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On Trend: Style Profile – Julie Cendejas

-Rache’ll Brown

With a bow in her hair and boots on her feet, Julie Cendejas rocks a style that is more “cute and fun than high fashion or sophisticated.” The recent business graduate loves anything girly or pink. Cendejas holds an admiration for Taylor Swift’s grown-up princess style (“I still want the purple dress she wore on her ‘Speak Now’ tour”), and thinks Birkenstocks are the worst thing to happen to fashion. For some tips on how to encompass a girly look, read on!

Where do you find inspiration?

I usually just browse my favorite clothing stores’ websites and look through their Instagram photos. It helps me think of outfit ideas. I visit Lilly Pulitzer and Anthropologie often.

What do you think is more important: a good pair of shoes or a solid set of accessories?

Definitely a good pair of shoes. I hardly accessorize when it comes to jewelry and handbags. I am obsessed with boots. My favorite pair of boots is my pink Hunter rain boots. They are so perfect for Eugene!

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it consist of?

A bow, a pink dress, and sandals or cowboy boots. I love spring and summer outfits best because I love brightly colored dresses.

What item do you think every girl should have in her closet?

A Lilly Pulitzer dress! Every girl needs a brightly colored dress to make her feel beautiful for special occasions. I wore one for my 21st birthday and I had one for my graduation. They are so pretty I always feel so confident when I wear them.

Are there any items that you think are necessary to splurge on?

Jeans! A good pair of jeans is absolutely essential to flattering your figure. I used to work at American Eagle so I would usually only buy jeans from there. One day I decided to splurge on jeans. I bought a pair of AG jeans at Anthropologie and I will never buy American Eagle jeans again because AG jeans fit me perfectly.

Would you rather be over dressed or under dressed?

I would rather be overdressed. I think the way you dress is a representation of who you are. I think it goes hand-in-hand with preparation. I would rather be over prepared than underprepared for something. If you are overdressed it shows your dedication and effort.

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On Trend: "The Great Gatsby" Revives the Roaring ‘20s


-Rache’ll Brown

Drop-waists, berry lips, and embellished accessories; if only kitten heels were in fashion too. But it’s official—the ‘20s are back. With the recent release of The Great Gatsby, the beauty and fashion world has embraced all aspects of the generation, and this year’s trends reflect the recent fascination for the decade. From ‘20s haircuts to flapper fashion, Gatsby-inspired looks can be seen on both the runway and in stores. From red carpet to campus, these pieces can be used to create a classic look with a glamorous twist.

Shoppers can find ‘20s inspired items in almost any store catering young females this season. Drop-waist dresses, silk tops, and beaded details are all very popular. To avoid vintage over-kill, skip piling on multiple pieces that embody the trend all at once. The goal is to put together a fashionable outfit, not a costume. Instead, my advice is to choose one piece as a focal point and then to either pair it with basic pieces in neutral colors or pair with modern accessories to bring the past into the present.

As for makeup, there are a lot of ways to bring the ‘20s into everyday wear. Like clothing, I’m not a fan of all of the staples together at one time; I wouldn’t wear dark eyes with dark lips, nor is the popular thin, drawn-on eyebrows of the decade a look I would ever sport. Pairing something like MAC’s Lush Life with a more natural eye (matte, neutral eyes shadows with thin eyeliner and tons of mascara) would be a dramatic and appropriate interpretation of the time. A dark, smoldering eye with a nude lip is also another great alternative to ‘20s inspired beauty because kohl rimmed eyes were all the rage. Feeling more adventurous? Try out some hairstyles inspired by the decade! Short cuts, glamorous headbands, and most importantly finger waves, were a must. This post gives a good explanation of how to encompass the look.

It doesn’t matter if a girl identifies as a “Daisy” or a “Jordan,” bringing small touches from the past back into the present instantly revamps a girl’s style with a vintage twist. So embrace the 1920s and incorporate some old-fashioned glam into everyday wear–it is perfectly on-trend.

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Image from http://commons.wikimedia.org.

On Trend: Style Profile-Andrew Van Asselt


-Rache’ll Brown

At age 25, Eugenian Andrew Van Asselt has established himself in the Pacific Northwest as both a designer and an activist. As the owner of Coalition for Justice clothing (pictured below) and director of the Abolition Project fashion show (which is held annually spring/fall on campus), Van Asselt has worked to raise awareness for human trafficking and the mistreatment of women and children for the past two years. His motto? Do good, look good—and he does just that with a clean and simplistic style.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I’ve always been interested [in fashion] and I’ve always been one to set trends. I remember in first grade I would wear something and about three months later people would be wearing it. The same thing happens when I design something—it just happened this past fall. I designed a jacket, then this spring I went to a department store and BAM! The same jacket I made was right there. I like that fashion is a living art piece, and I like looking good. I love to have people judge me on my clothing when they meet me or see me. I want my first impression to be a good one, and usually that happens when I walk in the door. I say a thousand things before my mouth ever opens to say hello.

