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Eleven Ways to Make Your Crummy College Apartment Slightly Less Miserable

-Sam Bouchat

As a college student, most of us are on a fixed budget. As such, we find ourselves settling for subpar living arrangements to make ends meet. It seems like college housing is a tug-of-war between comfort, location, and price.

Well, here are some not-so-difficult ways to make your home homier.

Foreign Lands

Are you learning a foreign language? Trying to self-teach one? Great! Why not label all the stuff in your house? Your toaster oven, your light switch, the vacuum—all of it. It’ll add an interesting characteristic to your place, as well as help you remember those pesky vocabulary words!

Be Tidy!

This is important! Nothing can bring you down quite like a pile of dirty clothes or a sink full of dirty dishes. A clean house is a clean mind. Plus, it leaves so much more room for activities!


I don’t care how small your apartment is—make room for games. I mean juggling balls, hula hoops, poi, jump rope. An empty room is a sad room. An empty room with a yoga ball in it? Paradise.

Food, Glorious Food

This is essential. Cooking not only makes your place smell great, it also gives you food to look forward to (seriously!) No place with snack in the pantry and drinks in the fridge is boring. Keep your stomach happy and your mind will follow.

Light Incense

Comfort is all about the five senses, and we should never forget about smell. Incense and scented candles can both warm and deliciously smell up a drab room.

Let’s Add Some Tunes

Crank up the volume! Set your iTunes to random and blast it. Adding music to any situation is instant good karma, and should be exercised as often as possible. And don’t forget to dance.

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

I am of the unyielding opinion that no amount of pillows is too many. Why? Because pillows are awesome. They’re portable chairs, sofas, and beds. And a bit of floor is the perfect place to curl up if you’ve got a pillow! Not enough sofa space? Throw down a pillow and make that bit of carpet yours! Chair too hard on the old buttocks? Throw a pillow on that baby and enjoy the softness!

And it’s always good to jazz up your reading or homework spot. Don’t stay in the same place for too long! Grab a pillow and migrate a bit.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Give them a knock! It’s always best to know your neighbors, and it’ll make any future confrontations much easier. Also, they might be awesome people! Imagine that.

Be Funky

Decorating isn’t difficult, and it helps if you’re a little unhinged. Buy (or make) some fake mustaches, and put them on random things. Dry erase markers come off windows easily—a view of a creepy back alley can quickly become a fantastic work of art! Don’t have enough money for a piece of fine art? Make a collage out of newspapers and magazines! Be creative!

Add Some Life

Get a plant or a pet! In my experience, spider plants are the most resilient, but, unlike a cat, you can’t cuddle up to it. The form your new friend will take relies primarily on your budget and your level of responsibility (my spider plant rarely needs watering.)

Where Your Homies At?

Invite your friends over. This one is a no-brainer, really. Any place can be made better with the addition of a few choice guests.

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