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Diamond Days & Womenspace


-Rache’ll Brown

We see it on MTV, we see it in magazines, and sometimes, we see it on the streets. Domestic violence is an issue that is often overlooked, and University of Oregon sorority Alpha Chi Omega, along with the help of fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha, is working to help bring attention to those who have been affected.

“Raising awareness about domestic violence is essential,” Lambda Chi Alpha sophomore Cody Koenig said. “Whether people realize it or not, domestic violence impacts so many people, and we need to be able to recognize what domestic violence is and how we can help those affected.” Around the world, one of three women has been the victim of spousal abuse, and ten million children witness it every year. Luckily, organizations like Womenspace offer women and children in difficult situations an escape to get back on their feet.

Womenspace entered Lane County in 1975 and has continued to grow since. With a safe house, emergency services, support groups, and various programs, Womenspace is able to help the women and children of Lane County flourish despite the hardships they may have faced. However, programs like this require a lot of community supports via volunteering and donations, and Alpha Chi Omega will be hosting their annual philanthropy event Diamond Days with the help of Lambda Chi Alpha to benefit Womenspace and survivors of domestic violence. Sophomore Samantha Harmon stated, “The most important reason I support Womenspace is that the domestic violence statistics are at an all time high. If I can have even a small part in lowering the number of assaults and keeping survivors safe, I’ll do it. We, as Alpha Chi Omegas, take pride in helping lift these women up and making them stronger.”

The annual Diamond Days softball tournament and carnival will be held May 18th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the River Front field. Featuring games, facepainting, and food, the event will offer fun for both students and community members alike. A dance will also be held for University of Oregon students Friday May, 17th starting at 9:30 p.m. at Lambda Chi Alpha. The jersey themed dance party requires an entry fee of five dollars, and students must have an ID to enter.

Diamond Days isn’t the only time of the year that Womenspace needs help—donations are always welcome, and volunteers are encouraged. To get involved, visit Womenspace, and if you or someone you know is in danger, call (800) 281-2800 for help.

“Its a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so many strong women who are all there to support and raise awareness for even stronger women than ourselves,” said senior member of Alpha Chi Omega Gabo Ailstock.

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Graphic by Taylor St. Claire.

Pumpkin Smash 2012

-Whitney Menefee

On Saturday, October 20, the University of Oregon chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha held their second annual Pumpkin Smash philanthropy event out on the EMU lawn. The event’s goal was to provide necessary canned food and donations to the local non-profit organization, FOOD for Lane County. FOOD for Lane County is a local food bank that has been serving the needy in the Eugene and Springfield area since 1984 and their goal is to eliminate hunger by providing access to food. Wes Horton, the external vice president and philanthropy chair of Lambda Chi Alpha, was the chief planner of the philanthropy and its events.

Pumpkin Smash was made up of multiple events that occurred during the week. The ten sororities that participated received points based on how well they did in these events compared to each other. The events included a Yogurt Extreme Fundraiser night, sorority pumpkin and poster-decorating competition and a week of gathering canned food.

The actual day of the Pumpkin Smash was an exciting day for all the participants because it was a field day with seven different competitions. Each participating sorority had a team of ten girls that competed in events, such as a relay race, a whipped cream eating contest, a pumpkin-carving contest, tug of war competition, pumpkin toss, wiffle ball homerun derby, and a pumpkin puzzle competition.

As a spectator, it was apparent that everyone was having fun at the philanthropy. I particularly enjoyed watching the whipped cream eating competition because it was the final event of the day and everyone was excited to hear who was going to be crowned the winner of Pumpkin Smash. Congratulations to Alpha Chi Omega who was the 2012 champions of Pumpkin Smash.

After a long week of activities, Lambda Chi Alpha was able to raise $700 through monetary donations and around 900 items of canned goods. A very successful event in my opinion!