What would you say is your ideal outfit?

Some good jeans in slim fit, a scoop neck or v-neck t-shirt, and a great jacket. Not a North Face, but a good jacket. Layering is necessary. Also, a watch that is classy and clean, and not too bright or bling-y, like a Nixon watch. Add a clean pair of shoes and you’re set. Also, accessories always make the outfit, so sunglasses are usually key.

Where do you get inspiration?

I get inspiration from the people around me: my friends and family, Scandinavia and Europe, but most of all God.


What are the best aspects of fashion?

The creativity. You have style, and that makes fashion personal. And it’s always changing.

If you had to wear one specific article of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I would say nice dark denim jeans. It goes so well with everything. You can wear a blazer with it, or you can dress it down with a plain white t-shirt. It just goes with so much, and a dark wash makes you look thinner and taller.

Any advice for men or women struggling to define their style?

I would say to start by looking at yourself and ask, “What do I want to say to people with my clothes?” Like it or not, we judge people by the way they look. Just start small and build up, and look at [stylish] people and trends.

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Bottom image from http://coalitionforjustice.co.

On Trend: Style Profile – Torrey Hicks


-Rache’ll Brown

Twenty-four pairs of designer jeans ranging from True Religion to Dolce & Gabbana—twenty-four pairs. Freshman Torrey Hicks has an admiration for watches and a love for a crisp and classic look, but his obsession for denim trumps all. After leaving swanky Southern California for laid-back Eugene, Hicks has learned to adapt to the local uniform while still holding true to his roots. We chatted about fashion inspiration, style necessities, and warm weather wear; this business administration major knows a thing or two about men’s fashion.

How would you describe you style?

I would describe my style as modern casual.  I like to wear timeless pieces that have a fashionable touch to them.  A pair of True Religions, v-neck Lacoste shirt, and a pair of fresh shoes is the way to go.

Who, or what, inspires your look?

Because what I wear is kind of mainstream, I don’t really have any icons. But GQ magazine always gives me ideas on how to complete my look. Also, men such as Zac Efron and Ryan Seacrest have that timeless look that I tend to gravitate toward.

What is something in your wardrobe that you think is a necessity to invest in?

Every man should invest in a nice pair of dark wash designer jeans for his wardrobe. A nice watch is also a necessity—nothing completes a causal outfit like a classy timepiece.


What advice do you have for someone who lacks in the style department?

I would say to just read fashion magazines and pop culture articles. And if you’re really desperate and it’s your taste, Nordstrom offers a personal stylist.

How could you describe the perfect out for spring and summer?

During spring and summer, when the sun starts shining, it’s time to unleash the shorts.  An everyday go-to outfit could be chino shorts in any light color with a light button-down cotton shirt. As for shoes, Rainbow sandals or causal boat shoes are the way to go.

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On Trend: Dressing for Formal Occasions


-Rache’ll Brown

Spring may be known for the beautiful weather and colorful flowers, but in my book it is also defined by another event: formal season. From sorority and fraternity formals, to  weddings, graduations, and more, May to September seems to be jam-packed with events that require dressing to the nines. In some cases, formal events can be tricky. How much is too much? What is too casual? But fear not, I’m here to help!  Take these tips to be appropriate at any upcoming event that may hold a dressier tone.

To start, scope out the event to figure out what would be deemed appropriate. I like to ask other guests I know what they will be wearing, or just use prior experience to gauge the situation. Next, depending on the event, follow a little style guide that fits the occasion. For weddings, don’t wear everyday clothes. This is a special occasion, and attendees’ outfits should reflect that. For ladies, a nice sundress with sandals or wedges is suitable, and slacks and a dress shirt are perfect for men. Don’t go too flashy unless the invitation says black-tie, and don’t be that person who wears jeans to a wedding. That’s just rude.

As for formals, think back to high school homecoming: short and playful dresses are the way to go; leave the floor length princess dresses behind. I try to stay away from black, especially in spring, but I also don’t seek out over-the-top prints. Classic, simple pieces will always be in style, and accessorizing will take a look a long way.

Most importantly, an outfit should make the wearer feel confident and comfortable. I won’t fuss over heels if they are too high and I can’t walk in them—I look a thousand times better owning a pair of flats than teetering around in stilts. I look for clothes that suit my body type and make me feel amazing because it’s not worth being trendy if I feel self-conscious. In any situation, dressing appropriately is extremely important, but wearing an outfit that just screams you is key.

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On Trend: Style Profile-Holly Madrid


-Rache’ll Brown

With bold patterned bottoms and a hand-painted denim jacket, sophomore Holly Madrid shines in a sea of North Face jackets and over-worn Uggs here in the Pacific Northwest. Madrid’s style can be described as anything but traditional—her daring choices, love for the ‘90s, fondness for high-waisted anything, and belief that “every girl should own at least one fur jacket” makes this girl stand out. I sat down with Madrid to talk about thrifting, Clueless, and how to own a look like a boss.

