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The Bright Colors of Kitsch

-Tamara Feingold

Pastel tutus, oversized embroidered sweaters, animal hats, and long feather earrings. The racks of Kitsch vintage store are stuffed with things you need but never knew where to find.  The store, located in downtown Eugene, sells both consigned clothes and locally made goods for men and women. The small shop is basically a rainbow of young party clothes with a unique touch, and you can rest assured you won’t find these items anywhere else in town.

“A lot of people come here looking for outfits for the Oregon Country Fair or Burning Man and I love getting to help pick them out,” said Allison Ditson, the store’s manager. “My favorite time of year is Halloween; We get a ton of costumes in.”

But Kitsch doesn’t only sell costume-wear; Many of the clothes are the same things you would find at the mall for a fraction of the cost. “Buying clothes here is a more conscious way to spend your money because it’s a local business,” Ditson said. “The owners find a way to give back to the community by organizing local fashion shows with money from their own pockets. They have good priorities.”

The store is packed with original graphic T-shirts, plaid button-ups, and extravagant dresses for just about any occasion. A lot of the clothes are inspired by the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, but casual sweaters, pants, and everyday wear are also available.

Ditson sells her own clothing line called ALLIHALLA at Kitsch as well. A self-proclaimed “seamstress extraordinaire,” Ditson makes the clothes herself and the line is featured in local fashion shows. “You can do anything to pay the bills, but it’s nice to work somewhere I actually support while expanding my own brand.”

Five times each week, Kitsch has a Scavenger Sale featured on the store’s Facebook page. A small picture will show one piece of clothing from the store, and when a customer comes in to find the garment a 50-percent-off coupon will be tagged inside. To pick up some one-of-a-kind pieces at a low price, become a fan of Kitch’s on Facebook.

It’s nice to know that some stores are still looking to make an honest dollar, and it seems Kitsch’s management has the best interest of the customer in mind while acting locally responsible. “It’s not promoted much in the media that you should think about what you’re spending your money on,” said Ditson. “You should be conscious about where it’s going.”

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