2018 Issue

The post-gender revolution has arrived. This year, FLUX Magazine explored how it has changed people’s lives in big and small ways.

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Editor’s Letter

Read a few words from our Editor in Chief, Anna Glavash.

Blazing a Trail

How Scouting in America is changing by including all.

Balancing the Equation 

The gender disparity in science begins as early as fourth grade, but one woman is trying to change that.

Childfree and Happy

Deciding not to have children may be a more difficult decision than deciding to have children.


Breaking the Binary

What are the consequences of when you’re neither “he” nor “her” — but somewhere in between?

Men on the Mat

It’s yoga for men, and it’s not about chakras aligning and the heart space opening. It’s about function.

Beating the Machine

For women in the “boy’s club” of competitive pinball, it’s about more than winning. It’s about proving yourself.

A New Chapter

The UO chapter of Delta Tau Delta is breaking stereotypes about typical heteronormative fraternities.

Closer to the Spirit

In a small abbey outside of modern-day life, male aggression and confrontation have faded away.

A Renaissance Man

A tribute to Tom Wheeler: a beloved journalism professor and a founder of FLUX.

The Caring Economy

For men in nursing, caring and showing your emotions — traditionally unmasculine characteristics — is all part of the job.