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The 10 Best Things About Fall

-Jamie Hershman

There’s nothing better than when the weather starts changing and you get to break out all the cold weather habits that make you smile. Read on for my personal opinion on the greatest aspects of autumn.

#1 Pumpkin spice everything

Pumpkin spice is the best thing that ever happened to the world. Is there really anything better than a pumpkin-spice latte with a piece of pumpkin pie? The answer is no, unless you add a pumpkin spice candle and maybe a pumpkin loaf.

#2 Sweater weather (is better weather)

Wearing big, comfy sweaters is one of the best parts of the season. Knowing there’s a little chill in the air makes it all the better to snuggle up in your softest knits and warmest boots and face the cool air without the slightest shiver.

#3 Football season

Duck football. Need I say more?

#4 Costumes, candy, and Halloween weekend

This is your one chance of the year to get especially creative with your costumes and go all out in dressing up. It’s only appropriate one night a year to dress like a weirdo and go around knocking on stranger’s doors asking for candy. Start brainstorming that really unique costume now. Also, three nights to celebrate one holiday has never been so great. A high schooler’s Halloween hardly compares to the college version.

#5 Hot tea

I guess you could drink hot tea in the 90-degree summer weather, but we all know that it tastes so much better when it’s cold out. Plus, there are so many different options: herbal, green, black, or maybe even a piping hot oolong.

#6 Thanksgiving

Seriously, food is one of the best things about fall: turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, apple pie, and family and friends. It just keeps getting better.

#7 The changing colors

Walking along a path filled with red and orange leaves with trees bursting with yellow is such a beautiful sight. Instagram that picture as soon as possible before all the leaves fall off for good (or at least until spring).

#8 Birthdays

Specifically mine. Not that I’m biased or anything, but my birthday is always the greatest.

#9 Fall TV

All the best TV shows start up again for a new season. Summer television is all reality all the time, so it’s fun to actually catch up on a show you’ve been craving for three months. Plus, there are always new shows to get excited about.

#10 It’s that much closer to winter

Winter break is just around the corner and so are the holidays. It’s almost time to sell back your fall term books for good and then break out the Christmas tree or Menorah. It’s the perfect transition from one great season to another, filled with holiday treats and presents. Truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

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Flux Photo Essay: Why We Love Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, we decided we’d celebrate the different aspects of this holiday we all love. There are so many things that can help make Halloween a success, and here are just a few of our personal favorites.


My favorite thing about Halloween is going to the pumpkin patch, finding the perfect pumpkin, and carving it. The best part about carving a pumpkin is being able to scoop all of the seeds out and toast them in the oven!


The best part about Halloween is definitely the costumes! There are so many options, and it’s the only acceptable time of the year to fully dress up in costume and take on a different persona. My personal favorite and go-to? A cat. You can’t go wrong with a traditional Halloween favorite.


The best part of Halloween is getting ready to go out! This is the one time of year where you can be whoever you want and wear whatever you want with no judgement. No outfit is too insane, no makeup is too much, and it is the perfect time to be as creative and crazy as you want!


My favorite thing about Halloween is the candy! It just tastes better on this holiday, and you can get it in the best assortments.


Everyone knows that as soon as Halloweentown starts premiering on the Disney Channel, it is officially that time of the year. Whether it’s the The Exorcist or The Hills Have Eyes, Halloween movies are key to enhancing your month of fright. So make some hot cider, pop in a scary film, and cuddle up with a buddy because it’s Halloween!


I always know it’s Halloween when, while walking around Eugene and campus, I find orange pumpkin faces staring at me from windows and sidewalks. Each one is individual, and each one differs in skill level of carving and personality. The only downside is having to watch them rot away through November and December.


My favorite thing about Halloween is picking a costume that involves me and a mustache.

Get Zombified With Easy Costuming

-Rache’ll Brown

Halloween is around the corner, which means costume parties and spooky delights. This year, I have no idea what I want to be. Cute? Funny? Scary? I don’t know. The only thing I can say for sure is that I need something fast and cost-efficient that looks like I put effort into it, when in reality I will probably throw something together thirty minutes before I go out. Fortunately, I was a drama nerd in high school, which means I have a ton of experience with costume makeup. I know how to bruise, burn and decay skin easily, and if I can do it, you can too. Adding some zombified skin to a plain outfit gives you a little Halloween flare without a ton of thought. Dress as a princess, football player, doctor, or whatever Pinterest tells you to. Heck, you could even dress as yourself if you want, but adding some decayed flesh to your face, arms or other exposed skin creates an instant costume.

First, you’ll need to gather your supplies. Get some two-ply toilet paper, washable white school glue and costume paint or eye shadow (you’ll need dark colors like green, brown, black, and red).

Optional: fake blood and cover-up or concealer.

