Celebrating the Beauty in Difference

Whether it was a reason to wear those 5 inch heels that have collected dust over time, or just to step out of one’s comfort zone, all were invited to participate in the second annual Body Positivity Fashion Show.

Cheryl Harris talks law, race and how to move forward

“Affirmative action should be center stage because it is the framework for race and racism,” she stated. “Race makes law and law makes race.”

Rising to the Occasion: 2019 MLK Day March Photos

“Seeing all these people together is powerful. It shows how much people care — how much people want to change not just this community, but the state of Oregon and the nation.” 

“I Am Yours”: A shared memoir for everyone’s voice

Reema Zaman details the lived experience of a Bangladeshi woman who, through assault, trauma and pain, learned to turn her “pain into poetry,” and found her voice through the written word.

Womxn’s March 2019 Photos

Thousands gathered at Wayne L. Morse Courthouse and marched through downtown in the Womxn’s March in Eugene, Ore. on Jan. 19, 2019

Rising to the Occasion

Members of the Eugene-Springfield community march for MLK Day