Duck & Cover: Oregon Coach Made Like a Chip and Dipped

 Duck & Cover is a sports column covering news and opinion on local and national sports with an emphasis on the University of Oregon. -Eleni Pappelis Oregon has lost its great football coach Chip Kelly. The Philadelphia Eagles have cleverly persuaded Coach Kelly to leave the University of Oregon Ducks even after deciding to stay […]

Let Them Eat Money

A Glimpse Into The Lifestyle of The Crème de la Crème: The Thin And Fragile Upper-Crust Society of The Siegel Family -Emily Fraysse A black, sleek stretch limo takes up three parking spaces outside of a hokey, off-white and sea foam green McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida. Nestled inside of the car resides Jackie Siegel, former […]

Victoria’s Secret PINK Heads to Eugene

-Jamie Hershman In honor of the football game against Arizona State, Victoria’s Secret PINK hosted a tailgate this past Thursday. This tailgate was not just a random event, however. We had to win this via a social media contest. The University of Oregon and Oregon State were in a Twitter contest at the beginning of […]

Scott Wannberg: The Poet Laureate of Facebook

[deck]Social media kept poet Scott Wannberg alive in the hearts of friends, even long after his death.[/deck] This story was published on August 19, 2012, one year after Wannberg’s passing. “Strange movie full of death / asks us to play ourselves / as the front door falls face first / onto the floor.” -Scott Wannberg, […]

Off Campus Eateries: Fisherman's Market

-Diana Roure As a senior living off campus, I have been responsible for my own meals for nearly three years…and it sucks.  It’s not that I’m bad at cooking—in fact when I try, I can cook rather well—but usually the last thing I want to do after running around all day is meticulously follow a […]

Ke$ha In The Rye: Notes Toward A Theory

– Jacob O’Gara I begin this post with only the most tenuous grasp on what about its subject I’m going to write. As suggested in the title, the purpose of this entry is to provide notes toward a theory on Ke$ha, one of the more bawdy pop acts in the post-Gaga musical age. She lacks […]