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My Weekend with Sasquatch: Talking with Sallie Ford

-Mike Munoz

When I first heard Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, I had a hard time believing that their music wasn’t recorded in the 50’s. But in the last year, their retro-rock sound and Ford’s unique vocals has had music critics raving and  earned them a slot at Sasquatch. After performing Monday afternoon, Sallie Ford sat down and talked to us about her relationship with The Avett Brothers and touring in Europe!

How did Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside get started?

Sallie Ford: Well I moved to Portland in 2006 and I met Tyler [Tornfelt] and Ford [Tennis] and I just started playing music with them. Then we met Jeff [Munger] who was doing a lot of street performing. I was lucky enough to meet the Avett Brothers and they invited us to do some shows and kind of kicked us off, and we’ve just gone on from there.

Are The Avett Brothers an influence on your music?

SF: I think they’re really awesome people and as far as an influence on us, they’ve given us advice on how to take becoming a serious touring band and they gave me some early advice on how to build a team and being patient about your career and taking a hot air balloon to success instead of the spaceship. That was always really great to hear.

How has it been adjusting to bigger tours and bigger venues?

SF: It doesn’t feel like we’ve done that much more, but it really exciting that we’ve gotten to go to Europe. I didn’t really know what to expect or if we were going to be playing to nobody. But then it ended up being great and we had a lot of press in Europe and we had a lot of people at our shows even though we had never played there. As far as the US, we’ll still have shows where there’s only 10 people. Then all of a sudden we’re here, playing with Jack White.

How has the Sasquatch experience been so far?

SF: Awesome! I mean all festivals can be a bit much if you have to spend the whole time there. We’ve done Bonnaroo before and we had to kind of take off early. But I think I can handle this more than Bonnaroo. I think this has to be one of the best.

So in previous interviews you’ve mentioned artists like Tom Waits as an influence. Who are some female artists that have influenced your music?

SF: There are so many. I guess the biggest would be Cat Power, Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple. Also, recently I’ve gotten into PJ Harvey. I think there is so much music from the past as well such as Etta James, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday.

In your song, “I Swear” you have some harsh words for the current state of music. Were there any artists you had in mind when you wrote that?

SF: Not really. I just think any music where the people are just doing it for money or when music is all digital, that’s disappointing. But I think that song is about being honest in the way of cussing in my lyrics and talking about inappropriate things and not being scared to be controversial. I mean, in the past there are already a lot of people who have covered that ground, but I think as an artists I definitely wouldn’t want to play it safe.

What does the future hold for Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside?

SF: We already recorded an album, and that should be coming out in the late Fall. Hopefully people can keep their ears open for that! In the Fall we’ll be doing a tour for our record release, but we haven’t even planned that yet.

Flux Playlist: Happy Valentine's Day!

-Flux Blog Staff

It’s that special time of the year when men get to embarrass their girlfriends by sending flowers to their work. When chalky, little heart-shaped candies pass as actual food. And most important of all, it’s the day you get to spend with that special someone. It’s Valentine’s Day and the love is certainly in the air. We here at the flux blog had some fun with our previous playlist, but we haven’t forgotten all of you love birds out there! So grab a blanket, light some candles and enjoy our Valentine’s Day playlist with that special someone.

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  • God Only Knows -The Beach Boys
  • Fell in Love With a Girl -The White Stripes
  • Just One Kiss -Raphael Saadiq ft. Joss Stone


  • The Girl -City and Colour
  • Mario Kart Love Song -Sam Hart
  • Sexual Healing -Marvin Gaye


  • Best Love Song -T Pain ft. Chris Brown
  • It Girl -Jason Derulo
  • Heartbeat -The Fray


  • You and I -Ingrid Michaelson
  • Stay With You -John Legend
  • Sure Thing -Miguel


  • Let’s Stay Together -Al Green
  • Prototype -OutKast
  • Lost Without You -Robin Thicke


  • You’re Still the One -Shania Twain
  • Kiss and Tell -Adam Lambert
  • She Will be Loved -Maroon 5


  • Thinking of You -Katy Perry
  • Your Love -Nicki Minaj
  • Tighten Up -The Black Keys


  • Just a Kiss -Lady Antebellum
  • At Last -Etta James
  • One and Only -Adele