On Trend: Campus Style

-Rache’ll Brown

Spring is in full swing, and by the looks of campus, students have fully embraced the seasonal change and are starting to take advantage of the beautiful weather. The vernal equinox signifies a new beginning, and there is no better way to enjoy a spring term than by adding some unique pieces to update a winter wardrobe.

Transitioning from fall to spring, sophomore Shelby Newton adds cute white sandals and a light pastel sweater to a trendy, yet simple, black and white base.

With a bright top and capris, freshman Marisa Baptista welcomes the warm weather with a casual and comfortable look.

Junior Chrissy Hardesty adds some color into an otherwise dark and classic outfit to create a fun flare for the season ahead.

Wearing a lace crop top and shorts, sophomore Suzie Meyer celebrates the beginning of spring! By adding a blazer and keeping her fall boots, Meyer starts spring with an effortlessly chic vibe.

Freshman Tracy Mok combines a floral scarf with a letterman jacket to bring her favorite old and new seasonal trends together.

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