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Duck & Cover: Oregon Coach Made Like a Chip and Dipped

 Duck & Cover is a sports column covering news and opinion on local and national sports with an emphasis on the University of Oregon.

-Eleni Pappelis

Oregon has lost its great football coach Chip Kelly. The Philadelphia Eagles have cleverly persuaded Coach Kelly to leave the University of Oregon Ducks even after deciding to stay in the NCAAF another year. Coach Kelly was 46-7 during his four years at Oregon; this includes leading the Ducks to three PAC-12 championships and four Bowl Championship Series games, most recently a victory in the Fiesta Bowl.

Being only the 6th active coach to go directly from college football to the NFL, Coach Kelly has the full support of the Ducks. In interviews, he has stated how he is confident that they will find a coach that will continue to lead them to great success.

I look forward to watching how the new NFL coach does next season. It will be interesting to see how he flies as an Eagle. As for the Ducks next season, I have the highest expectations for them to pull it together to make their former coach proud.

Good luck to you, Coach. As birds of a feather, we will always flock together.

A Ballad of Thanks to Coach Chip Kelly

A ballad is a narrative poem written in short, simple stanzas often sung as a melodic song.

Head Coach Chip Kelly,
With your visor on
And your play books ready.

We are so sad you have chosen to go.
So we thank you for all the success you have brought the Ducks,
And at least you are not going to Buffalo.

You have brought this school such spirit,
We’ll make sure to Yell-O loud enough
so you can still hear it.

With Black Mamba and Mariota’s skill,
Next year we’ll win the Natty
Because with the help you’ve already given us, I know we will.

Image from the Associated Press.