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Tokyo Police Club Brings Nerdy Punk Rock Attitude to Sasquatch

– Mike Munoz

You know that nerdy group of guys you went to high school with? The one’s who wore old band t-shirts and played way too many video games? The one’s who watched nothing but the Sci-Fi channel and yet still always won the Battle of the Bands? In a nutshell, those guys are Tokyo Police Club.

Although Toronto isn’t exactly known for its music, the Canadian band broke onto the scene over half a decade ago and since then has been one of the more popular acts in the indie, post-punk revival. This summer the band will be touring heavily throughout Canada to promote their latest LP, Champ, and will also be playing music festivals such as Sasquatch! and The Bamboozle in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Tokyo Police Club immediately separated themselves from much of the pop and emo rock coming out at the time with a distinct garage rock sound and songs averaging just less than two minutes in length. With science fiction influenced themes and lyrics dealing with building spaceships for “our robot masters,” Tokyo Police Club certainly bring their own nerdy flair to the indie scene.

In 2005, the young Canadian quartet decided to drop out of college to pursue a career in music. A year later, Tokyo Police Club released their debut EP, A Lesson in Crime; 16 minutes of fast paced anthems about dictators and robot invasions. The album was generally well received with minor hits like “Be Good” and “Nature of the Experiment” getting modest play on alternative radio stations. The band continued to make music, and released another EP and their single “Your English is Good” a year later.

It wasn’t until 2008 that Tokyo Police Club released their highly anticipated debut album, Elephant Shell. The band toured relentlessly the next couple of years to promote their new album, and songs like “Graves” and “In a Cave” were getting regular airtime on radio stations. Last summer, Tokyo Police Club released their second album, Champ. With longer songs and more polished melodies, it’s easy for fans to see just how much the band has grown over the past 5 years. Despite their musical evolution, Tokyo Police Club lovers can expect to find the same sci-fi inspired lyrics and nerdy attitude originally found on A Lesson in Crime.

Tokyo Police club will be making their first ever trip to the Sasquatch! Music Festival this year, and considering how often the band is on the road, it probably won’t be their last. The band will be playing on the main stage Monday afternoon and are definitely an act you will not want to miss. Who knows? Maybe they’ll bring out the geek in you.