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Watch if you need a chuckle: the best comedy skits of all time

-Emily Fraysse

Growing up watching Saturday Night Live (when it was actually broadcasted live) and Mad TV with my father, I was introduced to the world of short, hilariously creative skits. Day and nighttime television shows like Ellen, Jay Leno and, Jimmy Kimmel have joined in on making funny shorts. Here are my top eight favorite skits of all eternity (not in any certain order):

#1 “Hot tub! Hot tub!….. too hot!”
Saturday Night Live’s James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party with Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy may not be the best actor of all time, but jeez, this skit is good.  What gets me is how simple it is, but when performed, it’s incredibly funny. My father showed me this and I was in hysterics. We still quote it together to this day.

#2 SNL Jeopardy with Sean Connery, Minnie Driver, Jeff Goldblum, and Will Farrell

This combination of actors should make more skits together because of their combined brilliance. Will Farrell plays Alex Trebek, the host of the television show Jeopardy! and the others actors play the wacky contestants.

#3 “Dennis Quaid is here!”
Dennnis Quaid on the Ellen Show

The first time I watched this, I was on the floor crying. With Ellen DeGeneres telling actor Dennis Quaid what to say out loud to the employees at local coffee shop, Dennis parodies the egos that many celebrities tend to have.

#4 “Did I feel a thumb? No thumb. No thumb.”
David Beckham gets a massage on the Ellen Show

This is another one of Ellen’s clever “Hidden Camera Fun” pranks, where David Beckham does everything Ellen DeGeneres tells him to do. The woman who is giving the massage has no clue that this is happening as she complies with Beckham’s extreme and silly requests.

#5 “Remember when you were with the Beatles?”
Chris Farley interviews Paul McCartney on SNL

Anytime a video or a movie has Chris Farley in it, I have to watch it. In this skit, he is interviewing music legend Paul McCartney with basic, obvious questions that also make me laugh, even years after I’ve seen it.

#6 “That’s something else…Hey!”
Harry Caray Show with Jeff Goldblum and Will Farrell

Farrell plays Harry Caray, a crazy Chicago Cubs Broadcaster with a constant head nod who has a show called “Space the Infinite Frontier.” He asks Dr. Ken Wallen (Goldblum) ridiculous questions like, “Would you eat the moon if it was made of ribs?”  The responses from both actors are priceless.

#7 “Wow! A battery and an onion!”
Worst Christmas Gift montage from the Jimmy Kimmel Show

This brilliantly done segment started when Kimmel challenge parents to give their child an awful present and then film them opening it. The kids’ reactions are legendary.

#8 Great Day with Andy Samberg
“My heart is racing bum-bum-bum-bum-buuuummmmm!”

My friend showed me this a few weeks ago, and knowing how funny Andy Samberg, I knew I was in for a treat. Samberg sings in this SNL Digital Short about his great day, which is pretty dang great.

Having Fun in the Pun

Angry Writing Utensil

-Marissa Tomko

In drafting this story, I started by taking notes on paper. But then my pencil broke, which was no good. To write with a broken pencil is pointless. So I went in search for a new one, but it was hard because I was feeling very confused. After all, I feel like we’ve all asked the question: 2B or not 2B?

I’m willing to bet most people have already stopped reading this because they hate puns so much. For those of you who haven’t, thank you! You are among the chosen few who appreciate this form of humor as much as I do!

As it turns out, puns have a long history. According to NPR, they date back to the seventh century BC, if not further. While most big languages have puns, English is one of the lucky few that is particularly punny. This is thought to be due to the fact that the language pulls from so many others, giving it a rather extensive vocabulary.

Another language word magicians would have pun with? Sanskrit. Former presidential speechwriter for Bill Clinton, John Pollack, says there’s a good chance that the word “pun” came from the language. In Sanskrit, “pundit” means someone who explains ambiguous situations, and there’s a good chance “pun” comes from the same root.

In an interview with NPR, Pollack gave an explanation as to what gives this kind of joke power, or PUNch if you will. It can be found both in the ambiguity of the wordplay and in its ability to build up more than one meaning into a phrase with fewer words.

For those of you who are looking to take puns to the next level, you might consider trying your luck at the annual O. Henry Pun-Off, where contestants pun away stand-up style!

If these jokes still make you wrinkle your nose like you smelled something pungent, calm down. Take a deep breath. And get some acuPUNcture. I hear it’s great for stress relief.