To get started, add a squirt of glue onto the desired area (I used my wrist). Next, place a jagged piece of two-ply toilet paper over the glue. If you are doing a large area or your entire face, then break it up into sections made from one square of toilet paper, that way you can blend and tear easily.

You will then want to take some glue and smooth down the edges. I also like to use some cheap cover-up around the toilet paper to blend it into my skin, but if you don’t have any, don’t worry about it – you’ll be putting shadow or paint over it anyways.

Finally, take your shadows or paint and dab it all over the toilet paper; there really isn’t a specific way to do this, I literally just take my fingers and dab it on random spots. I like to use dark, earthy tones like brown, green, and black to make it look rotten. You could also add red for a more bloody appearance. Since the toilet paper is two-ply, the first layer might come up and create the illusion of peeling skin. You could also add some fake blood into those crevices to create an oozing effect.

So, this Halloween don’t stress about coming up with a costume or the price of a fancy outfit. Just add some sick patches of skin to your face and you are set!

Pumpkin Smash 2012

-Whitney Menefee

On Saturday, October 20, the University of Oregon chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha held their second annual Pumpkin Smash philanthropy event out on the EMU lawn. The event’s goal was to provide necessary canned food and donations to the local non-profit organization, FOOD for Lane County. FOOD for Lane County is a local food bank that has been serving the needy in the Eugene and Springfield area since 1984 and their goal is to eliminate hunger by providing access to food. Wes Horton, the external vice president and philanthropy chair of Lambda Chi Alpha, was the chief planner of the philanthropy and its events.

Pumpkin Smash was made up of multiple events that occurred during the week. The ten sororities that participated received points based on how well they did in these events compared to each other. The events included a Yogurt Extreme Fundraiser night, sorority pumpkin and poster-decorating competition and a week of gathering canned food.

The actual day of the Pumpkin Smash was an exciting day for all the participants because it was a field day with seven different competitions. Each participating sorority had a team of ten girls that competed in events, such as a relay race, a whipped cream eating contest, a pumpkin-carving contest, tug of war competition, pumpkin toss, wiffle ball homerun derby, and a pumpkin puzzle competition.

As a spectator, it was apparent that everyone was having fun at the philanthropy. I particularly enjoyed watching the whipped cream eating competition because it was the final event of the day and everyone was excited to hear who was going to be crowned the winner of Pumpkin Smash. Congratulations to Alpha Chi Omega who was the 2012 champions of Pumpkin Smash.

After a long week of activities, Lambda Chi Alpha was able to raise $700 through monetary donations and around 900 items of canned goods. A very successful event in my opinion!

The Bright Colors of Kitsch

-Tamara Feingold

Pastel tutus, oversized embroidered sweaters, animal hats, and long feather earrings. The racks of Kitsch vintage store are stuffed with things you need but never knew where to find.  The store, located in downtown Eugene, sells both consigned clothes and locally made goods for men and women. The small shop is basically a rainbow of young party clothes with a unique touch, and you can rest assured you won’t find these items anywhere else in town.

“A lot of people come here looking for outfits for the Oregon Country Fair or Burning Man and I love getting to help pick them out,” said Allison Ditson, the store’s manager. “My favorite time of year is Halloween; We get a ton of costumes in.”

But Kitsch doesn’t only sell costume-wear; Many of the clothes are the same things you would find at the mall for a fraction of the cost. “Buying clothes here is a more conscious way to spend your money because it’s a local business,” Ditson said. “The owners find a way to give back to the community by organizing local fashion shows with money from their own pockets. They have good priorities.”

The store is packed with original graphic T-shirts, plaid button-ups, and extravagant dresses for just about any occasion. A lot of the clothes are inspired by the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, but casual sweaters, pants, and everyday wear are also available.

Ditson sells her own clothing line called ALLIHALLA at Kitsch as well. A self-proclaimed “seamstress extraordinaire,” Ditson makes the clothes herself and the line is featured in local fashion shows. “You can do anything to pay the bills, but it’s nice to work somewhere I actually support while expanding my own brand.”

Five times each week, Kitsch has a Scavenger Sale featured on the store’s Facebook page. A small picture will show one piece of clothing from the store, and when a customer comes in to find the garment a 50-percent-off coupon will be tagged inside. To pick up some one-of-a-kind pieces at a low price, become a fan of Kitch’s on Facebook.

It’s nice to know that some stores are still looking to make an honest dollar, and it seems Kitsch’s management has the best interest of the customer in mind while acting locally responsible. “It’s not promoted much in the media that you should think about what you’re spending your money on,” said Ditson. “You should be conscious about where it’s going.”

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Top 5 Scariest Halloween Movies

-Jasmine Eoff

With Halloween around the corner, there’s only about a week left to watch the scariest of scary movies. After all, that’s what Halloween is about, right? Here is a list of top 5 scary movies that will put you in the Halloween spirit.