How would you describe your style?

My style is kind of all over the place! But if I had to describe it, I would say that growing up in Los Angeles largely influences it.

Do you have any style icons?

Some people I admire are musicians Azealia Banks and Grimes, model Cara Delevingne, and Dionne’s character from the movie Clueless. These women wear outfits that most people would not go near or even think to buy, and I applaud them for their originality and bravery. It’s all about pushing the limits, and constantly wearing at least one piece of clothing that makes people question your sanity.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I love online shopping. If I am looking for something specific, I can just type it into Google and instantly find it. When I’m feeling not-so-lazy, there’s a boutique called LF at home where I frequently spend too much money. If I feel like saving at home, I go to a flea market held on Fairfax & Melrose, and here in Eugene one can’t go wrong with Buffalo Exchange.

What is the coolest item you have come across at a thrift store?

Thrifting is awesome! I love it because you can leave home with twenty dollars and come back with what seems like an infinite amount of clothing or bizarre little tchotchkes. Well, besides all the Star Wars/NASCAR shirts I’ve found, I would have to say that my most recent find was my all time best—it’s a lime green dress with a high neckline, no sleeves, and covered with cut open lemons and oranges. It’s chaotic, but totally essential to my closet.

What makes the perfect outfit?

The first and most important part of an outfit is feeling comfortable and confident. If I’m wearing something that other people might think looks good, but I don’t feel my best in, it ruins my mojo completely. Dress in what you feel marvelous in, not in what you assume will impress others.

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On Trend: Style Profile-Calena Lawson

-Rache’ll Brown

Sporting a girly style with a relaxed vibe, sophomore Calena Lawson values the combination of comfortable pieces and stylish details to create the perfect spring ensemble. This international studies major from Sandpoint, Idaho, finds fashion inspiration in people-watching, Lauren Conrad, and “excessive online shopping.” With the seasons changing, Lawson offered some advice for students who may be struggling to come up with a new look for spring.

What is your ideal spring outfit?

My ideal spring outfit would be jeans, sandals, and a flowy top. If it’s a nice day, I will usually try to wear a casual sundress.

What is your most worn item of clothing?

My go-to is always a cardigan and my Lululemon leggings.

Are there any upcoming trends that you love or hate?

I don’t like the trend of people wearing non-prescription eyeglasses, but I love the current trends of spring colors, lace, and light fabric.

Where are you favorite places to shop?

I live in a small town, so I do most of my shopping online, usually at Nordstrom or Free People. But there are some really great local boutiques that I love.

What kind of outfits do you like for men?

I love a guy in dark wash jeans, solid colored tees, and Sperrys.

Any ideas for people who struggle to put an outfit together?

If you’re struggling to put an outfit together look for inspiration online; Pinterest is always a good place to get cute outfit ideas.

Do you have any advice for transitioning from winter to spring?

For spring, go for lighter, brighter colors, and start choosing flats or sandals over boots.

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On Trend: FYI, ‘90s Threads Are Totally Stylin’

-Rache’ll Brown

High-waisted shorts, denim-on-denim, revealing bustiers, and small floral print dresses—this spring, break out the grunge-inspired clothes because the ‘90s are back.

Although new trends arise every season, fashion is cyclical, and retro-styles make comebacks all the time. Some things should have died the first time around (Harem pants. Enough said.), but overall, I think the ‘90s were a great era for style. So, watch some Saved by the Bell, blast this playlist, and prepare to be taken back to the final, and disputably best, decade of the 20th century.

First off, decide which aspect of the rising trend to tackle. Retro looks are hit or miss. Bringing an old trend into current times is tricky because no one wants to look like they wandered out of a time machine. Hint: find pieces with ‘90s prints and current cuts, like a fitted small floral print top, and only wear one trend at a time.

Let’s start with denim: jean on top is huge. Chambray shirts (pictured above), and denim jackets and vests are easy ways to spice up a spring look. Pair a chambray top with black leggings, or a denim jacket with a girly dress to bring this fad to life. Denim-on-denim is no longer a faux pas! As long as both pieces are different shades, the embarrassment of a Canadian tuxedo can be avoided.

Another ’90s comeback look I’m loving is high-waisted anything. Shorts, skirts, jeans—it doesn’t matter. They are comfortable and stylish, which is ideal. A sheer, sleeveless, collared top in a pastel color tucked into high-waisted shorts can be paired with sandals for a girly and casual spring look. Another option is pairing high-waisted bottoms with a crop top, or bustier. This allows the trendy top to be appropriate for everyday wear, and it offers more body types a chance to utilize the style. But be careful! Bustiers can be really cute, but only when paired with something a little more conservative: channel Selena Gomez, not Keira Knightley. Trust me, less is more.

So embrace the ‘90s! Bring back the classics with a current twist by mindfully pairing old items with new. The great thing about fashion is that once something goes “out” it pretty much always comes back—but in a bigger and better way. I can’t wait to see what is next!

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