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Duck & Cover: UO Men's Basketball Grabs Win From Stanford

-Eleni Pappelis

Oregon’s men’s basketball team, now ranked twenty-fourth nationally, bounced back from a tough loss to California on a buzzer beater on February 21. Last week’s game was also the Duck’s lowest percentage of shots made during this season with an average below 27 percent.

To redeem themselves, the Ducks returned to Matthew Knight Arena not looking back at their last defeat. The Ducks took a victory against Stanford this past Saturday, February 23, where a loss could have cost them a ranking on the AP Top 25. Their last game against Stanford resulted in the Cardinals blowing out the Ducks 76-52 on January 30.

Stanford trailed Oregon 77-66. Oregon began the game with a sense of urgency in order to gain control of the game’s first half. Junior Johnathan Loyd, who started due to Dominic Artis’ injury, kept up the pace to rattle the Cardinals. The point guard had a great game both offensively with nine assists and fifteen points, and defensively with three steals. Senior forward Arsalan Kazemi also scored fifteen points, seven rebounds, and five steals of his own.

The Ducks’ victory also marked Head Coach Dana Altman’s 600th win in his coaching career.

Tonight, Matthew Knight Arena will host Oregon State for a Senior night at 8 p.m. The Ducks look forward to the Civil War but also to recognize seniors including Kazemi, E. J. Singler, and Tony Woods who will be playing their last game of the regular season. With only two other games to wind down the season, Altman’s team will then travel to Las Vegas for the Pac 12 Tournament, which begins March 13.

Duck & Cover: She Loves to be a Dirty Duck

-Eleni Pappelis

After trying nearly every sport offered at Beaverton High School, there was only one that stuck with Zoe Wilson. At the age of sixteen, Wilson started playing rugby at the recommendation of her friend. Her school never had a women’s rugby team before Wilson’s friend, Sierra, rallied a team together. Wilson decided to give the sport a shot and went with Sierra to the first few practices. She immediately fell in love with rugby. This interest soon developed into a passion. She more noticeably felt this connection while transitioning to a college team.

Wilson was a freshman when she joined the Dirty Ducks women’s rugby team at the University of Oregon. It was during her first season that Wilson’s dedication to rugby was tested.  With a close score against Stanford, players rushed down the field fighting to win another “try” against their rival team. Unexpectedly, Wilson tore her meniscus in her left knee during the play.

“It was really hard because I just wanted to keep playing,” Wilson says. “It was really frustrating.” However, she did not let this physical pain hinder her from finishing the game.

Eyes teary from the initial shock of her injury, Wilson quickly composed herself and demanded that she would be put back in the game to play. She set aside her pain to devote all of her remaining ability to rugby.

Wilson is now a sophomore and captain of Oregon’s Dirty Ducks Rugby Club. As a result of her injury, she wears a knee brace whenever she participates in practices or games. The damage in her knee makes her more susceptible to future injuries and could possibly lead to a necessary surgery. Wilson believes that only the most serious of injuries could force her to stop playing rugby.

“I get a lot out of rugby, “she explains. “It allows me to feel like the person I want to be.”  Wilson’s experience proves that rugby is much more to her than simply a game. It demonstrates her strong character. Wilson is driven to win and dedicated to stay tough to support her team. She is determined to play the hardest she can, even if it means receiving a few wounds.

Duck & Cover: Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials

-Eleni Pappelis

#10 Wheat Thins: Night Vision
I know I would stay up with my night vision goggles if I knew a yeti were going to come into my house to try and steal my Wheat Thins…

#9 Oreo: Whisper Fight
Oreo definitely separates itself from all the noise of the Super Bowl with this cream vs. cookies whisper brawl in the library.

#8 Taco Bell: Viva Young
These old geezers still got it…

#7 Doritos: Fashionista Daddy
If not the love for his own daughter, what else could turn an afternoon of football for this athletic dad and his friends into a bunch of princesses? Only Doritos.

#6 Calvin Klein: Concept Underwear
Maybe I’m a little biased. All I can say is–and I know I’m speaking for all the ladies out there–thank you, Calvin Klein.

#5 Pizza Hut: Make It Great
Anyone can enjoy the great game of football with Pizza Hut Hut Hut Hut.

#4 Ram Truck: Farmer
This is a beautiful arrangement of still images set to the booming voice of radio announcer Paul Harvey reciting, “So God Made a Farmer.”

#3 Wonderful Pistachios: PSY, Get Crackin’
One of the few commercials I enjoy sitting through just to have a good laugh, Wonderful Pistachios has done it again. This witty ad campaign brings me to tears almost every time with Gangnam Style‘s PSY’s hilarious dance moves and persona. Now this is how you use celebrities to advertise.

#2 Doritos: Goat for Sale (top)
Need a laugh? See what happens when you take a goat’s Doritos.

And the all time worst but probably most resonant commercial shown during the Super Bowl is:

#1 GoDaddy.com: Perfect Match
Yikes. Although this commercial is grotesque and off-putting, the ad team with GoDaddy.com definitely did their job and made this one of the most remembered commercials during the Super Bowl. Well played, GoDaddy.

Duck & Cover: The Haurbowl – The Only Family Feud to be Settled in the Super Bowl

-Eleni Pappelis

Millions of viewers excitedly kicked-back with their friends and families, delicious snacks, and some ice cold beer in hand to watch Super Bowl XLVII this last Sunday. And what an exciting Super Bowl it was, full of attention-grabbing commercials, thrilling entertainment, and, of course, a compelling football game.

