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Personal Farms in the Sky

-Laura Lundberg

Climate change is beginning to threaten and hurt our environment more and more each year. With the human population continuing to grow at rapid rates, and with deforestation, ocean acidification and air pollution, it seems that this world is in need of some innovative technologies to help repair some of the damage. There have been many different types of new, sustainable practices that have been gaining support and being implemented inside cities and individual homes all across the world. One of these nifty inventions is known as the SkyFarm.

Manuel Dreesmann, a designer, is the genius behind this concept. A green technology that aims at improving individual lifestyles and health, Skyfarms aim to raise awareness and make sure that people know exactly where their food comes from – by growing plants and crops themselves on their own balconies.

The Skyfarms operate much like hanging ornamental baskets do on balconies. They aim to save space for apartment owners (or renters) by hanging from the ceiling, and each plant or crop sits neatly inside a white acrylic pot that has a transparent domed cover.  One interesting feature about these Skyfarms is that they also come with a handle and a balance, so with just a pull of the handle, your Skyfarm will lower itself to you to be tended to. Another pull and its back up to the ceiling.

According to Dreesmann, Skyfarms aims to “[improve] the quality of living, reducing energy and water use, and generally making the building more sustainable — here’s a gardening solution also geared towards green-thumbed residents of apartment towers that’s decidedly a bit more tangible (and a touch less frightening).”

This is certainly a handy invention that thinks into the future of humanity. Manuel Dreesmann believes that more people will be moving into closer quarters, and cities will begin to overrun the countryside, leading to the loss of the essential acres necessary to make and produce food. Dreesmann says on his website that, “You can grow your own food, which means you can be sure that no toxics are sprayed and you can see by yourself the process from a little seed to a delicious arugula salad.”

Skyfarms are just one new way of looking at the world and thinking about something that can be changed. Something that is a relatively cheap, easy fix that will sustain the human population, so that everyone can know where their food comes from and doesn’t have to worry about whether they live in cities or in the countryside.