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DIY Matchbox Advent Calendar

-Whitney Menefee

During Thanksgiving break, I decided to get creative and make an advent calendar for the month of December. The project was inexpensive, easy, and a fun afternoon do-it-yourself craft project. There are many different traditions during the holiday season and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are one way to get into the holiday spirit. The total cost of the project was $6—not bad for a fun, festive craft! The Dollar Store has great deals and is a great place to buy supplies for the project. Here are the instructions on how to make it:

What you’ll need:
– 25 matchboxes
– Hot glue gun
– Double-sided tape
– Festive wrapping paper
– Number stickers or markers
– Candy
– Scissors

Step by step:

First, take the matches out of the matchboxes and make sure they are all empty before starting the project. Once the matchboxes are empty use, double-sided tape to attach a row of nine matchboxes together. Follow the same directions for a row of seven matchboxes, five matchboxes, and three matchboxes.

Then, measure each row and wrap the sides of the matchboxes with strips of wrapping paper. Once the matchbox rows are wrapped, fill each individual slot with a piece of candy.
Once the matchboxes are filled with candy, stack the rows from largest to smallest with the row of nine matchboxes on the bottom and the single matchbox on the very top. Then, use a hot glue gun to glue the bottoms of the rows into place.

Use number stickers or markers to label each of the boxes from 1-25. Make sure to jumble the order of the numbers so you have to hunt for each day.

Lastly, use a festive decoration to place on top of the calendar.

In my family, it’s a tradition that the day after Thanksgiving is a time to prepare for the Christmas holiday. I hope this DIY craft inspires you to create your own holiday traditions!

How to Keep Yourself Organized

-Callie Gisler

Let’s face it. Between four classes, homework, a part-time job, hobbies, and trying to have some sort of a social life, you’re busy. College students are constantly on the move and keeping track of everything is no small feat.  From papers and exam dates to meeting with friends and visit from families, I don’t think a normal person could keep track of everything there is to do in a day.

So how do you keep yourself organized during a busy day? Here are a few useful tips to stay organized and avoid the stress:

Buy an organizer or calendar

Consider picking out a planner or wall calendar to write down dates and important reminders. You can find one at just about any store like Target or Office Depot for relatively cheap. Even one of those fancy mortarboard planners from the Duck Store are a great option. Take a look at different layouts and find out which one works best for you – daily, weekly, or monthly? My planner goes everywhere with me. It’s one of the most helpful tools I have to keep dates and tasks straight.

Make lists and keep track of things to be done

Making lists is one of the most effective ways to stay productive, and there is a little reward in crossing off something when you’re finished. Make it a habit to start writing things down. Add sticky notes to your planner or calendar to remind yourself of tasks that need to be done on a certain day.

Spruce up your workspace

Whether you work best at home or at the library, an organized workspace will definitely help you feel more productive and focused. Invest in file folders or desk organizers to keep assignments, notes, and other important papers organized. This will also help to maximize your work time and prevent you from wasting time looking for something you’ve misplaced.

Set a schedule and stick to it

If it’s hard to find time during the week to hit the gym or get homework done, designate a block of time to it. Write it down on your calendar and treat that time as though you cannot miss it – like a shift at work or a final exam. Creating this mindset will help you make dates and stick to them.

Organization is one of the most helpful skills you can have – now and in the future.  How do you stay organized? In summary: write it down, stick to it, and cross it off when it’s done. Soon enough it will become a helpful habit that will make this busy college life seem a little more manageable.

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