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Duck & Cover: UO Men's Basketball Grabs Win From Stanford

-Eleni Pappelis

Oregon’s men’s basketball team, now ranked twenty-fourth nationally, bounced back from a tough loss to California on a buzzer beater on February 21. Last week’s game was also the Duck’s lowest percentage of shots made during this season with an average below 27 percent.

To redeem themselves, the Ducks returned to Matthew Knight Arena not looking back at their last defeat. The Ducks took a victory against Stanford this past Saturday, February 23, where a loss could have cost them a ranking on the AP Top 25. Their last game against Stanford resulted in the Cardinals blowing out the Ducks 76-52 on January 30.

Stanford trailed Oregon 77-66. Oregon began the game with a sense of urgency in order to gain control of the game’s first half. Junior Johnathan Loyd, who started due to Dominic Artis’ injury, kept up the pace to rattle the Cardinals. The point guard had a great game both offensively with nine assists and fifteen points, and defensively with three steals. Senior forward Arsalan Kazemi also scored fifteen points, seven rebounds, and five steals of his own.

The Ducks’ victory also marked Head Coach Dana Altman’s 600th win in his coaching career.

Tonight, Matthew Knight Arena will host Oregon State for a Senior night at 8 p.m. The Ducks look forward to the Civil War but also to recognize seniors including Kazemi, E. J. Singler, and Tony Woods who will be playing their last game of the regular season. With only two other games to wind down the season, Altman’s team will then travel to Las Vegas for the Pac 12 Tournament, which begins March 13.

Duck & Cover: Oregon Coach Made Like a Chip and Dipped

 Duck & Cover is a sports column covering news and opinion on local and national sports with an emphasis on the University of Oregon.

-Eleni Pappelis

Oregon has lost its great football coach Chip Kelly. The Philadelphia Eagles have cleverly persuaded Coach Kelly to leave the University of Oregon Ducks even after deciding to stay in the NCAAF another year. Coach Kelly was 46-7 during his four years at Oregon; this includes leading the Ducks to three PAC-12 championships and four Bowl Championship Series games, most recently a victory in the Fiesta Bowl.

Being only the 6th active coach to go directly from college football to the NFL, Coach Kelly has the full support of the Ducks. In interviews, he has stated how he is confident that they will find a coach that will continue to lead them to great success.

I look forward to watching how the new NFL coach does next season. It will be interesting to see how he flies as an Eagle. As for the Ducks next season, I have the highest expectations for them to pull it together to make their former coach proud.

Good luck to you, Coach. As birds of a feather, we will always flock together.

A Ballad of Thanks to Coach Chip Kelly

A ballad is a narrative poem written in short, simple stanzas often sung as a melodic song.

Head Coach Chip Kelly,
With your visor on
And your play books ready.

We are so sad you have chosen to go.
So we thank you for all the success you have brought the Ducks,
And at least you are not going to Buffalo.

You have brought this school such spirit,
We’ll make sure to Yell-O loud enough
so you can still hear it.

With Black Mamba and Mariota’s skill,
Next year we’ll win the Natty
Because with the help you’ve already given us, I know we will.

Image from the Associated Press.

My University of Oregon Bucket List: Things to Do Before You Graduate

-Jamie Hershman

While I may only be in my second year here at the UO, there are many things to cross off my college bucket list before my four years are up. In case you can’t remember everything you should try to complete before you graduate, here’s a little reminder as to all the places to go, things to do, and people to see.

Definitely if you’re feeling rebellious, you should start your bucket list at the Jaqua Center. It’s off-limits to us non-athletic regular folk, and you know you want to break the rules just a little bit. I say swim in the pool outside the Jaqua at least once really late on a Friday night or early on a Saturday morning. Another item to cross off the list is to make it up to the second floor of the Jaqua; who knows what’s actually up there? It is such an unsolved mystery to the majority of the student body. Aren’t you just a little bit curious?

In terms of academia, there are a few accomplishments you should achieve before leaving college. Try and make the Dean’s List at least once. This requires you to receive a term GPA of a 3.75 or higher, but you’ll feel especially intellectual after a term on the Dean’s List and never want to be off the list again. Besides getting great grades, take a class that isn’t related to your major or general education requirements. Find a class that interests you and learn about a topic that will make you more all-around intelligent.

For the Eugene tourist in you, some places are a must-see. You have to try Voodoo Doughnuts. Even if you’re not much of a doughnut person, the doughnut flavors are just so out-there and unique that you have to see it for your own eyes. Maybe you will even be brave enough to try the bacon maple bar. And when you’re downtown at Voodoo, you should also stop by the Saturday Market to see the local crafts and food vendors. For your sporty side, I recommend hiking Spencer’s Butte on a nice day in spring term. Lastly, it is a must to travel to Portland one weekend (for all you out-of-staters). It is such a cool city that’s only about two hours from campus—you can’t leave Oregon without seeing one of the most liberal cities on the west coast.

