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Black Friday Madness

-Jamie Hershman

Every year, crazy sales-obsessed Americans line up in the wee hours of the morning after they’ve finished their double round plates of turkey and stuffing in hopes of being the first in line for Black Friday shopping. This year, while all the sane people were sleeping in their warm beds, I was lined up at 11 p.m. waiting for the stores in the mall to open at midnight. While I was mostly there as an outside observer to all the craziness, I did give in to a few of the sub-par deals that are highly advertised for Black Friday.

When I arrived at the mall, the lines were already in full force. Urban Outfitters had hundreds of people lined up that extended outside the mall. Security was lined up and ready for the massive amount of people that were eager for their exclusive Black Friday deals of fifty percent off already sale-priced items. Since the sale was only lasting until 10 a.m. on Friday, there was no other option but to arrive early and sift through all the good finds.

I refused to wait in the line at Urban Outfitters, but I visited the store just thirty minutes after it officially opened at midnight. Everything was trashed, and they were already out of stock on all sale item accessories. It was complete madness.

But, it was probably a blessing that there weren’t any items left for sale because a clear line wasn’t even visible. A large mob of people stood throughout every corner of the store waiting for a chance to get close enough to the cash register to swipe their Visa and exit the claustrophobic setting.

As my friend and I left the mall exhausted around one in the morning, we stumbled across a DJ booth blasting top 40 music to keep the crowd going. We felt as though we had just survived a tough battle, crawling out of the line of fire of the consumer-driven world. The lengths these businesses will go to get customers to keep buying more is a little ridiculous. Just like I told myself the last year and the year before that, I will never go Black Friday shopping again.

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Why this Black Friday was Worse than Others

-Tamara Feingold

Fortunately, I locked myself in a cabin on the beach for Thanksgiving, free of cell phone service and cut off from civilization. I’ll admit I was a little jealous of my friends waking up early Friday morning to impossibly tempting shopping deals. But when I returned to the land of WiFi on Sunday, I was glad to have spared myself the trouble. I scrolled through pages and pages of news titles about Black Friday brawls, exceptionally long lines, and record-breaking purchase amounts. These are the reasons this year was the worst:

  1. Black Friday didn’t even start on Friday. Wal Mart opened at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving and Target and Macy’s opened at midnight. Just the thought of speed shopping after stuffing yourself with turkey and pumpkin pie is uncomfortable. What happened to the infamous Thanksgiving food coma?
  2. This riot over a $2 waffle iron at Wal Mart looks like a mosh pit at a metal concert.
  3. One group camped out at Best Buy for four nights and ate Thanksgiving dinner in their tent to save money on flat screen TVs and whatever other deals the store was offering. And we thought the Twilight Saga campers were intense…
  4. CNN said a record $52.4 billion was spent this weekend. So. Much. Money.
  5. As if one day of madness wasn’t enough, Cyber Monday has been added to the mix. This year, millions of shoppers are expected to shop online for deals.

Photo taken from CNN.com