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The Last Word

Produced by Michael Heath, Katie McKinley, Adam Shore

Narrator: Rebecca Force

Special Thanks to:

Loren Bommelyn, Pyuwa Bommelyn, Chris Doty, Cynthia Ford, Jon Palfreman, Cintaya Steinruck, Jaytuk Steinruck, Sheryl Steinruck

Exploring the Alternatives

[cap]T[/cap]he public school system receives both positive and negative attention from the media, which points out the system’s flaws in evaluating student work, examining its teaching methods and analyzing how students learn best.  This piece works to explore an alternate approach to education, specifically focusing on a Montessori school in Silverton, Oregon from the perspective of administrators, teachers and students.

Hook It and Book It

[caps]H[/caps]is eyes have peered through the barrel of a loaded shotgun. His skull has been on the wrong end of an airborne frying pan. Night after night he’s out there “stealing” cars…but legally. Meet Jay Gates, “repoman”. As long as there are debts unpaid, there will always be characters like Jay Gates. And this repoman loves what he does. In fact, Gates – a self-professed “adrenaline junkie” – hasn’t thought of quitting in nineteen years. While his signature, eight-shot black, DutchBrothers coffee keeps him awake, Gates does most of his work at night by the harsh glow of his own headlights.

Wild Child: Learning Naturally

[caps]O[/caps]n the first day of camp, they play with matches. By the time they complete the Trackers PDX course, the children will make fire using a bow drill, shoot arrows and build a shelter in the woods. For these mostly home schooled kids, Trackers PDX provides a chance to learn wilderness skills, connecting the youngsters to the natural environment and enabling them to make friends along the way.

The Fighter

[caps]N[/caps]CAA All American wrestler Chael Sonnen is training for the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight title fight this summer. He stands against Anderson Silva, a brutal opponent who has destroyed some of the best fighters in the UFC. But when he’s not beating up on 200 pound men he’s going door to door campaigning to be the next State Representative of Oregon’s district 37. In one arena his opponents stand in front of him while in the other they attack from behind. What kind of man does it take to win in both?

Nuclear Renewal

[caps]W[/caps]ith growing concerns over global warming and the need for low-carbon, ‘green’ power, Oregon’s energy future may just be radioactive. José Reyes and his start-up NuScale Power, a Corvallis-based company, are attempting to reenergize the nuclear industry with its small-scale and modular nuclear reactors. But can they overcome the problems and stigma associated with the industry and bring nuclear back online as a major power player?

Adrenaline: 72-Hour Film Project

[cap]E[/cap]ach team gets a prop, a line of dialog and a genre. Then over the next 72 hours, each group of would be auteurs must write, shoot and edit a film. Welcome to the Adrenaline Film Festival at the University of Oregon. Throughout this frantic three-day madness, industry professionals mentor each team as they pitch story ideas—from action to horror, comedy or western—write scripts, shoot scenes, and make final edits. After three sleepless nights, the teams compete in a showdown as the Cinema Pacific finale. Which team will make the movie that wins it all? This documentary follows one of the teams from start to finish.

Master of the Blade

Do It (Again) Yourself: Episode 4

[cap]M[/cap]ichael Bell is an artisan of swords. Working at his forge in the Coquille wilderness, he practices an ancient Japanese art. Bell’s time in Tokyo as a child, followed by his apprenticeship with an inspirational sensei, lead him to start Dragonfly Forge, an art studio for himself and his son and also a school for any who wish to learn the art of forging a blade. “Master of the Blade” not only shows both how a Japanese sword is created but also reveals Bell’s struggles to overcome challenges–from economic hardship to the physical demands of being a craftsman—so that he can keep the ancient eastern art alive in the United States.