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My Top 5 Favorite Google Logo Manipulations

-Sam Bouchat

When I woke up on Mother’s day and called my mum, the first thing she said was, “Have you seen the Google logo for today? It’s adorable!”

Recalling how Google’s animated logos used to celebrate holidays and special occasions had impressed me in the past, I rushed to my computer, and was not disappointed. In fact, I was so not disappointed that the 2012 Mother’s Day Google logo has earned a place on my top five favorite Google logos. Wanna hear them all? Of course you do. Let’s get started!

5. Les Paul’s 96th Birthday

This interactive logo allowed you to strum a Google shaped guitar and record and save your amateur music. Sure, it didn’t create any masterpieces, but it was super fun.

4. 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN

Play Pac-Man on a field unlike any Pac-Man field you’ve seen before! Run away from ghosts around “Google” and grab the cherries. Best of all, it even includes the signature “waka-waka,” and saves your high score!

3. Mother’s Day 2012

This logo is simple and adorable. Two ‘o’s run out to tackle the lower case ‘g’ in a hug, as it is obvious that the ‘g’ is their mom. They give her a flower, hug, and the animation ends.

2. Martha Graham’s 117th Birthday

This logo is simply beautiful. It celebrates revolutionary dancer Martha Graham, who created and evolved the field of dance. Five of the moves that she invented are displayed in the logo in an elegant animation. The story behind the logo is much more involved, making it easy to appreciate the research that went into making it.

1. Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday

I loved this logo not just for the superb music, but also the animation. It gives a fine salute to one of Britain’s greatest musicians. If anyone should be riding flying tigers and shooting aliens in space, it’s Mr. Mercury.

Flux Playlist: Happy Mother's Day!

-Flux Blog Staff

It’s Mother’s day, which means it time for us to pay tribute to that special lady who made it all possible. After all of the years of bedtime stories and crust-less PB&J’s, it’s our turn to call up our mom’s and let them know just how much they mean to us. So we here at the Flux blog decided to pay tribute to our mothers the best way we know how: a playlist. So sit back and enjoy these songs that remind us about the lady who always knows best.

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  • Hey Mama -Kanye West
  • Mama, I’m Coming Home -Ozzy Osbourne
  • Mother’s Little Helper -The Rolling Stones
  • Mother -Roger Waters


  • The Best Day -Taylor Swift
  • Mama Said -The Shirelles
  • What a Wonderful World -Louis Armstrong
  • You’ll Be in My Heart -Phil Collins


  • Mama -The Lonely Island
  • Stacy’s Mom -Fountains of Wayne
  • I Hope You Dance -Leanae Womack
  • That’s All Right (Mama) -Elvis Presley


  • Song for Mama -Boys II Men
  • I’ll Be There -Mac Miller
  • In My Daughter’s Eyes -Martina McBride


  • Dear Mama -2pac
  • Pumpkin Soup -Kate Nash
  • I Turn to You -Christina Aguilera


  • Daughters -John Mayer
  • My Wish -Rascal Flatts
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine -Guns N’ Roses