As an automatic Duck fan, you have to go see a football game at Autzen stadium. Even if you don’t understand football, it is much more about the experience than anything else. We have so much pride for our team and the student section is packed with so much cheer that it’s hard not to get into the game. Maybe you can even get a picture with Puddles! Can I get a ‘sco ducks?

While there are probably many more things you can list off, these are just some of the main things on my list. See how many you’ve already accomplished and which ones you are waiting to do. There’s only so much time before your four years are up, so make the most of it!

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Breaking the Mold: Fashion of the Oregon Ducks


-Jamie Hershman

Who says a football team can’t be fashionable? That’s certainly the case for our ducks. With the help of Nike and Uncle Phil, the Oregon Ducks have had a continuous stream of new jerseys and combinations for years. This past season was no different, so here’s a look-back at the memorable uniforms modeled by the (almost undefeated) Ducks.

This uniform, worn at the Rose Bowl last year, was sleek with the full body forest green jersey and pant. The shiny helmet had a liquid metal finish that caught the glare of the Los Angeles sun. Not only fashionable but also functional, Nike incorporated the Chain Maille Mesh for more breath-ability and protection. The Rose Bowl marked the beginning of the innovation of the jersey material, using 16 different materials in the uniform all together. In the 2012 season, the same combination of material was used to create a whole new set of jerseys.

For the Oregon vs. USC game, the team sported the all-white “White Vapor” Nike uniform. In their striking resemblance to stormtroopers, the slogan for the early November weekend was “Storm LA.” The all-white ensemble still showed off the signature wings but lost all the flashy aspects that the ducks are so well-known for, making the uniform all the more intimidating.

This past Civil War, the Ducks wore a white jersey, yellow pant, and yellow helmet, trying to channel the look of an actual duck. The helmet turned heads in its bright yellow greatness, and the cage displayed a combination of yellow and white color. This uniform was a clean break from the typical green, as well as a cool color combination that we had not yet seen.

The gloves that the players wear are also an integral part to the Duck uniform. While they wear a different color almost every game, each pair still shows the famous “O” when putting their hands together.

Design and high-tech innovation are the motivating factors for Nike, and they have yet to disappoint. Duck fans are always on the edge of their seats waiting for the unveiling of a uniform before game day, and we can only imagine what the 2013 Fiesta Bowl uniforms will bring.

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Are You a Slap Tail or a Web Foot?

-Mike Munoz

It’s no secret that Oregon takes its beer very seriously. In a state that is overflowed with microbreweries, you don’t have to go much further than a 7/11 to get yourself a nice bottle of a local brand beer. So wouldn’t it be great if you could go to your neighborhood liquor store and get yourself a nice bottle of booze made right here in Oregon? Well now you can.

The 4 Spirits Distillery opened in Adair Village, Oregon last June with the goal of creating a local, small batch martini grade vodka. Owner Dawson Officer saw a rising trend in small batch distilleries popping up and jumped at the opportunity to start his own brand. Although the distillery is still in its infancy, 4 Spirits has already released to types of vodka: Web Foot and Slap Tail. If you haven’t already guessed, Web Foot is targeted towards us Ducks while Slap Tail is aimed at our rival Beaver fans up north.

The idea behind Web Foot and Slap Tail was to create high quality liquor that could compete with top shelf brand name vodkas; however you might not guess that by simply looking at the label. Each bottle has a cartoon of a duck and a beaver respectively, and let’s just say they both look as though they’ve had a long night of partying.

Although they take their vodka very seriously at the 4 Spirits Distillery, they also wanted to make sure that they had some fun in the process. “We wanted to do something that goes against typical marketing schemes,” explains Director of Sales and Marketing, Sarah Wayt. “It’s all in good slap stick fun.” Aside from the name and goofy cartoons, there’s also a serious side to the 4 Spirits Distillery’s story.

As a distillery, it’s easy for us to assume that the “4 spirits” in their name refer to four different types of liquor. But in reality, they refer to four fallen soldiers Officer knew during his military service from 2003 to 2004. The distillery is even working on a bourbon that will be released in September and will be featured in a more serious tribute bottle. Some of the proceeds will be donated to Oregon Reintegration, in hopes to better the lives of soldiers returning home from war.

So next time you’re browsing for some booze at your local liquor store, look for the bottle with a passed out duck on the label. You may be surprised at how seriously good a homegrown vodka could taste.