Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students come together for end of year luau

“Cultures aren’t something you learn in the classroom”: the end of year luau is more than a performance for these UO students.

Protesters Rally Against Sexual Violence

People from all genders, races, religions and backgrounds gathered at the EMU amphitheater to share their stories of sexual harassment and trauma at the 41st annual Take Back the Night.

Southeast Asian cultures come together to celebrate New Year in Portland

For American immigrants, living in a country far away from home implies the adaptation to foreign environments and often leads to the loss of cultural practices. But in Portland, Southeast Asian communities have made a point of maintaining cultural celebration.

Ends of the political spectrum meet during protest, shutting down Harlow Road

Police in riot gear stood between a pro-Trump rally and counter-protesters on the Harlow Road overpass for nearly three hours May 5.

The Solidarity Project provides support for sexual assault survivors on UO campus

In the United States and elsewhere, the month of April is sexual assault awareness month. For many organizations and institutions, this inspires widespread campaigns that aim to bring attention to and discussion about the sensitive topic.

Keillor Coverage Takes Home 2019 Payne Award

At the 19th annual Ancil Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism this past Wednesday, members of Minnesota Public Radio News were celebrated for their ethical coverage of radio personality Garrison Keillor’s separation from NPR over sexual conduct allegations.

Alpha Kappa Alpha welcomes new line

The Sigma Delta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. welcomed five new members to their sisterhood Sunday, nearly doubling the size of their chapter and marking a significant achievement for the historically black sorority.

FLUX talks about anxiety

FLUX reporters spent almost the last four months looking for stories about belonging. What they found, instead, was a group of people that felt isolated.

The Clave to a Transnational Identity

On bright blue walls in the JSMA, Latin album covers ranging from the exoticism of the 1950s to the political messages of the 1970s tell an important narrative of Latinx identity politics in the United States.

Shutdown Stops Students from Receiving Financial Aid

It wasn’t until three days before Christmas, when President Donald Trump announced the partial shutdown of the U.S. government, that Eada Alsoodani found out that she could no longer attend UO.

Celebrating the Beauty in Difference

Whether it was a reason to wear those 5 inch heels that have collected dust over time, or just to step out of one’s comfort zone, all were invited to participate in the second annual Body Positivity Fashion Show.

Cheryl Harris talks law, race and how to move forward

“Affirmative action should be center stage because it is the framework for race and racism,” she stated. “Race makes law and law makes race.”

Rising to the Occasion: 2019 MLK Day March Photos

“Seeing all these people together is powerful. It shows how much people care — how much people want to change not just this community, but the state of Oregon and the nation.” 

“I Am Yours”: A shared memoir for everyone’s voice

Reema Zaman details the lived experience of a Bangladeshi woman who, through assault, trauma and pain, learned to turn her “pain into poetry,” and found her voice through the written word.

Rising to the Occasion

Members of the Eugene-Springfield community march for MLK Day

Womxn’s March 2019 Photos

Thousands gathered at Wayne L. Morse Courthouse and marched through downtown in the Womxn’s March in Eugene, Ore. on Jan. 19, 2019