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The Key to Room Décor: Simplicity, Creativity


-Rache’ll Brown

It was the fall of 2011 when I discovered the hobby—or more appropriately, the fetish—that is home décor. Color palettes, duvet covers, throw pillows, and more; I had never realized how meticulous interior design was until I left my family home. At my parents’ house, my room was just a chaotic collection of things: a pink comforter I had since the sixth grade, band posters I had collected at Warped Tour over the years pasted on the walls unevenly, and random knickknacks filled every surface. It was a mess. It was shameful. However, I looked at leaving my parents house as an opportunity to experiment with design.

This new-found hobby started in the dorms. My roommate and I immediately started coordinating when we got our dorm packet. The color palette was easy: black and white for a classic look with accents of purple (our favorite color). When we moved in and got everything settled, I was pleased. I thought I was the craftiest freshman in Walton complex. And then Pinterest came along, and my outlook on interior design and crafting completely changed.

When it came time for me to move into my first apartment, I had everything planned out. I’ve concluded that there is an easy formula to a cozy yet coordinated room, and I’ve decided to share my theory.


Scour Facebook, Instagram, and your hard drive for pictures that have captured your favorite moments in life. There are so many things to do with photos, but my favorite ways to use them is to fill wall space. One of the easiest things I did was take clear fishing line and miniature clothes pins to create banners with my favorite pictures. I just hung a few points throughout the line with mini clear Command strips and everything was set.


Simplicity is Key

Use simple a color palette, simple decorations, and a simple floor plan for a clean and put together look. Choose two (or three: two neutrals and a pop color) coordinating colors to purchase all comforters, pillows, rugs, etc. in. Ditch the cluttered look and keep only functional pieces around your room—overcrowding makes the room seem smaller and unorganized. If you find an ornate piece you think is a must, get it! But make sure you limit the over-the-top pieces to a minimum.

Get Crafty

Whether you rely on Pinterest or think of things on your own, put your creative hat on to figure out the most functional, thrifty, and aesthetically pleasing ways to utilize your space. For example, I have a lot of necklaces and a lot of wall space. I considered making my own jewelry board but had already spent my crafting budget elsewhere. So, I decided to take my extra mini Command strips and hang my necklaces on the wall (pictured at top). Voila! It’s thrifty, cute, and functional.

If you were lost on how to decorate your bedroom or apartment before—don’t fret now! There are simple ways to spice up your décor without too much effort, money, or time. So take some of my advice, get crafty, and your place will be the envy of all your friends in no time!

Master of the Blade

Do It (Again) Yourself: Episode 4

[cap]M[/cap]ichael Bell is an artisan of swords. Working at his forge in the Coquille wilderness, he practices an ancient Japanese art. Bell’s time in Tokyo as a child, followed by his apprenticeship with an inspirational sensei, lead him to start Dragonfly Forge, an art studio for himself and his son and also a school for any who wish to learn the art of forging a blade. “Master of the Blade” not only shows both how a Japanese sword is created but also reveals Bell’s struggles to overcome challenges–from economic hardship to the physical demands of being a craftsman—so that he can keep the ancient eastern art alive in the United States.