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Chased By Zombies, Sprinting With Mickey Mouse, & Drinking Beer

-Emily Fraysse

Chased by zombies, sprinting with Mickey Mouse, and drinking beer.

What on Earth do these elements have in common?

Over the past few years, themed races have grown in tremendous popularity. Finding new ways to encourage people to exercise seems to be the latest hype. There has been an influx of new ideas and here are just a few:

Spartan Race

If you love obstacles and a challenge, then you’ll love this race. It is the world’s leading obstacle race series with different levels and styles of racing. In this race, you’ll have to climb, slide, dodge, catch, drag, throw, and think on your feet without knowing what is coming next. If you complete each of the three distance races in a single season, you will be crowned the Ultimate Spartan!

Krispy Kreme Challenge

While most people run to lose the weight that they’ve accumulated after eating doughnuts, others chose to do it simultaneously. After running for precisely 2.5 miles through Raleigh, North Carolina, you go to the downtown Krispy Kreme store and devour exactly one dozen doughnuts, then run 2.5 miles back to the start in under an hour. While you can sign up to be a Casual Runner (you don’t have to eat the doughnuts), who would skimp out on the best part of the race?

Run For Your Lives

Ever wonder what it is really like being chased by zombies? In this race, not only will you be racing against time, but you will be running against “brain-hungry, virus-spreading, zombies.” It works like a flag football game: each person is given a flag belt with a few flags. When all of your flags have been taken by the zombies, then you have officially been infected by the zombie virus.

Disney Races

Disneyland and Disney World offer an array of races to choose from – from individual adult marathons to races with entire families to only kids races to infant diaper dashes. Each of the events has their own theme, including a Disney’s Princess Half Marathon, Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Expedition Everest Challenge, Disneyland Half Marathon, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler, Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon, and Walt Disney World Marathon. During the day or during the night, running around one of the Disney-owned theme parks looks like a blast. Many of these events are accompanied by a Health and Fitness Expo.

The Color Run

“If life hands you color, run with it.” That’s the Color Run’s motto and that is exactly what happens. Starting off, each person gets a certain number of bags full of colored chalk, which you can then proceed to pour, throw, or rub all over your friends and fellow runners. At certain points in the race, there are buckets full of a single color of chalk, which stationed people pour onto you, creating a sandstorm of vibrant colors (as shown above).

Bay to Breakers

This race is world-famous for being the wackiest, craziest race of them all. Held annually in San Francisco, people of all shapes and colors and wearing different costumes come together to run the 12k. The outfits have become so outrageous over the years that a costume contest is now held for different categories.