Jessica Chastain’s (Zero Dark Thirty) dress more. These two really need to start dressing their age! Berry wore a bright, outrageous skin-bearing Artilier Versace dress (bottom left) that looked cheap and childish, while Chastain might as well have saved her money and wore a drape instead of Calvin Klein (bottom right). And the hair? Just stop. Nothing irritates me more than when stars spend thousands of dollars on a couture dress, but just slick back their hair or put it in a ponytail. Take this loss into consideration ladies, and step it up for the next show.


Now, on to the trends. For textiles, there was a lot of satin, and I hated it. To me, the sheen of satin makes a dress look cheap, not high-end (but this can be an exception – Zooey Deschanel looked amazing in her satin Oscar de la Renta).  As for the shapes – strapless, sweetheart necklines, and mermaid cuts – I thought they were perfect. Personally, I love the sleek look, which Hayden Panettiere, Amy Adams, and Megan Fox wore well. However, my favorite trend of the night was one of the prominent dress colors. Jennifer Lawerence, Zooey Deschanel, and Claire Danes wowed me with their bright red-orange hues! Although this look isn’t exactly seasonal, I hope the trend sticks because it is fabulous. Overall, the Golden Globes started off the Red Carpet season with some hits and misses, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the award shows bring!

Images from http://www.popsugar.com