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On Trend: Style Profile-Calena Lawson

-Rache’ll Brown

Sporting a girly style with a relaxed vibe, sophomore Calena Lawson values the combination of comfortable pieces and stylish details to create the perfect spring ensemble. This international studies major from Sandpoint, Idaho, finds fashion inspiration in people-watching, Lauren Conrad, and “excessive online shopping.” With the seasons changing, Lawson offered some advice for students who may be struggling to come up with a new look for spring.

What is your ideal spring outfit?

My ideal spring outfit would be jeans, sandals, and a flowy top. If it’s a nice day, I will usually try to wear a casual sundress.

What is your most worn item of clothing?

My go-to is always a cardigan and my Lululemon leggings.

Are there any upcoming trends that you love or hate?

I don’t like the trend of people wearing non-prescription eyeglasses, but I love the current trends of spring colors, lace, and light fabric.

Where are you favorite places to shop?

I live in a small town, so I do most of my shopping online, usually at Nordstrom or Free People. But there are some really great local boutiques that I love.

What kind of outfits do you like for men?

I love a guy in dark wash jeans, solid colored tees, and Sperrys.

Any ideas for people who struggle to put an outfit together?

If you’re struggling to put an outfit together look for inspiration online; Pinterest is always a good place to get cute outfit ideas.

Do you have any advice for transitioning from winter to spring?

For spring, go for lighter, brighter colors, and start choosing flats or sandals over boots.

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The Fashion String: Yoga Pants

-Tamara Feingold

At first, you may think they’re a harmless solution for what to wear to the gym or the perfect outfit for lounging around in the comfort of your own home. I wish this was the case, but unfortunately, yoga pants are taking over the world.

There are two types of yoga pant wearers; the first is the sluggish college student. She doesn’t actually do yoga (except for one drop-in class at the REC with her roommate) but she likes to look like she does.

Every night she promises to pick out an actual outfit for school the next morning, but her 8 a.m. class causes an almost daily combination of a North Face rain jacket, UGG boots, a University of Oregon sweatshirt and of course the faithful yoga pants. She doesn’t feel guilty because every other girl in her classes is wearing the same thing.

The second type of yoga pant enthusiast is the yogi herself. She feels entitled to wear yoga pants everyday because she also carries a rubber yoga mat rolled up in her bag. She paid $98 for her yoga pants at Lululemon, but it’s worth it because she reaps the psychological benefits of sweating out her stress.

Not only is everyone in the world wearing yoga pants, everyone in the world is talking about yoga pants online. 99,187 people ‘like’ the Yoga Pants Facebook page, and the Girls In Yoga Pants Twitter account has 62, 175 followers.  Today, this appeared in my Twitter feed: “Retweet if you love yoga pants.” What’s worse is that it wasn’t the original tweet; someone I follow actually retweeted it.

Don’t get me wrong, I give in to some legging days myself. Who wants to wear jeans everyday? There’s nothing wrong with a little spandex-y indulgence to avoid the dreaded three-hour uncomfortable lecture hall class. My only question is, what is this new obsession with yoga pants and why are we now using them as if they aren’t just a last resort?

The only explanation for this unfortunate trend is that while a few students started wearing their beloved sweats, a few more thought yoga pants were acceptable for the classroom. Soon, the lines at Victoria’s Secret Pink were out the door.

This new idea that yoga pants are accessories of a healthy lifestyle instead of supplements to leisurely days is depressing. You wouldn’t wear plaid pajama pants to a business meeting, so don’t wear sweats while surrounded by your future colleagues. The streets of campus are starting to look like the halls of a dorm, where washing machines are scarce and closets are small.

On the bright side, some yogis out there have a good sense of humor. Lululemon made Sh*t Yogis Say, and like the others it’s funny because it’s true. My advice is to invest in some real clothes, set your alarm clock five minutes earlier, and make an effort to appear excited instead of exhausted.

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