1. The Exorcist

This terrifying movie will have you on the edge of your seat while you watch a 12-year-old girl get possessed by an evil spirit as an exorcist tries to save her.

2. The Silence of the Lambs

Based on a true story, this psychological thriller depicts the story of Dr. Hannibal Lecter and FBI agent, Clarice Starling, who tries to understand the mind of a murderer by interviewing the psychotic cannibal.

3. Halloween

When a murderer escapes after being institutionalized his whole life, he stalks a high school girl and her friends while his doctor chases him through the neighborhood streets. Filled with lots and lots of gore, this movie will have you questioning your choice of walking the streets on Halloween night.

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street

After a lynch mob kills him, Freddie Krueger decides to take out his anger on their children, in their dreams. Having trouble sleeping? This movie will definitely keep you wide awake.

5. Amityville Horror

Yet another movie based on a true story, newlyweds move into a house where a murder had been committed. While living in the house, they experience strange things that drive them away. After this, you’ll never want to step foot (let alone move) into an old house.

photo taken from MovieGeekBlog

Ten Things You Shouldn’t be for Halloween

-Tamara Feingold

You only have a couple of weeks before October 31st is here, but that doesn’t mean you should be lazy with your Halloween costume. Here’s a list of ten people you shouldn’t try to dress up as because everyone else has already tried it.

1. Snooki

Although the Jersey Shore star can be pretty loveable, all of the fake tans/teased hair/huge pink slippers have been a little too much the past few years.

2. Famous Athletes

I know it’s easy because all you have to buy is a jersey, but most of us still won’t know who you are and will probably think you didn’t even dress up. Try being a celebrity that’s easily recognizable for those who don’t watch sports all day.

3. Black Swan

Although this may seem like a good idea at first, let’s think about the mess. No one wants to have to pick up your failed attempt at stick-on feathers, even though some fierce eye makeup and red eye contacts would look pretty convincing.

4. Lady Gaga

I know all of her little monsters want to pay some respect with a hair-in-a-bow headband and some fake bangs, but Lady Gaga herself is the only one who wears meat dresses and outfits made out of bubbles. Let’s keep it that way.

5. Anything Prepackaged

This year, instead of going to Spencer’s and buying a sexy police officer outfit, you should try to think of something clever. You can still look cute, but without spending $50 on something five other people at the party also bought.

6. The Cast of Twilight

Being pale and glittery is okay if you’re Edward, but if you try this at a party everyone will make fun of you so they can pretend like they didn’t see New Moon three times in theaters.

7. Spice Girls

A tempting costume choice for any group of five girls, the classic Baby Spice & Co. entourage should be avoided. It’s been done too many times and you never really turn out looking like Victoria Beckham.

8. Nicki Minaj

Don’t get me wrong I love a little Super Bass. But it’s just too easy to pick up a plastic Barbie necklace and a pink wig and call it good.

9. The Cast of The Office

Unless you wear a nametag (also forbidden) no one will know who you are and you’ll probably just look like a nerd who shouldn’t have been invited to the party.

10. Steve Jobs

It’s just too soon.

A Wearable Work of Art

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bayurn

-Hannah Doyle

It’s that time of year when the leaves are starting to change color and those in the Northwest are rudely reminded to swap their sandals for rain boots by the sudden shift in weather. It is the month of October and in addition to the change in seasons, the month also marks the celebration of Halloween. Halloween is an opportunity to take on a different persona, and is the only time of year where it is socially acceptable to walk around wearing a mask.

In many cultures around the globe, wearing a mask is far more meaningful than dressing up and scaring others. Masks have been used for spiritual expression, to show respect to ancestors, and to communicate status. Their uses have proved valuable even in the modern world, where there are surgical masks and facemasks attached to football helmets. Masks are one of the oldest accessories that have been in use throughout the course of humanity.

The Museum of Natural and Cultural History currently has an exhibit showcasing masks from parts of the globe that explain their historical significance and relation to today’s culture. The masks on display are a handful from the Museum’s anthropological collection, where hundreds of them are stored in their in-house vault. The masks showcased are from North America, West Africa, and Oceania. They vary in material based on the parts of the world that they were made. For example, North American masks are made of wood and feathers, while masks from Oceania are made of clay, grass, and cowry shells. African masks are made of netting, wood, and bronze. Masks were commonly used to tell stories. The Bear (pictured above), a mask made by the Hamat’sa society from the North West Coast, was used to tell the story of a young man possessed by a dreaded spirit. While some were made for tribal dances, others were made for food. Masks were used to cover yams to convey the spirit of ancestors in Papua New Guinea.

The rich history of masks can give a new meaning and significance to Halloween and might even be a source of inspiration for a costume. The exhibit is on display until December 31st. For those who can’t wait to dress up for Halloween, the Museum is having a Masquerade Family Day October 22nd where there will be live music, a costume parade, and an opportunity to decorate a mask.