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DIY: Make a Mug

-Rache’ll Brown

I grew up in a craft store. My mother was the manager of our local Craft Warehouse, and I used to spend every day after school painting, drawing, and creating random things from models my mother had made herself. Crafting is just a part of who I am—my first job was even at a craft store. Now, as a member of a sorority, I am constantly surrounded by DIY projects and craft ideas of every variety, which I love. A few weeks ago on a run to Michael’s, a sister of mine bought a plain white mug and permanent markers. This to me seemed like an odd combination, but after she explained to me a DIY Mug she saw on Pinterest, I saw the appeal. And after I broke my favorite coffee mug (clumsy me), I wanted to make my own, also.


All that is needed is a plain mug, an oven, and some permanent markers. The mug and markers can be purchased at Michael’s, Target, Walmart, wherever. Just make sure it is a microwave/oven-safe mug. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and then get ready to design a pattern. I had a hard time deciding between a quote or a design, but I eventually decided to go with one of my favorite quotes (Shakespeare typically trumps all) to make it more personal for me. I recommend drawing it out on paper a few times before doing it on the mug, just to avoid possible mistakes. Once the mug is decorated to perfection, place it in the oven on a baking sheet for thirty minutes to seal in the design.

Voilà, a customized mug! Whether you’ve been crafting your whole life or are just a beginner, this is something that anyone can do with ease. It would make a great gift (and you know it’ll get a lot of use), or could be a cute way to enjoy your perfect morning cup of coffee.

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