Sung Park

Photo Advisor Sung Park has been the Flux visual advisor for the past five years working with visual journalist to produce engaging stories for both print and online publication. He enjoys working closely with photographers and designers to help them craft a visual narrative with impact. Flux photographers have won numerous awards in photojournalism throughout […]

Alpha Kappa Alpha welcomes new line

By Sydney Padgett In a packed and energetic room, friends, family and alumnae of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. squeezed into a small room at the University of Oregon’s Erb Memorial Union, anxiously awaiting the presentation of the sorority’s newest members. As the music subsided and the audience waited in silence, a chant could be heard […]

2018 Staff

Editorial Team Not pictured: Cassidy Haffner (Copy Editor), Mara Welty (Copy Editor), Taylor Brown (Writer).  Photo Team Not pictured: Sung Park (Photo Advisor). Design Team Not Pictured: Erick Wonderly (Illustrator), Steven Asbury (Design Advisor). Multimedia Team      

Dear Oregon

Words by Emily Olson Photos by August Frank Mary Emerick’s house sits on an unpaved, unmarked street edging Joseph, an Eastern Oregon town with a population barely above 1,000. To get there, one takes a two-lane highway bordered by windmills and wheat fields, weathered barns and telephone wires, but not a single stoplight in a […]

Editor's Letter

Dear Reader, The first meeting of the Flux staff took place in mid-November, a few days after the election. Seventeen journalism students squeezed into a corner conference room. They nervously exchanged introductions and asked about logistics, easing into a familiar drive as they finally arrived at what really mattered: What stories needed telling? In that […]

Dear Oregon

About Dear Oregon Dear Oregon was born from our exploration of democracy. A true democracy is reliant on the voices of its people. Given the complex and at times confusing nature of our current political climate, we felt that these voices weren’t being heard. We sought to connect with Oregonians to understand where our state […]

Maygan Beckers at the University of Oregon's Hayward Field. (Myray Reames/Flux)

The Courage To Run

BY: MAYGAN BECKERS My teal and silver Nike Shox hit the uneven pavement as I jogged down 18th Avenue on a brisk spring morning. I had never been more aware of my surroundings. Pressing through thousands of chatty participants and seemingly suspicious spectators, I took a second look at people talking on their cell phones […]

On Trend: Style Profile-Andrew Van Asselt

-Rache’ll Brown At age 25, Eugenian Andrew Van Asselt has established himself in the Pacific Northwest as both a designer and an activist. As the owner of Coalition for Justice clothing (pictured below) and director of the Abolition Project fashion show (which is held annually spring/fall on campus), Van Asselt has worked to raise awareness […]

In Case You Missed It… Hugo’s Great Glass Coffin

-Casey Klekas What do Hugo Chávez, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Mao Zedong, Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il have in common, besides giving Karl Marx a bad rap? They’ve all been mummified. Despite the will of the departed, these men have been stuffed full of preservatives and laid into glass coffins […]