On Trend: Spring Nails

-Rache’ll Brown Trends aren’t just limited to clothing and accessories. Hair, makeup, and nails matter too, and this spring some easy DIY nails trends are in. From fun designs, to hues that are bright, dark, or pale, there is something to match everyone’s style. So this spring, pair white clothing with one of these nail designs […]

On Trend: New Accessories for Spring

-Rache’ll Brown The sun is shining and spring is near, so ditch the gloves and throw on a statement ring instead. Forget the old tribal look, bright shades, and futuristic shapes of the prior vernal equinox: spring 2013 has an array of exciting new styles unparalleled to last year’s coveted pieces. With a new season […]

On Trend: Style Profile–Mitchell Burnem

-Rache’ll Brown Basketball shorts and baggy sweatshirts with no rhyme or reason usually make up the typical outfit of a teenage male—but not for 18-year-old Mitchell Burnem. Black v-necks and fitted pieces dominate this Eugenian’s wardrobe to make up a style that can only be described as simple and clean. Burnem shared the secret to […]

On Trend: Smoldering Eyes

-Rache’ll Brown Nothing is worse than a girl in a beautiful outfit with terrible makeup. It’s like baking a cake without adding the frosting: just wrong. Without well-done hair and makeup, a look is nothing. A beautiful outfit is just that if every aspect of the overall image isn’t polished. The right makeup adds a […]

On Trend: Fashion Forecast – White for Spring

-Rache’ll Brown Two times a year some beautiful things happen—an array of fashion weeks take place all over the world in cities including Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, and of course, New York. Although I adore winter/fall ready-to-wear runway, the 2013 spring/summer collections, which showed in September 2012, definitely did not disappoint. Through all of the […]

My Relationship With The Converse Sneaker

-Marissa Tomko I’m not one for pants. I feel like they try too hard. I’m not running around breaking public nudity laws though, don’t worry. I would just rather pull on some leggings, or shorts if the weather calls for it. I don’t dress badly, but I’m also no Rache’ll. My style just goes where […]