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Barbie Shows Us How to be Cool

-Tamara Feingold

Barbie has had a hard life. We’ve criticized her for being too thin, too curvy, not independent enough, too naive, and unworldly. I find my nostalgic-self coming to the defense of this plastic doll that was my idol for so many years, so I’ve chosen the top three Barbie’s recently causing social controversy. I’m pulling a Chris Crocker and asking, ‘why can’t we just leave Barbie alone?’

Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie – This doll comes with a tattoo stamper for Barbie or her owner. Mattel called the inked Barbie “hip and trendy,” but some people think it will persuade girls to get tattoos. Kat Von D would be proud.

Barbie Video Girl – With a tiny video camera hidden in her necklace, this doll can record and play back clips that can be uploaded to a computer. Although some parents worried about safety issues (some suggested the doll could be used for child pornography) others applauded the use of the latest technology and picked these filmmaking babes right off the rack.

Barbie Happy Family Pregnant Midge & Baby – This doll was sold with a plastic baby inside her removable stomach. As tempting as it would be to own a Barbie highlighting the miracle of life, a wave of questions comes out of what is included in Midge’s packaging. Whether or not a husband should be included and whether she should be wearing a wedding ring are just some of the controversies surrounding Midge’s “happy family.”

Photo taken from amazon.com

Ten Things You Shouldn’t be for Halloween

-Tamara Feingold

You only have a couple of weeks before October 31st is here, but that doesn’t mean you should be lazy with your Halloween costume. Here’s a list of ten people you shouldn’t try to dress up as because everyone else has already tried it.

1. Snooki

Although the Jersey Shore star can be pretty loveable, all of the fake tans/teased hair/huge pink slippers have been a little too much the past few years.

2. Famous Athletes

I know it’s easy because all you have to buy is a jersey, but most of us still won’t know who you are and will probably think you didn’t even dress up. Try being a celebrity that’s easily recognizable for those who don’t watch sports all day.

3. Black Swan

Although this may seem like a good idea at first, let’s think about the mess. No one wants to have to pick up your failed attempt at stick-on feathers, even though some fierce eye makeup and red eye contacts would look pretty convincing.

4. Lady Gaga

I know all of her little monsters want to pay some respect with a hair-in-a-bow headband and some fake bangs, but Lady Gaga herself is the only one who wears meat dresses and outfits made out of bubbles. Let’s keep it that way.

5. Anything Prepackaged

This year, instead of going to Spencer’s and buying a sexy police officer outfit, you should try to think of something clever. You can still look cute, but without spending $50 on something five other people at the party also bought.

6. The Cast of Twilight

Being pale and glittery is okay if you’re Edward, but if you try this at a party everyone will make fun of you so they can pretend like they didn’t see New Moon three times in theaters.

7. Spice Girls

A tempting costume choice for any group of five girls, the classic Baby Spice & Co. entourage should be avoided. It’s been done too many times and you never really turn out looking like Victoria Beckham.

8. Nicki Minaj

Don’t get me wrong I love a little Super Bass. But it’s just too easy to pick up a plastic Barbie necklace and a pink wig and call it good.

9. The Cast of The Office

Unless you wear a nametag (also forbidden) no one will know who you are and you’ll probably just look like a nerd who shouldn’t have been invited to the party.

10. Steve Jobs

It’s just too soon.