5 cool things about being on FLUX Magazine staff

By Josie Fey

As writers we try to create a picture with words, but this was the first time I’d had a photographer working with me to make the story really come alive. (Shout out to KJ!) It’s cool to see these professionally produced pictures alongside your story. And it made me more conscious as I wrote other pieces about how images can enhance what you’re trying to say.

You’ll become a better writer
Your story is going to go through a few iterations. It might sting a little to revise, but I’ve had to challenge myself to accept criticism in the quest for a more effective narrative. I had the opportunity to step in as a copyeditor for other stories during the later phase of the editorial process. Reviewing work my peers had also been laboring over was illuminating as well: seeing clever turns of phrase or catching small details. It’s all combined to be a learning experience and I’m grateful for that.

I’m a graduate student, and a few (several) years older than other Flux staff members. So when I was first assigned to a writing and photography team I was a little nervous that they’d think I was a boring old lady. This was not the case. I had the good fortune to be teamed up with a couple really fun and smart people who never judged me for being born in the 80s. We’ve collaborated on stories and eaten tacos and sang karaoke together. They even told me I looked a few years younger than I am. So basically they are my favorite forever.

There are stakes
I have experience in the corporate world, where things seem pretty serious. The people I’ve worked with at Flux have been some of the most professional I’ve ever encountered. Our editor, Emily, has kept us on track. Our faculty advisor, Todd, has been there for guidance. And every single person on staff has put an honest effort into what they’re doing and taken suggestions for improvement in stride. I’m consistently impressed at how productive we’ve been and how much we’ve accomplished in such a short time. And it hasn’t required even one awkward conference call.

Pizza parties
This doesn’t really need any further explanation but everybody (I) loves (love) free pizza.