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Who Is The Ultimate Woman?

-Marissa Tomko

Don’t lie to me—I know you all saw Beyoncé’s half-time performance at the Superbowl last month. Like many people, I found it to be electrifying, and have viewed it plenty of times since I watched it live. One thing that defines Beyoncé as an artist is her confidence. While it may border on egotism, I have never questioned it. So what if she is fully aware of the power she holds—it’s obviously working for her. In my opinion, Beyoncé is the ultimate woman and I worship at her feet. But her performance got me thinking—should I be doing that?

If you asked my girlfriends who they aspire to be like, you would definitely find evidence of their role models in their appearance. My New Girl-loving friend recently got the now-iconic Zooey Deschanel blunt banged haircut; my friend who has been a committed Britney Spears fan since she was 10 years old wears Brit’s standard fedora hat at least twice a week; Another friend tries to put together Rachel Bilson’s outfits daily. And me? You can usually find me lunging across my living room asking my roommates if my backside resembles my idol’s yet.

Role models are tricky because there is a definite line between aspiring to be like somebody and wishing that you were them. While I was watching Queen B perform, all I could think was “I would give anything to be her,” and it was true. In that moment, I would have sold my soul to have her body, her gorgeous curls, and her powerful presence; she embodies everything that I have ever wanted to portray as a woman. In that moment, I resented myself.

In the past few years, there have been so many different kinds of women for society to obsess over. As far as the variety goes, I love it. There’s the eccentric Lady Gaga and the free-spirited Jessa from HBO’s Girls. I even give reality star Khloé Kardashian some credit for her ability to speak her mind and take a stand. However, in my deep admiration for these unique women, I often forget that I am a person, too. In our quest to better ourselves, even the most confident of girls can confuse admiration with direct imitation.

Just because I will never wow the entire world while clad in leather at America’s favorite sporting event does not mean I will not make an impact. I can portray power and confidence in a different way, in a way that comes naturally to me. I know, I know—it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

Yes, it’s okay to steal fashion tips from the women you admire. It’s even okay to wish that you were a little more outspoken. But it’s also important to remember to apply the traits that you admire about others to yourself. With feminism and women’s issues being such hot topics as of late, we all deserve to have a voice—our own voice—in this crazy world.

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Weekly Flux Playlist: Remix Edition

-Flux Blog Staff

Grab your headphones, because it’s that time of the week for the Weekly Flux Playlist! This week, the Flux bloggers will be sharing some of their favorite remixes with you. Now we know nothing beats the original. But these remixes come pretty darn close!

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  • Good Morning (Kickdrums Remix) -Kanye West
  • Electric Feel (Justice Remix) -MGMT
  • D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix) -Justice


  • Motivation (Remix) -Kelly Rowland ft Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz
  • Everyone Nose (Remix) -N.E.R.D. ft Kanye West
  • Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix) -Freestylers


  • Mercy (Remix) -Duffy ft The Game
  • Ignition (Remix) -R. Kelly
  • Day N Night (Crookers Remix) -Kid Cudi


  • Til The World Ends (Remix) -Britney Spears ft Nicki Minaj and Kesha
  • Hide and Seek (Roksonix Dubstep Remix) -Imogen Heap
  • Bad Romance (Skrillex Remix) -Lady Gaga


  • Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) -Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Can’t Believe It (Remix) -T-pain ft. Justin Timberlake
  • Drop it Low (Remix) -Chris Brown, Ester Dean and Lil Wayne


  • Birthright (Birthwrong Remix) -Celldweller
  • Ievas Polka (Basshunter Remix) -Loituma
  • Propane Nightmares (Celldweller Remix) -Pendulum

A Short Affair

-Hannah Doyle

In light of Kim Kardashian’s recent divorce to Kris Humphries, many have questioned if celebrities take marriage seriously. Despite what political conversations have sparked about marriage rights, one thing that everyone can agree on is that Humphries’ and Kardashian’s case is not a rarity.

Other than their divorce fulfilling the stereotype of short Hollywood marriages, the couple has given comedians material and twitter a cheeky, new hashtag: #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage.

For your entertainment, below are the top ten shortest celebrity marriages that show Kardashian and Humphries are just another notch on the seemingly endless belt of Hollywood divorces.

10. Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Esposito (4 months)
The actor and actress got hitched December 2006 and filed for divorce May of 2007. Cooper told Howard Stern, “It was just something that happened.”

9. Nicky Hilton & Todd Meister (3 months)
The two were married in one of Las Vegas’ many marriage mills. From that perspective, it’s surprising that the marriage wasn’t shorter.

8. Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries (10 weeks)
The couple ring in at number eight, an above average score. It’s all about who you compare yourself to.

7. Drew Barrymore & Jeremy Thomas (6 weeks)
A clergyman the couple hired through a psychic hotline performed the ceremony.

6. Eddie Murphy & Tracey Edmonds (15 days)
The couple’s wedding in Bora Bora was a spiritual ceremony, which technically wasn’t legally binding. But they still count.

5. Mario Lopez & Ali Landry (13 days)
Lopez reportedly cheated on Landry both before and after the wedding.

4. Cher & Gregg Allman (9 days)
Having a successful show together clearly is not a sign for a successful marriage together.

3. Dennis Rodman & Carmen Electra ( 9 days)
Rodman reportedly annulled Electra because he was of unsound mind while reciting his vows in a Las Vegas chapel.

2. Britney Spears & Jason Alexander (55 hours)
Although Spears and Alexander aren’t the only couple on the list to get married in Sin City, their short stint at the altar is the most famous.

1. Zsa Zsa Gabor & Felipe de Alba (1 day)
Short marriages aren’t limited to this generation; this was the actress’ eighth trip down the aisle.

Photo taken from People.com by Todd Williamson

Ke$ha In The Rye: Notes Toward A Theory

From Redding News Review

– Jacob O’Gara

I begin this post with only the most tenuous grasp on what about its subject I’m going to write. As suggested in the title, the purpose of this entry is to provide notes toward a theory on Ke$ha, one of the more bawdy pop acts in the post-Gaga musical age.

She lacks the faux innocence and self-destructive tragedy of Britney Spears or the post-modernism and wit of Lady Gaga, yet Ke$ha somehow managed to force herself, in all her lipstick-smeared and torn-leggings glory, onto the culture.

As one Facebook page asserts, Ke$ha seems to be like Taylor Swift—the current pop princess of wholesome, all-American innocence—if Swift started using crack cocaine. She’s the dark, demented flipside to the blonde, beauty pageant-ready look. Whereas a Taylor Swift uses makeup to enhance her beauty, a Ke$ha uses makeup to distort it.

When her breakout single, “Tik Tok,” was released, critics immediately compared Ke$ha to Lady Gaga, since they have both sung about clubbing and other nightlife activities. Such comparisons are cheap and demonstrate incredibly shallow thinking. Lady Gaga is more European and introspective in her sensibilities; Ke$ha’s all about, as she says, “boys, boots, beer, [and] boobs.”

However, the two singers do have a commonality: both have a surprisingly rigorous intellectual background. Gaga was admitted into the Tisch School of Arts at NYU at the age of seventeen, and her former gender studies teacher has said her essays regarding politics, gender, and race were brilliantly written and argued.

In high school, Ke$ha had “near-perfect” SAT scores, was involved in the international baccalaureate program, and would drive to the nearby university to listen in on lectures about Cold War history. A strange start for someone who would later sing about using whiskey as part of her dental hygiene plan.

What does this all mean though?

Does her intellectual curiosity during her high school days cast a shadow of a doubt over the authenticity of her “boys, boots, beer” manifesto? Perhaps after going west in search of fame and fortune, she fried her brain on Jack Daniel’s and crack cocaine, and now she’s this glitter-covered party ogre with sun-bleached hair.

Maybe, though, the true message of Ke$ha is that you can be both of these things. You can score well on the SAT and look like a “pimp in [your] gold Trans Am.”

You can know the intricacies of America’s relationship with the former Soviet Union and feel like P. Diddy when you rise from bed in the morning. There’s a little bit of Ke$ha in all of us, mainly because there’s a little bit of all of us in Ke$ha.

I’m going to let you finish, Taylor Swift, but Ke$ha is the best representation of today’s American society of all time. Of all time.