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The Fashion String: Oregon Ink Tattoo Convention

-Tamara Feingold

I tried to fit in at the Oregon Ink Tattoo Convention and I failed.

Less than five minutes after walking through the doors of the Lane Events Center on Saturday, a man sees the Nikon hanging around my neck and grabs my arm. “Hey, there’s a guy hanging from his piercings at the main stage,” he says. “Take some pictures.”

I wasn’t prepared for this. When I think tattoo convention, I think a few booths of a few salons, maybe some free bumper stickers. I do not think of a man flying across the room supported only by ropes attached to his bare skin. I would soon realize that tattoo conventions are more than just events; they encompass an entire culture and to my pleasure, a distinct fashion.

This tattoo convention was actually the best part of my weekend (mostly because Wee Man from Jackass was there and he autographed a photo with ‘Stay cute, Tamara’) and I recommend that you go to one. However, I was wearing cowboy boots, which made people look at me strangely. Here’s how to fit in fashionably at a tattoo convention:

Tattoos: Don’t make my same mistake. No one will talk to you if you go to a tattoo convention and don’t have any tattoos. My sister and I resorted to applying temporary tattoos in the bathroom with wet paper towels (mine is a skull and crossbones reading ‘ROCK 4EVER’). I don’t care; just do what you have to do.

Piercings: I thought I would be safe with my septum piercing, which people often tell me I should remove. Again I was mistaken. These people pierce everything: noses, ears, lips, necks, hands. In order to be fully accepted, you should probably invest at least in a micro dermal implant piercing (the ones that are anchored under the skin and look like a jewel sitting on top).

Gauged Piercings: Not only do you need a few scattered piercings to fit in at a tattoo convention, you need to gauge a few of them. Many attendees had ears stretched to their shoulders, and I started to feel self conscious about my un-stretched lobes. Several booths sold glass plugs, so in order to buy them, stretch away.

Dark Colors: Just wear black.

Makeup: Almost every tattoo salon present advertised most clearly their Sugar Skull girl tattoos, and almost every woman wore so much makeup she looked like the porcelain corpse herself. Light skin, dark eyes, bright red lips. A massive rose sitting in your hair won’t hurt either.

After getting ready, head to the convention, which is really just a sea of ink, tattoo guns, artists, and people in pain.

Check out some of my favorite artists from the event:

Good Earth: Home, Garden & Living Show Promotes Sustainable Living with Fun, Interesting Exhibits

– Mike Munoz


Two weekends back, residents from all over the Northwest visited the Lane Events Center to learn about sustainable living, organic foods and chicken farming.

For the 6th year in a row, the Good Earth: Home, Garden & Living Show came to the Eugene to teach residents how to lead more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles. The show featured over 250 exhibits and 65 seminars as well as live entertainment and art. The event center was broken into several sections, including home improvement, gardening, food, and recycling.

The south side of the event center featured the home and gardening sections, where companies introduced eco-friendly home improvement tools, varying from window installations to recycled yard furniture. The companies Rexius and Willamette Graystone had large models on site that showed off their environmentally friendly landscapes. Another company, named By the Yard, displayed lawn chairs and tables made entirely out of recycled milk jugs.

The gardening section was also home to one of the more unique displays of the show. An exhibit, simply titled “Chicken Farmer, had custom chicken coops and garden beds on display with live hens and rosters. With the roosters making their presence known to the entire convention center every 10 minutes, the display certainly drew a crowd. The purpose of the exhibit was to raise awareness about some of the advantages of raising chickens in an urban environment, including free eggs and free fertilizer.

The show also featured a fairly large food section, in which vendors displayed dozens of organic coffees, spices and wines. A local Eugene company, The Divine Cupcake, offered featured tower displays of their organic and vegan cupcakes. This cupcake café offers a delivery service as well as custom options for their cupcakes such as gluten free or soy free. The Divine Cupcake is home to some strange and unique flavors such as the “Thai Me Up” cupcake, where they use peanut curry for flavoring the cake. Or try the “Swizzle Stick” which is topped with cayenne pepper.

Finally, the north section of the event center included art, live entertainment and food. Children and parents flocked to the Cascades Raptor Center’s (see a FLUX article on the center here) exhibit on birds of prey, where kids had the opportunity to get up close and personal with hawks and falcons.  The north hall also featured various art exhibits, including large sculptures made out of scrap metal by Ian Beyer Metals.

With hundreds of helpful exhibits on sustainable living and entertainment for all ages, the Good Earth: Home, Garden & Living Show proved to be a success for the 6th consecutive year.