I hate to start off with criticism, but it was hard to watch the 49ers start this game. On their first play, a formation penalty called on San Francisco gave Baltimore a 20-yard gain and also a good position for their first possession. It was a sloppy start to the first quarter for the 49ers and it only got worse. Early in the second quarter, Oregon’s pride and joy, LaMichael James, lost a fumble which soon resulted in a touchdown for the Ravens. 49ers trailed 28-6 by halftime.

After suffering through the first half of this game, the halftime show could not have come fast enough. It was finally time to see the long-anticipated performance by ‘Sasha Fierce’ herself: #teambeyonce. Beyonce strutted her stuff in a tight black leather getup kicking off her performance with “Love On Top.” She also sang “Baby Boi” and “Till the End of Time,” with 135 dancers and intricate visual effects and stunning pyrotechnics. My heart could hardly handle the surprise when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams took the stage for the reunion of Destiny’s Child. Together they sang “Independent Woman Part I” as well as Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies.” My nostalgic heart was now full from the performance. Let’s face it, Beyonce should have won the Super Bowl; though, Beyonce’s outfit raised criticism on whether her appearance was considered family-friendly and appropriate for this type of live event.

Raven’s Jacoby Jones returned the second-half kickoff, rushing 108 yards for a touchdown to tie the NFL record for longest touchdown in Super Bowl history. This also resulted in a well-deserved victory dance by Jones, giving Beyonce a run for her money. However, not  even two minutes into the second half, the lights on one-half of the Superdome’s roof and the scoreboards went dark. Internet connections and communication from the press box were cut. There were also theories that Beyonce’s performance was so good she actually blew out the power. Regardless, the 49ers got what they wanted, and quite honestly, needed: a miracle. During this roughly thirty-five-minute power outage, announcers debated whether or not this delay would potentially hurt the Ravens playing momentum they had picked up in the first half of the game. Reports stated live that these teams had been training hard for this game and should not be affected by such a delay. There was also thoughts of Beyonce’s performance being so good she blew out the power.

Visuals of the stadium showed fans murmuring about the blackout and players stretching on the field trying to stay limber for when the game resumed. Single fixtures of lights would slowly illuminate until finally the stadium had finally brightened to its usual brilliance.

Not only had the power been turned back on in the stadium,  but in the 49ers as well. San Francisco took the delay as a chance to recharge and came back to score seventeen points in four minutes to trail the Ravens 28 to 23.

This clutch game proceeded into the fourth quarter with quite the fight for the victory of Super Bowl XLVII. A questionable holding call prevented one of the last chances for San Francisco to win, and the game ended with the final score Ravens 34, and 49ers, 31.

After entertainment from Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and Beyonce, an extra 35 minute delay, and one of the most exciting rivalries in Super Bowl history, I would say the fans there definitely got their money’s worth. At least the 49ers came back to make the loss less embarrassing for Jim Harbaugh to live down. Imagine how the next family dinner with the Harbaugh’s (the two rivalling coaches of the Ravens and 49ers) will play out.

Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmtip21/8400064037/

Duck & Cover: How To Make It Onto The FanCam

-Eleni Pappelis

Tired of being yet another face in a sea of other students just like you?

Have trouble standing out in class, around campus, or life in general?

Is it time you finally had your fifteen minutes of fame?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions it’s time for your face to finally make the big screen.  This week’s column can help you do this! This guide provides a solution to all your problems.

How to make it onto the Jumbotron at a basketball game

1.  Have a clever, synchronized dance ready to bust out with the people you go to the game with.  For those of you who have seen the State Farm fancam commercial, execution of the simultaneous is key. Watch for some inspiring moves: State Farm FanCam Commercial.

2.  Or maybe you don’t need anyone to hold you back and prefer to go solo so you can freestyle your dance moves. Wild, cliché, or simply weird will surely work.  You will probably fall under one of two categories for this option: either “Awkward White Guy Dancing” (Mr. Roboto on the Jumbotron) or “You Just Made Jumbotron History” (Livin On A Prayer Jumbotron). True fancam talent and commitment from this soloist here.

3.  If accessible, have or find a cute child to show off to the crowd.  True, the attention might be focused on the kid, but let’s face it: Who wouldn’t rather see an adorable three-year-old do funny things than a less-lovable grown-up?

4.  Guys, hide behind a group of attractive girls. Odds are the cameramen are going to be a little biased and prefer to show them and not you if you haven’t followed steps one through three.

5.  Disgustingly eat a hotdog or serving of nachos and you can end up on the regurgi-cam. Here, everyone can witness your repulsive eating habits. The regurgi-cam masterfully displays fans eating their favorite foods from the concession stand.

6.  Become a super fan with a distracting outfit, and no Jumbotron can resist showing you off.  Anyone can appreciate pride in your favorite team.

7.  Have a huge sign that is well thought-out and make sure everything is spelled correctly . . . unless you want that kind of attention. However, please be courteous with your huge poster and don’t forget that all the people sitting in the row behind you probably came here to actually watch the game.

8.  Get extra cuddly with your significant other or the cute guy/girl who’s just as into basketball standing next to you and maybe you’ll make it on the KissCam. More advice: be careful who you sit next to.  This can go horribly wrong if not planned out.

A word of caution to each of these helpful tips: you must commit.  They won’t work if you are not fully invested. You deserve to stand out.  Like mom always told you, you are a shining star and a special individual.

Do Not Try:
1.  Getting into a fight. Sporting events are reputable functions that should be appreciated and respected.
2.  Taking off your clothes. The tech team is quick enough to cut your 15 seconds of fame to less than one if they think you are going to show your stuff.  Quite honestly, if it took the fancam to make you willingly show off in front of 20,000 people, odds are it’s not just the cameramen who doesn’t want to see what you’re really made of.  Streaking down a football field, however is a completely different circumstance.