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On Trend: Style Profile – Torrey Hicks


-Rache’ll Brown

Twenty-four pairs of designer jeans ranging from True Religion to Dolce & Gabbana—twenty-four pairs. Freshman Torrey Hicks has an admiration for watches and a love for a crisp and classic look, but his obsession for denim trumps all. After leaving swanky Southern California for laid-back Eugene, Hicks has learned to adapt to the local uniform while still holding true to his roots. We chatted about fashion inspiration, style necessities, and warm weather wear; this business administration major knows a thing or two about men’s fashion.

How would you describe you style?

I would describe my style as modern casual.  I like to wear timeless pieces that have a fashionable touch to them.  A pair of True Religions, v-neck Lacoste shirt, and a pair of fresh shoes is the way to go.

Who, or what, inspires your look?

Because what I wear is kind of mainstream, I don’t really have any icons. But GQ magazine always gives me ideas on how to complete my look. Also, men such as Zac Efron and Ryan Seacrest have that timeless look that I tend to gravitate toward.

What is something in your wardrobe that you think is a necessity to invest in?

Every man should invest in a nice pair of dark wash designer jeans for his wardrobe. A nice watch is also a necessity—nothing completes a causal outfit like a classy timepiece.


What advice do you have for someone who lacks in the style department?

I would say to just read fashion magazines and pop culture articles. And if you’re really desperate and it’s your taste, Nordstrom offers a personal stylist.

How could you describe the perfect out for spring and summer?

During spring and summer, when the sun starts shining, it’s time to unleash the shorts.  An everyday go-to outfit could be chino shorts in any light color with a light button-down cotton shirt. As for shoes, Rainbow sandals or causal boat shoes are the way to go.

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On Trend: New Accessories for Spring

-Rache’ll Brown

The sun is shining and spring is near, so ditch the gloves and throw on a statement ring instead. Forget the old tribal look, bright shades, and futuristic shapes of the prior vernal equinox: spring 2013 has an array of exciting new styles unparalleled to last year’s coveted pieces. With a new season on the horizon, it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming trends—and I can’t wait.

This spring, expect to see a variety of trends that will be easy to wear and even easier to find. With fringe necklaces, see-through bags, and chunky heels at the forefront of the trends, versatility and simplicity is key. And forget neon hues—it is all about pale pastels for accessories like shoes, bags, and scarves. This season is about simple femininity with a modern edge. To be more daring, throw on some knee-high Grecian inspired sandals or cutout booties, and metallic anything because gold, silver, and bronze are going to be huge. Regardless of personal style, this season holds trends suited for all.

It will be easy to incorporate these trends into everyday life, especially since most are simple and understated. Fringe necklaces make a great statement piece, so use it to dress up a simple dress or top for an effortless vibe. And the chunky heels? On behalf of every girl in the world: thank you fashion gods. Now those who have been afraid to rock a heel before can wear them with ease. Or, grab a bag in a beautiful pastel color (totes are back in!) to complete a look. Remember: an accessory is meant to enhance an outfit, so start with a good base, and whichever accessories that are added on will only make the final outfit look even better. Check out Style’s Spring 2013 Trend Report for more ideas—the options are limitless.

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