Student takes creative approach to meet a need

Written by Bernice Amaya 

A pool house off of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles once inhabited by family belongings has been transformed into a space where innovation flourishes.

On one side of the studio, racks of unadorned clothing ache to be awakened with style and identity. In the middle of the space, a hinge press screen printing board accomplishes the de facto rebirthing process. And on the other side of the studio, finished products await to be shipped out all over the country.

This creative sanctum belongs to Hudson Miller, a 22-year-old University of Oregon advertising senior who is graduating from college amid the coronavirus pandemic.

During the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, Miller has found a unique way to make a difference while displaying his design skills. With the nationwide shortage of readily available disposable medical masks, Miller has committed himselfand his self-made logo and print business HOUNDto making a difference. The HOUND reusable mask is now available for purchase.

Ultimately, Miller believes the common mandate to wear masks in public in cities all around the country isn’t going away any time soon.

“I think this will be the new normal for restaurant and other service industry jobs where customer interaction is immediate,  so I made this mask to show that my print shop has the ability to print for companies,” Miller says. “This mask is essentially a merch piece from my website as a way to show businesses ‘Hey, we print masks over here with your logo or whatever you need.’”

Advertising student Hudson Miller lines up fabric before screenprinting custom masks for his business HOUND.

Through his designs, Miller hopes to offer a mask option that allows civilians and laborers to express themselves.

“The masks we make give a creative, live expression to this new normal,” he says.

From the start of HOUND, Miller has made it a priority to marry design and acts of service. Following the Australian brush fires this year, he created stickers and donated all proceeds to relief efforts. He’s consistently prioritized eco-friendly products and processes. And now his new product will serve the most vulnerable affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

“I hope the HOUND masks will inspire companies, artists and others to explore customizing this medium. The whole brand is very do-it-yourself. HOUND is a verb—it means to pursue relentlessly. It’s also about tapping into your passion. This one just so happens to be mine.” 

The HOUND masks are available at for $15. 

Miller presses ink through the screen of the HOUND design. He hopes the HOUND masks will inspire companies and others to use his business to customize masks with their logo and design.

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