The Smiley Guide to Positivity


-Marissa Tomko

I feel like there are fifteen extra pink energizer bunny batteries in my battery case at all times! It’s just a great feeling, it really is. Even though it sends me into overdrive in the positivity area of life, I don’t care too much because I enjoy being optimistic and happy. And I enjoy it because once upon a time in my teenage years, I was a pessimist. No one believes me. But, if we’re being fair, who wasn’t a pessimist in high school? I mean, it’s high school.

But I digress. This isn’t about being an adolescent. This is about the super cool ways that I went from being annoying because I was so negative to being annoying because I’m positive. Plus, now that you’re all caffeinated up, I’m sure you’re looking for ways to turn all of that energy into a positive life change! Woo!

Don’t kid yourself

Even though I’m an outgoing person, I love to be alone. I used to think that was making me negative, so I forced myself to be social all the time. The result was not a super happy Marissa, but rather a Marissa that resented herself. I learned to listen to what made the little Jiminy Cricket inside of me happy. If I picture myself dressing up and going out, I do it. If I picture myself eating ice cream in bed and watching Netflix all day, I do that. At the end of the day, when I want to put myself out there, I am recharged and a happier person to be around. Which leads me to wonder if maybe I should start calling myself an introvert.


Writing down everything that you’re thinking is the best way to figure out what’s making you think positively, and what’s making you think negatively. I went through a phase once where I would only write down the good things that happened to me because I wanted future me to have something happy to read. But in that moment, all of the things that were stressing me out were still in my head. Being able to record all facets of my day in a place just for me helped me to recognize the good, and have an outlet for the bad.


I constantly find myself zoning out and coming to in the middle of ridiculous daydreams of my best friend and I having adventures in foreign countries, or hanging out with the band One Direction (sue me, they’re adorable).  Every time I realize I’m daydreaming, I realize I’m also smiling. Thinking about wonderful things makes you feel wonderful.

Spread the love!

Telling the people I love that I love them until they want to punch me in the face is one of my favorite activities. Nothing makes me happier than embarrassing someone by singing them a love ballad on campus, or giving a hug that turns into a tackle. The rush you get from making someone laugh will slap a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

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