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Underrated On-Campus Study Spots

-Mike Munoz

With just over half of the winter term behind us and midterms and exams in full effect, finding an open spot in the Knight Library has gone from a simple task to an hour long journey for a seat. After finally giving up on the Knight Library, I began my quest to find the perfect study spot on campus. Here’s a list of the top places on campus to study.


Located on the far south west side of the UO campus, the HEDCO building goes largely unnoticed by students who aren’t music or education majors. At just under two years of age, the building is one of the newest additions to the campus and provides a great study spot for students looking to escape large crowds. With a café and a lounge area with a fireplace, the HEDCO building is a great place to meet with a group or get some reading done. However, be aware that the building is closed on weekends.

EMU Skylight Area

When it comes to study locations, the EMU seems to be a no brainer for most students. With great choices of food in the Fishbowl and the Buzz café downstairs, students have plenty of options for study spots. But perhaps the best place to study in the building is the skylight area. Located just above the ticket office, the skylight area offers multiple levels of countless tables and vending machines, making it an ideal study spot. Despite large crowds during lunch hours, the EMU skylight area always has open areas to study in.

William W Knight Law Center

Chances are that unless you live in the dorms or are heading to a Ducks basketball game, you haven’t spent much time around the William Knight Law Center. Located just across the street from Hayward Field on Agate, the law center seems to fly under most students’ radar. The building features the Wayne Morse Commons study area, where students can quietly work in groups and discuss classes. Just upstairs is home to the John E Jaqua Library, where students can find a quiet area to read or work on an assignment.

Lawrence Hall

As the arts and architecture center at the UO, Lawrence Hall is filled with sculptures, paintings and tons of stressed out architecture students working tirelessly on their projects. Tucked away between Pacific and Allen Hall, Lawrence is a great study location. The second floor is home to the Hearth Wilcox café, which is a very popular study spot for art and architecture students. Students can also find a quiet place to study at the A&AA Library, which is open seven days a week.